Link Arkitektur’s Algard Church in Norway Paints Hilly Landscape with Dynamic Form

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The Algard church just outside Stavenger, Norway, was designed for a vibrant community whose requirements for the project were not just for church purposes but also to include classrooms, an…

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Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center by Renzo Piano Building Workshop – Greece’s Sign of Hope?

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Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre Renzo Piano Athens Greece 4

Renzo Piano’s work stretches several countries around the world. From London’s tallest building, The Shard, to the Kimbell Art Museum Extension in Texas and The Auditorium of the Park in…

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The Cloud: Two Fused Luxury Residential Towers by MVRDV to Grace Seoul’s Yongstan District

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The Cloud is a set of two residential towers by MVRDV that will soon grace Seoul’s Yongstan District’s skyline. The project is part of the new Yongstan Dreamhub Project whose master…

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Umubano Primary School; A Project After its Own Context in Kigali by MASS Design Group

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umubano primary school mass in kigali rwanda

Mass Design Group teamed up with a charity organisation from the UK, A Partner In Education (APIE), to design Umubano primary school in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, in a neighbourhood called…

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The Hanking Center Tower: Striking Folds of Steel in Shenzhen China by Morphosis Architects

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Folding of steel structures is the future of sky scraper architecture, as seen from the Hanking Center Tower in Shenzhen, China, by Morphosis Architects. The 73-storey tower utilizes folded angles…

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Crematorium Baumschulenweg: A Poetic Place for the Departed by Shultes Frank Architeckten

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Crematorium Baumschulenweg by Shultes Frank Architeckten berlin germany 21

No one knows where the final road will lead any of us, but Shultes Frank Architeckten want that road to be as glorified; as silent; as peaceful and as still…

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Peruri 88: MVRDV Explores Vertical Urbanism for Jakarta

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Architects have for a long time interrogated the possibility of “a city in the sky.” With the continual densification of cities, it won’t be long before architects, urban planners and…

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Lotte World Tower: An Emblem of Korean Artistry by Kohn Pedersen Fox

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This year will see a new addition in the top 10 list of the world’s tallest buildings. The 555 meter tall Lotte World Tower that is currently under construction in Seoul,…

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Man’s Conquest of the Skies, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the Tallest of the Tallest, Still!

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It is a battle of heights in the United Arab Emirates. The Burj Khalifa is such a widely known and extensively spoken of tower that its stories cannot all be…

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Qujing Culture Centre: A Befitting Anti-gravity Concrete Mass to House Special Artefacts in China’s Qujing City.

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qujing culture centre china by atelier alter 34

Two of China’s oldest artefacts more than modestly referred to as ‘miracles’ needed a place to call home. A man-made lake situated in Qujing City, China, was the location upon…

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25 Green by Luciano Pia, the Building that Breathes and Grows

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25 green by luciano pia torino italy 20

Inspired by the concept of a space that creates transition between the exterior and interior, architect Luciano Pia sort the brilliance of nature. The design had a goal of achieving…

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Martin’s by Studio Ardete Rejuvenates an Industrial Site in India

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martins studio ardete facade 14

This project, Martin’s, brings into mind the Petersen Automotive Museum. Both projects intended to rejuvenate the landscape and give a different face to buildings that have existed for years. However,…

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The Utterly Majestic Assinie-Mafia Church in Côte d’Ivoire by Koffi & Diabaté Architectes

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Assinie Mafia Church Koffi Diabaté Architectes 10

In the coastal city of Assinie-Mafia in Côte d’Ivoire, a majestic church sprouts off the ground in a triangular form that oozes semblance to the white sands of the beach.…

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