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Our History

Archute was launched in 2014 by then architecture student and designer Ian Mutuli as an online broadcast of the best architecture around the world. Archute grew to become a top resource for architects, interior designers, and design enthusiasts from 2014-2020. In November 2020, Ian sold a majority stake to Indexsy Consulting Ltd, bringing in much-needed efforts from Jacky Chou, CEO at Indexsy and passionate interior design enthusiast, to grow Archute into an independent media company focused on: great residential and home architecture, interior design, décor and a resource-providing real-life solutions for people and their homes. 

About Us

Archute is a leading online platform for architecture and design enthusiasts. We publish inspiring and informative articles about the latest trends, projects, and innovations in the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape design, home, and garden. Our mission is to showcase the best examples of how architecture and design can improve the quality of life, enhance the environment, and create a positive social impact. Whether you are looking for ideas to renovate your home, discover new products and materials, or learn from the experts, Archute is your go-to source for everything related to architecture and design. Let’s explore:


At Archute, architecture is more than the shape and structure of a building but also about its function and aesthetics. We will show you how to create a harmonious and sustainable living space that reflects your personality and lifestyle. We will cover the most amazing and innovative architectural projects from around the world and learn how they were conceived and executed, along with the best architect tools and software and how to use them effectively and efficiently. 

We’ll also tackle art and craft to highlight the beauty and craftsmanship of architecture and how it relates to other forms of art and culture. Let us help you expand your knowledge and skills in architecture and keep you updated on the latest trends and developments in the field. Discover the different materials and techniques used in architecture and how they affect the performance, aesthetics, and sustainability of buildings. Plus, you’ll get an in-depth peek inside the celebrity homes of some of the most famous and influential people in the world and see how they reflect their personalities and lifestyles.


Home is where the heart is, and we’re your partners in crafting a home that’s more than just living spaces – it’s a symphony of experiences. From the cozy comfort of your living room, the heartwarming hub that is your kitchen, and the serene luxury of your bedroom and bathroom, to the boundless enjoyment of your deck & patio and the refreshing escape of your private swimming pool – we curate every corner with your lifestyle in mind.

But Archute is more than aesthetics; it’s functionality and ease. Our cleaning prowess ensures pristine spaces. Laundry solutions simplify the everyday. Transformative painting and invigorating DIY workshops add that personal flair. Need organization? Our garage & basement expertise has you covered. Plus, our pest control and water systems mastery guarantee seamless harmony. At Archute, we’re not just redefining homes; we’re redefining living.

Interior Design

Interior design is not just about furniture and accessories but also about the mood and atmosphere. We are your ultimate destination for creating a home that resonates with your personal style and aspirations. Our passion lies in bringing you an array of meticulously curated categories that redefine the way you experience your living spaces.

Explore our vast collection of furniture that transcends mere functionality – each piece tells a story, reflecting your individuality and enhancing your everyday life. Dive into our remodel & repair solutions, where your vision for transformation meets our expertise, turning houses into dream homes. You can also embrace tranquility with our soundproof innovations, where serenity and peace become an integral part of your lifestyle. 

Immerse yourself in the world of color ideas, where walls become canvases, and each hue speaks volumes about your emotions and taste. Also, transform your living spaces into captivating havens with our décor options that range from the classic to the avant-garde.


Garden involves more than plants and flowers but also includes outdoor living. We will inspire you to create a stunning and relaxing garden that can extend your living space and connect you with nature. From landscaping to gardening, from patios to pergolas, we will explore the ways to make your garden more enjoyable and attractive. After all, Archute is more than just a platform; it’s a source of inspiration, a toolkit for creativity, and a partner in your journey to elevate your living spaces.

Why Trust Archute? – Your Source for Informed Choices

At Archute, we understand that making well-informed decisions is crucial when it comes to enhancing your living spaces and lifestyle. That’s why we’ve built a foundation of trust that you can rely on, from our comprehensive product reviews to our transparent editorial process.

Unbiased Insights and Genuine Assistance

Our commitment to providing you with reliable guidance drives every aspect of Archute. Our product reviews are meticulously researched and thoughtfully crafted to give you an unbiased assessment of the options available in the market. We pride ourselves on offering genuine assistance, ensuring that you’re equipped with the information you need to choose products that align with your needs and preferences.

Affiliate Program and Transparency 

We’re open about our affiliate program. Archute earns a commission when you purchase products through the links on our site. This partnership with reputable vendors helps us sustain the quality of our content and continue providing valuable insights to you. Rest assured; our affiliate relationships do not influence the integrity of our reviews. We remain committed to delivering accurate and unbiased evaluations, regardless of any potential commissions.

Rigorous Editorial Process

Our editorial process is a testament to our dedication to accuracy and reliability. Our team of experts meticulously researches each product, assessing features, benefits, and drawbacks to provide you with a comprehensive picture. We prioritize your interests above all else, and our recommendations are based solely on our analysis and evaluation of the products.

At Archute, our aim is to empower you with knowledge, ensuring that you make choices that truly enhance your lifestyle. Trust is at the core of everything we do. When you turn to Archute for insights, reviews, and guidance, you’re choosing a partner that values your confidence as much as you do. Your trust drives us forward, and we’re honored to be a part of your journey to elevate your living spaces.

Our Core Values

Smart Working

We are resourceful, efficient, and committed to growing and improving every day through leveraging our time, technology, and resources.


We own up to our mistakes because we know we are only human – and we learn from them. Our persistence to achieving the best result is constant.


Perfection is a moving target. We are always chasing it. Artists only succeed if they struggle for excellence every day. We do not accept mediocrity.

Experiential Support

Without our customers we are nothing. We have designed our systems to deliver the best experience and support to our customers.

Team At Archute


Principal And Director At Archute

Owner and operator of several online businesses including Archute. He is heavily involved in the home and design space.


Co-Founder And Director At Archute

An architect by profession and an entrepreneur at heart who loves to showcase the best architecture.

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Brenda Nyawara

Architect & Home Enthusiast

An architect by profession who is very passionate about good architecture and beautiful homes.

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Samwel Ndhuli


A practicing architect who enjoys designing good homes and writing the occasional architecture piece.

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