4 Benefits Of Buying Upholstered Beds

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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People seem to spend almost two-thirds of their life sleeping, mostly in bed. People begin and end their day in bed. Therefore, it must be one of the pieces in your home that you must invest in. 

Getting some z's on a bed that fits your style and size requirements is essential. Choosing and buying the right one must be challenging. In addition, wide varieties of bed frames are now available at almost any store, like The Luxury Bed Co and many others. For instance, have you heard of upholstered beds.

What's Up With Upholstered Beds? 

An upholstered bed has a cloth covering on top of a sheet of padding which makes up the fluffy, sections of a bed. To put it simply, upholstered beds are any bed structures that contain fabrics other than wood, such as faux suede or leather, silk, or other materials. Its headboards are smoother to the touch, which you might find more relaxing, ideal if you like sitting up in bed and reading.

To give them a luxurious appearance, they're often embellished with decorative ornamentation such as button studs or embroideries. You may draw inspiration from a wide variety of interior design styles, such as classic designs that will look great in a vintage house or modern style.

Perks Of Sleeping On Beds With Upholstery 

Upholstered beds are rapidly becoming a common choice for those in the market for new bedframes. These specific frames come with their own set of perks. Take a look at the benefits:

Superb Comfort 

Firstly, check your old bed. Check whether you're uncomfortable lying in it or if it’s troubling your back. Inspect the mattress too. Examine the mattress for any curves that cause you discomfort. How about your bed frames? Is it still in decent shape? Does it have enough protection for the mattress and your weight? 

If you think both the mattress and the bed frame don't work well anymore, it might be best to opt for an upholstered bed. A pleasant, comfortable bed influences the quality of sleep you'll get. Your bed must accommodate your height, allow you to shift to both sides, and make you feel comfortable for a good night's sleep. All of these can be achieved with an upholstered bed.

Their cushioned headboards and frames distinguish upholstered beds. Such a feature could provide your body with the maximum comfort it requires as you sleep. With its fluffy cushion, you're also allowed to relax and ease your muscles, encouraging you to sleep soundly. Another great thing about contemporary upholstered beds is that you won't have to buy a costly mattress to go with them.

Some also offer a pillow that you can lie and rest on, depending on where you buy. Upholstered bed headboards come in a variety of forms and styles. This helps you select from various options, increasing your odds of finding a style that precisely suits your desired bedroom style.

Fitting Fabrics and Colors  

You have the luxury to pick leather or cotton upholstery. There are two types of leather: genuine and bonded. Likewise, damask patterned fabrics, silk, worsted yarn, and faux suede are affordable. Most of these fabric textiles are used in interior design.

There are a variety of colors available, including black, red, beige, teal, blue, white, burnt orange, yellow, grey, or purple. You name it! You have a range of choices that could fit your standards and complement your bedroom decor. Your bed won’t stand out in a good way if matched poorly with the rest of the elements in the room.

With these vast choices of color and material, you can also get artistic and create an entirely unique look for your bedroom. This can be accomplished by using a bed color that contrasts with the color of your bedroom walls. Other than this, there are several additional choices and designs to create. You simply ought to be inventive.

Long-lasting and Low Maintenance 

Upholstered beds are constructed of superior hardwood. Such frames make them highly stable and durable. The thickly insulated cushions safeguard the structure from any impact that may cause it to break or get damaged. The upholstery used doesn’t easily tear as it's strong enough, notwithstanding that it's leather or fabric.

Apart from their durability, these kinds of beds are often easy to maintain. Daily dusting or vacuuming can be adequate to access the corners. It's easy to keep it clean, right? It goes without saying that keeping your sleeping area clean is one way to keep healthy.  

Therefore, if your prime concern in purchasing a bed is durability and low maintenance, then an upholstered bed might be right for you. Not only will they last long; they’re fashionable too. How's that for a bonus?  

Can Be Made Of Eco-friendly Materials 

For those who are eco-conscious, particularly when it comes to the things they have in their house, opting for an upholstered bed won't be that bad. Why? It's because such a type of bed is made of natural and eco-leather materials instead of chemically-treated wooden frames. 

Aside from its minimized environmental impact, such natural materials are also believed to be not bad for your health. That's significantly important, especially for the entire household. Imagine falling ill and not knowing the culprit is the chemical that went into the manufacturing of your bed.

If you're on the quest to prove what could make your purchase eco-friendly, check and observe its production process, finishes, and its impact on the environment. If nontoxic and renewable raw materials go into manufacturing, then such upholstery might be sustainable.

Final Thoughts 

Nothing could compare to the comfort and elegance that an upholstered bed provides. It gives your bedroom a clean, polished appearance. Apart from that, you may find fabric headboards to be a relaxing surface for you to rest your head on when reading in bed.

With the above advantages of an upholstered bed, what else could possibly deter you from trying one? Nonetheless, ensure you're making the best decision possible for restful sleep.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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