Best Bamboo Sushi Mat to Make Rolling Sushi a Breeze

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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While sushi seems like a complicated meal, did you know you can make your own sushi at home? Well, the best bamboo sushi mat can make your homemade sushi easy. Although some may opt for a plastic wrap or a silicone version, bamboo mats are the best choice for sushi rolling.

Sushi is one of the most common meals in Asian countries like Japan. It boasts a combination of colorful ingredients, including seaweed and sticky rice, which make the sushi appealing to the eye. However, the way you roll your sushi rolls is important.

If you love making delicious sushi rolls at home, a bamboo mat is an excellent addition to your kitchen. In this guide, I'll tell you which ones to buy. My top pick, the Delamu Sushi-Making Kit, comes with excellent reviews for good quality. I also recommend the BambooWorx kit for ease of use and the BambooMN Deluxe Kit for experienced cooks!

But that's not all; read on for more products. I'll also tell you how to use these mats, how to buy one, and answer your most burning questions. Let's get started!

What Is a Bamboo Sushi Mat?

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A bamboo sushi mat, a sushi roll or makisu, is woven using a cotton string for making sushi. However, these mats can also be used to shape other meals or squeeze liquid from food. These flexible mats come in handy to shape and roll sushi.

In addition, bamboo is a responsible and environmentally-friendly material, so one for your favorite kitchen accessories. If you're looking for a sushi roll mat to help you make this irresistibly yummy treat, here are my five best sushi mats for a fantastic cooking experience!

1. Delamu Sushi Making Kit

Sushi Making Kit, Delamu Bamboo Sushi Mat, Including 2...
  • Provided with Beginner Guide E-book: Every purchase is provided...
  • Premium Bamboo Made: Completely made of premium bamboo with no...
  • Adorably Designed Utensils: Uniquely designed chopsticks feature...
  • A Easy-to-Use Starter Kit: This do-it-yourself sushi making kit...
  • Guaranteed: Purchase with confidence, every order is backed by...

The first product I tested was the sushi mat from this Delami sushi-making kit. This comprehensive kit includes two high-quality sushi rolling mats, five pairs of chopsticks, a paddle, a spreader, and even a helpful Beginner Guide PDF. It's an all-in-one package that promises to elevate your sushi-making experience.

The bamboo mats are exceptional! They have the best craftsmanship, with precise weaving of the slats that make them ideal for tight sushi rolls all the time. The size of the mats was just right, allowing me to create sushi rolls of various lengths and thicknesses easily.

The additional bamboo dinner accessories were invaluable additions to my sushi-making arsenal. The paddle and spreader, made from the same high-quality bamboo, were instrumental in spreading rice evenly and shaping the sushi rolls flawlessly.

However, while I had a good time with this kit, I found the chopsticks useless. They are rounded and very smooth, which doesn't help with a good grip on the ingredients. They are also not comfortable in the hand.


  • High-quality bamboo sushi mats
  • Comprehensive kit with essential accessories
  • Precise and tight rolling of sushi
  • Beginner Guide PDF for helpful instructions


  • Chopsticks may not provide optimal grip

2. BambooWorx Sushi Making Kit Deluxe 100% Bamboo - Includes 2 Rolling Mats


My second recommendation comes from BambooWorx and is a delightful option for your sushi-making journey. This kit has all you need for the perfect sushi roll. It features two full-size rolling mats, each measuring 9.5" x 9.5", a rice spreader, and a spoon.

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I loved that each item in the kit is made from top-quality bamboo. Even better, there is no unraveling of the stitching of the cotton stitch and no splinters, which guarantees durability. You can use the bamboo rice spoon to perfectly combine the vinegar and rice and the spreader to provide an even spread of rice on the nori.

So whether you're a world-class professional sushi chef, a beginner sushi chef, or a culinary student, the BambooWorx Sushi Making Kit has everything you need to make your sushi rolls. That said, I found that to extend the life of this kit, you want to handwash it; don't worry, it was a breeze with lukewarm water! You should also not expose the pieces to high heat and ensure they have dried thoroughly before storing them.


  • Attractive and durable finish
  • User-friendly
  • It comes with useful accessories
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Well-stitched mats
  • Made from top-grade, natural bamboo
  • Full-size sushi rolling mat


  • It can't be used on high heat

3. BambooMN Deluxe Sushi Mat Kit - With 1 Mat

BambooMN Deluxe Sushi Mat Kit 1x Green, 1x Natural...
  • PREMIUM GRADE SUSHI MAKING ROLLING SET 1 Pack consist of 1x Green...
  • EACH TOOL HELPS Roller mats are made from matchstick rods of...
  • ECOFRIENDLY Everything in our sushi making kit is made from all...
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS For best results periodically rub knife with...
  • 3 YEARS WARRANTY We're so confident our sushi maker rolling kit...

The BambooMN Deluxe Sushi Mat Kit is another sushi mat starter kit I recommend. When testing these products, I was looking for the best bamboo quality, and this option did not disappoint. The mats are made from some matchstick rods of bamboo woven together using a cotton string.

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The sushi kit also has a rice paddle for the perfect mixture of seasoning and vinegar for the perfect sushi rice recipe. You can also use the rice spreader to achieve a perfectly even coat of rice on the sushi rolls. In addition, the kit includes a two-compartment sauce dish for your sauce dishes.

Making sushi has never been this easy, but I was disappointed that it's not dishwasher-safe. As such, I had to handwash all components in lukewarm water.


  • Perfect for making sushi rolls
  • Vintage design with a modern twist
  • Quite versatile
  • Durable and beautiful finish
  • Includes a rice spreader and paddle
  • Two sushi rolling mats
  • Easy to use


  • Not dishwasher-friendly

4. JapanBargain 3675, Sushi Roller Kit Bamboo Mat

JapanBargain 3675, Sushi Roller Sushi Making Kit Sushi...
  • Material: Natural Bamboo^Dimension: Bamboo mat:9.5in x 9.5in Rice...

The JapanBargain 3675 Sushi Roller Kit Bamboo Mat is a great choice to make rolling the fillings easier. The mat and paddle are made from natural bamboo.

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All the items in the kit are durable and sturdy, providing a perfect experience when cooking homemade sushi rolls. The bamboo mat measures 9.5 inches by 9.5 inches, and the rice paddle is 8 inches long. In addition, these items are easy to use and relatively simple to clean.

Unlike other mats that are hard to roll, I found this JapanBargain mat very easy to use, and it rolls perfectly. I loved how the mat was wrapped in plastic to ensure it lasts longer. Still, I did not fancy the smell after opening the kit for the first time. The items had an off-putting smell that cast doubt on the quality of the bamboo.


  • Eco-friendly and natural bamboo
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Sturdy construction
  • Great gift idea
  • Inexpensive
  • Great for beginners


  • Cheap smell

5. Joyce Chen Sushi Kit, One Size, Nat. Bamboo

Joyce Chen Sushi Kit, One Size, Nat. Bamboo
  • Includes: bamboo sushi mat, bamboo rice paddle, and complete...
  • Bamboo is a renewable resource
  • Great for any cook interested in learning how to make delicious,...
  • Instruction booklet includes a number of recipes, instructions...
  • Great gift!

My final recommendation is if you want to cook sushi for the first time. If so, you will love this Joyce Chen sushi rolling kit. It has a sushi rolling mat, a rice paddle, and a complete instruction kit.

Image source:

I confirmed that the rice paddle and mat are made from bamboo, making them an essential tool in making good sushi rolls. This kit is an exceptional gift for your loved ones, thanks to the instruction booklet with several recipes and instructions for making rolled sushi. I particularly enjoyed reading the booklet's information about sushi culture and etiquette.

While I enjoyed using the rolls, I found them bumpy on both sides, so I could not get a smooth roll each time.


  • Great gift
  • A reliable instruction booklet
  • Easy to use
  • Great for both beginners and professionals
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Renewable bamboo mat
  • Makes delicious sushi


  • A bit bumpy on both sides

How To Use Your Bamboo Sushi Mat

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Here are the steps on how to roll sushi at home using a bamboo mat;

  1. Place nori sheets (seaweed) on the mat, ensuring the rough side faces up.
  2. Spread the sticky rice on top to evenly cover an inch far from and near the edge. Ensure your hands are wet while spreading the rice.
  3. Place other fillings in a line starting from the edge of the rice layer and ensure every ingredient is on its line.
  4. Hold the edge of the mat and start with the edge with the first ingredient. Next, lift the nori, then fold it over the first ingredient.
  5. Ensure the ingredients stick together as you continue to roll. Additionally, remove the mat while rolling and slowly roll to ensure it's even.
  6. You can tighten the roll using the mat by rolling it back and forth to seal it more.
  7. Allow the sushi rolls to sit for a few minutes for the grains to moisten the nori and reduce the risk of tearing.
  8. Cut the roll using a sharp knife, then serve.

What Factors Do You Consider Before Buying the Best Bamboo Sushi Mat?

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Here are the top factors that should influence your buying process:

I. Shapes

Sushi-making kits come in various shapes to get your creative juices flowing. So, if you're looking for versatility, consider a mat that comes in different shapes, ranging from squares to hearts and others.

II. Quality

While a rolling mat is a traditional tool, you still need to search for quality products. This is in terms of the ability of the mat to give precise length and width options that you find in renowned Japanese restaurants. The mat should also be sturdy, durable for prolonged use, and withstand heavy use.

III. Extras

The best sushi-making kits may come with additional accessories that vary from brand to brand. These include soy sauce holders, knives, sushi rice, sushi molds, etc. Along with a rolling mat, you will find some essential service products like a rice paddle and spreader.

Some options may include a sushi bazooka which helps make the perfect sushi roll or cucumber roll, and an avocado slicer to achieve perfect even slices. While these additional accessories are great, most sushi experts claim that the glory lies in the stickiness and quality of the rice and not just the quality of the accessories or the fish.

IV. Cleaning

When looking for a sushi rolling mat, it is always crucial to check if it is easy to clean. While traditional kits like bamboo rolling mats are not dishwasher-safe, some are easier to clean than others. Consider the non-traditional options if you're looking for a product you can easily wash in the dishwasher.

V. Price

Sushi mats come with different prices but note that, in most cases, as with everything else in life, you will get what you pay for. Therefore, you will notice that some very cheap ones will compromise durability. Since sushi-making can be highly technical, some options tend to cost more than others because of the additional accessories, for example, a recipe book. Find an option within your budget, but consider the more affordable options if you're a beginner.

VI. Construction

It is best to ensure that the sushi rolling mat is well-crafted from all-natural materials. Regarding technology, the best bamboo sushi mat should have enough innovation for both beginner and professional hands to make sushi of excellent quality and with ease. Furthermore, the mat should have an ergonomic design that is flexible enough to accommodate all hand sizes.

VII. Skill Level

Your skill level and knowledge in making sushi will help you determine the kind of mat you should buy. If you are a beginner, consider mats designed for beginners. These mats should also come with tools that you will need to learn how to make sushi and the different components that go into it. A deluxe kit may be a superb option for a more skilled or professional sushi chef.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Sushi Mats

I. Can you wash bamboo sushi mats?

Yes, you can. Cleaning your bamboo mats is possible using hot water and vinegar solution. This will help eliminate any germs or bacteria on the mat.

II. What do sushi-making kits contain?

Generally, most sushi kits have molds, bamboo or plastic rolling mats, an instruction book, a comprehensive recipe book, and a rice paddle. Others may include bowls, a chopping knife, some plates, and chopsticks. Depending on the brand, you could also come across different sauces, rice, and other goodies to keep the ball rolling. Note that different kits come with additional accessories.

III. How do you clean a sushi-making mat?

Check the category to which the sushi rolling mat belongs; non-traditional or traditional. The traditional options have been designed from wood or bamboo, so they are better-being hand washed with soap and warm water, then left out to completely dry. The non-traditional mats can be cleaned using a dishwasher, making them a more convenient option for cleaning.

IV. What is the best size bamboo mat for sushi?

The best size for a bamboo mat for sushi is typically around 9.5" x 9.5". This size provides enough surface area to comfortably roll and shape your sushi rolls, allowing versatility in creating different roll lengths and thicknesses. It strikes a balance between compactness for easy storage and large enough to accommodate various sushi-making techniques.

V. Do I need a bamboo mat for sushi?

While you don't necessarily need a bamboo mat to make sushi, it is highly recommended. A bamboo mat helps in shaping and rolling the sushi tightly.

It provides a stable surface and allows for the even distribution of rice and filling. The mat's texture and flexibility enable you to create well-formed, neatly rolled sushi that holds together. It simplifies the process and enhances your sushi rolls' overall presentation and texture.

VI. Which side of the bamboo mat should I use to roll sushi?

Set your nori shiny side down on the bamboo mat to roll sushi down on the mat. The rough or textured side of the mat should face up. Placing the nori on the smooth side prevents the rice and fillings from sticking to the mat.

This allows for easier rolling and helps maintain the integrity of the sushi roll. Remember to gently apply pressure and use the mat to shape the roll as you go.

VII. Should sushi mats be flat or round?

Sushi mats should be flat, not round. The flat shape of a bamboo sushi mat provides a stable surface for rolling and shaping sushi. It allows for even pressure distribution and helps create tightly rolled sushi.

VIII. Are bamboo sushi mats reusable?

Yes, bamboo sushi mats are reusable; they are durable and will withstand repeated use. After each use, cleaning and drying the mat thoroughly is vital to maintain its hygiene and prolong its lifespan.

IX. What can I use instead of a sushi mat?

One option is to use a clean kitchen towel or a thick, flexible silicone baking mat. Simply lay the towel or mat flat on your workspace, place the nori and rice on top, and use your hands to roll and shape the sushi carefully.

Another alternative is a bamboo placemat or a flat, flexible cutting board. While these substitutes may not provide the same level of precision as a traditional sushi mat, they can still help you roll sushi successfully.

X. How to prevent the ingredients from sticking to the sushi mat?

You can follow the following tips:

  1. Ensure your hands are lightly dampened with water when handling the rice. Doing so helps prevent the rice from sticking to your hands and, subsequently, to the mat.
  2. Lay a plastic sheet wrap or a clean, thin plastic bag over the mat before rolling to create a barrier between the rice and the mat, making it easier to roll and preventing sticking.
Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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