Best Herb Seeds Online for All Your Gardening Needs

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Whether you want a backyard vegetable garden or a colorful flower garden, if you are starting with seeds, you will need a good source for the best herb seeds online to bring your vision to life. Growing your garden is a beautiful yet meditative activity that can help get you outdoors, increase your physical activity, and provide you with homegrown food you can use for dinner recipes. Although not everyone has a green thumb, with the right seeds for your location, you can successfully grow an outdoor garden that will offer you nutrition.

Finding the right seeds for your garden is also important as there are plenty of places to purchase seeds online since your local garden center might only have the most popular and well-known varieties. To make it easier, we have some of the best herb seeds online, where you can get even the rare and heirloom varieties to cater to your every need.

1. Home Grown 15 Culinary Herb Seed Vault

15 Culinary Herb Seeds - Heirloom & Non GMO - High...
  • 🌿 Diverse Selection of Herb Seeds - Our pack includes a...
  • 💯 High Germination Rate - Carefully selected for quality and...
  • 🌱 Easy to Grow Heirloom Seeds - Perfect for beginners and...
  • 📚 Detailed Growing Guide Included - We provide comprehensive...
  • 🌍 Non-GMO & Sustainably Sourced in the USA - All our seeds are...

If you are a beginner interested in planting seeds and learning which herb seeds will work better for you, this is the best option. Home Grown herb seeds are made of various herbs, making them a perfect way to start your gardening. In addition, the packs have herb planting markers with labels that help you keep the progress of the herbs you will be growing.

You will get a good harvest with more than 4500 seeds and 15 herb options, including peppermint, chives, dill, and basil. As much as this is perfect for a beginner, it is also recommended whether you are a survivalist, chef, gardener or off-grid enthusiast. This will spice up your cooking while beautifying your kitchen or yard, helping you connect with the earth.


  • It is a great aid to beginners
  • It makes a perfect gift for gardeners
  • The sturdy seeds ensure your soil remain stable for growing more herbs in your next season.


  • Many of the seeds from this batch are said not to grow

2. Sow Right Seeds - 5 Herb Seed Collection

Sow Right Seeds - 5 Herb Seed Collection - Genovese...
  • Beautiful -- Large colorful packets of popular culinary herbs...
  • Indoor and Outdoor -- Carefully selected varieties that can...
  • Always have Fresh Herbs on Hand -- Imagine Pesto for your pasta,...
  • Easy to Grow -- Instructions included on each packet with...
  • Safe Seed -- Sow Right Seeds has taken the Safe Seed Pledge and...

Sow Right Seeds are non-GMO-safe seeds that don't contain synthetic chemicals which could be harmful, and when combined with additional gardening tips and instructions, the product is perfect for a beginner. The full-color packet has more than 2000 seeds, including basil, cilantro, chives, oregano, and parsley.

The herb seed collection is part of the Safe Pledge, and it only sells non-GMO seeds that are 100% safe for you and your family. Each packet has additional growing tips on the “Sow Successful” Blog, and if the seeds don't germinate, they will happily replace the seeds that don't grow. In addition, the herb seeds make a perfect gift since they can be grown indoors in the kitchen or outdoors in the garden.


  • It has a large variety that allows a gardener to have variety in their herb garden.
  • It can be planted both indoors and outdoors.
  • The company will replace the seeds that will not grow


  • The seeds are sometimes not in the right packets

3. NatureZ Edge 15 Herb Seeds Variety Pack

NatureZ Edge 15 Herb Seeds Variety Pack, 6000+ Heirloom...
  • Includes: Anise, Thai Basil, Italian Basil, Cumin, Thyme,...
  • This herb seed variety pack was developed and packaged by a...
  • These herb seeds are perfect for growing in aquaponics,...
  • Makes the Perfect Gift- With 15 different varieties of herbs, you...

NatureZ Edge 15 Herb Seeds Variety Pack will double the seeds at the same price, and it's the main quality of the product. It comes with 15 other varieties of seeds as these packs contain plant markers, and it's a suitable option for gardeners on a budget.

The variety pack will get high-quality, open-pollinated, heirloom and non-GMO seeds directly sourced from the USA, and you will be surprised by the germination rate of the seeds. However, be careful of the mold growth on biodegradable pots where the seeds will begin to grow.


  • 100% GMO
  • Open-pollinated heirloom seeds
  • It can serve as a great gift for Father's Day or Mother's days
  • It includes five different herbs packets
  • Affordable


  • Bad quality seeds in some packets and insufficient numbers
  • The pots are prone to fungus, leaking and mold

Other Places to Buy Herbs Seeds

1. American Meadows- Best Seed Mixes

American Meadows is the best choice if you are looking for a large selection of flower seeds since they carry seeds that produce flowering plants. For the ones looking to plant wildflower varieties beneficial to the local ecosystem, like native plants and those that attract pollinators and beneficial insects.

American Meadows features an online map that will help you find the best wildflower mixes for your area where the annual and perennials are meant to support pollinators. They offer color all over the growing season, and they thrive in specific growing conditions such as dry soil or part shade and sell grass, pasture seed and flower bulbs.


  • Focus on environmental and responsible growth
  • Multiple seed guides
  • Online map to help find flower seeds


  • It specializes in flowers

2. Seed Bank Box- Best Monthly Subscription Option

Seed Bank Box is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a simple subscription that will send you a monthly seeds subscription right to your door. Their packages start from $24.95 per month. You receive about eight to ten varieties ranging from fruit plants, root vegetables, edible flowers, vining vegetables, rare heirloom varieties, leafy greens and medicinal plants.

In addition, Seed Bank Box instructional cards include every seed type and how to learn and care for your new plants. The seeds are perfect for your herb garden because they are heirloom seeds, non-GMO and organic seeds. Notably, if you are shopping for something specific, the Seed Bank Box allows you to buy seeds individually, starting at $1.25 per seed pack.


  • Well-organized subscription box
  • Large quantities of each seed
  • Heirloom, non-GMO and organic seeds


  • It could improve the seed varieties
  • It doesn't mention the Safe Seed Pledge

3. Urban Organic Gardener Seed Club- Best Curated Seeds

Urban Organic Gardener is a suitable option for any newbie to gardening who doesn't know where to start. It features a membership that includes five hand-selected seed packs curated for individuals based on their needs and planting instructions, plant labels, and soil fertilizers.

The website prompts you to take a survey that will find out your Garden Profile, and it will ask you several questions to understand your needs better. Some examples of the questions may include: where you will be growing your garden (indoors, on a window sill, balcony, front yard, backyard or patio), if your space gets full sun or a partial shade and if you have any gardening experience. The Urban Organic Gardener company will then send you curated seeds monthly, depending on the answers you provide.

Urban Organic Gardener has a month-to-month membership that will cost you $15, $35 for three months, $89 for six months and $178 for one year. Their seeds are 100% non-GMO, open-pollinated and 100% heirloom seeds.


  • It has a good price range.
  • It has a survey that will curate your seeds to your specific location and needs.


  • Limited seed options were the most garden options, with occasional flower seeds

4. Johnny's Selected Seeds - Best Seed Variety

Johnny's Selected Seeds is a perfect solution for large-scale growers since it provides garden seed varieties, equipment, tools and agricultural seed. As one of the original signers of Safe Seed Pledge, it has a 40-acre certified organic farm in Maine that offers some of the best seed varieties on the market.

Johnny's Selected Seeds have varieties like heirloom seeds, certified organic seeds, open-pollinated, hybrid seeds and enhanced seeds (film-coated, treated, pelleted, and primed). However, if you prefer to order the old-fashioned way, you can also order the catalog.

Johnny's Selected Seeds also comes with plenty of educational resources on their website, including a helpful "Ask a Grower" tool where you can ask questions about your garden and get expert advice. Some other useful features on their website include their Farm Visits and Grower Profiles, which allow you to learn more about other gardeners and farmers who use Johnny’s Selected Seeds.


  • It can carry unique seed varieties and also has agricultural seeds
  • Grower profiles
  • Allows gardeners to buy seeds in bulk
  • It's one of the original signers of the Safe Seed Pledge
  • Tools and equipment
  • Has so many educational resources available for gardening


  • The shipping rate is so expensive for some locations

5. Eden Brothers- Best for Flower Garden Seeds

Eden Brothers is another powerful seed provider with heirloom, organic seeds, vegetable and herb seeds, flowering bulbs, wildflower seed mixes, and perennials. They have a large selection of non-GMO seeds. In addition, you will find over 100 varieties of culinary herbs, medicinal herb seeds and hundreds of flower varieties, including rare and unusual options.

You can shop by your garden theme as Eden Brothers have collections curated for container gardens, kid's gardens, indoor gardens, cottage gardens, pollinator gardens, fragrant gardens and cut flower gardens. You can even sort yours by color, sowing method, planting season, and the hard-to-find varieties.

Eden Brothers sell seeds ranging from "A" for absinthe to "V" for valerian. However, the company won't have any gifts, decor or gardening tools, making the company purely for selling seeds.


  • Non-GMO seeds
  • It has fun yet curated collections


  • Lacks tools or garden items

6. Seed Savers Exchange- Best Garden Seed Exchange

Seed Savers Exchange is among the best options for any gardener who wants to preserve their rare and heirloom varieties. The company does that with the help of professional farmers, amateur gardeners and anyone in between. It has been a non-profit organization since 1975 with a mission to promote and conserve America's diverse garden and food crop heritage.

Seed Savers Exchange sells seeds such as flowers, trees, herbs, vegetable seeds and transplants to raise money to cater to the organization's efforts. You can participate in the exchange by getting new seeds, providing seeds or ordering from their catalog. Although Seed Savers Exchange sells a small selection of vegetable seeds, they facilitate the largest seed exchange program in the world. Many heirloom varieties of flowers, trees, herbs and vegetables rely on this method to maintain their existence.

You can also become a member with Seed Savers Exchange, where you will enjoy exclusive discounts, seeds, a membership magazine and free or reduced admissions to arboretums and gardens all over the country. In addition, if you want to contribute to this mission and don't know how to save seeds, Seed Savers Exchange has helpful gardening tips and tutorials to help you navigate.


  • Good quality and has a variety of seeds
  • They preserve heirloom seeds
  • Signed the Safe Seed Pledge


  • Some customers have experienced shipping issues
  • The website can be overwhelming to navigate
  • It's on the higher side for seeds

7. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds- Best for Unique Varieties

If you follow a lot of gardening content on social media, you must hear of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds since it has a big fan base thanks to its rare seeds that bring uniqueness and fun to your garden. The company focuses on preserving heirloom varieties to ensure the different species grow in gardens and containers worldwide. As a result, it is a one-stop shop for all your garden seeds, from florals to any pepper you can imagine.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds don't sell any bulbs or genetically modified seeds. Still, they instead encourage gardeners to grow heirloom varieties of only seeds and save their seeds for future use. You can drool over their recipes on the website by searching for your plants and seeds, then look at the amazing dishes that you can make once they grow.

They have a full-color catalog that you can request them to send to your home, which has a lot of information about beautiful photography and plants. You can join them at their storefront in Missouri, including a natural bakery, vegan restaurant, blacksmith, apothecary and mercantile shop.


  • It has a great heirloom seeds collection
  • Recipe index
  • Beautiful website and catalog


  • No hybrid or GMO varieties
  • No flower bulbs available

What to Look For in Seeds and the Online Stores?

When shopping for the best herbs seeds online, always opt for seeds that are 100% GMO and also check out for open-pollinated seeds or heirloom seeds which might not be necessary for all gardeners. In addition, ensure your garden has some pollinator plants on it even when you are growing veggies such as lettuce. Notably, even flower seeds added to a vegetable garden can attract bees that will generally improve your yield.

On the other hand, when deciding where to shop your fresh herb seeds, you should consider seed varieties, either heirloom or non-GMO like Park Seed, and price. Also, don't forget to check the customer reviews and do your due diligence before purchasing.

Gardening Tips to Grow Fresh Herbs Indoors

Once you have decided you want to grow herbs indoors, there are some things you will need to look out for if you want your fresh leaves and herbs to thrive. They include:

a). Light

Many herbs grow best in full sun when out in the garden, so you will need to place them in the sunniest window if you want to grow herbs indoors. Opt for south or southwest-facing window that allows direct sunlight. Alternatively, you can also supplement the natural light with an LED grow light as you need to give your herbs about 12-14 hours of light.

Your herbs may look leggy without the grow light, but the leaves will add bright colors and flavors to cooked dishes and salads. In addition, ensure you turn your potted indoor herbs clockwise once a week to expose all the sides of the herb equally to sunlight. This will help to encourage more growth.

b). Watering

When it comes to herbs, water is an enemy but still a friend because herbs need water to grow, but too much water will rot their roots. To know when to water your potted indoor herbs, insert one finger into the soil up to your first knuckle, and if the soil feels dry, you should water it. However, wait and check another day until the soil feels dry if it feels moist.

c). Temperature

Herbs thrive in the same temperatures people do, roughly 65 to 75˚F. So when you start indoors during the cold winter, ensure the leaves of your herb plants don't touch the windows.

Most herbs won't mind if the temperature in the house drops into the 50s at night, but some herbs such as basil are sensitive to cold temperatures. Therefore, keep basil in an area that stays about 70˚F.

d). Humidity

A window sill found above a kitchen sink is a perfect spot since it offers additional humidity, which can be helpful during winter when the air in a heated home becomes dry. Alternatively, you can boost humidity by placing the herb pots on a pebble-filled waterproof tray that allows pots to drain into the tray whenever you water your plants. The water evaporating from the tray raises the humidity around your plant and gives your indoor plant an environment to thrive.

e). Fertilizer

Since indoor herbs cannot get their nutrients from the garden rain and soil, they need a little boost from a fertilizer. Opt for a well-balanced fertilizer and apply the plant food at half the rate every other week but only when the herb is actively growing. However, it's better to give your plants too little fertilizer than too much because it's a boost.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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