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Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Recently, there has been a rise in the need for video surveillance to safeguard businesses, homes and outdoors, among other amenities. For this reason, the surveillance camera system industry has improved to offer security camera systems like Wi-Fi and PoE.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) security camera system is a widely used surveillance camera system today. Not only does this system make it easy to transfer power and data to other devices using a single network cable, but it is also easy to install and use.

Whether you're hoping to upgrade your surveillance cameras from an analog security system to an advanced IP camera system or you're just in search of a new security system, PoE security systems are an excellent option. Nowadays, there are a lot of PoE cameras on the market. As a result, we have a list of the best PoE security cameras in the market to make the decision-making process more manageable.

What Is PoE Security Camera System?

To better understand this security camera system, it is important to grasp the power of ethernet. The PoE process utilizes the wires already present in an Ethernet cable to run power(electricity) and data transmission. With this in mind, a PoE camera system is similar to a traditional security camera system, only that it uses one PoE( ethernet) cable.

PoE security camera systems offer a better alternative to Wi-Fi systems. For example, if you have a set of 8 indoor and outdoor cameras powered by a Wi-Fi camera system, you would require a total of 16 wires for data transmission and power. This is expensive to buy and even challenging to install.

A PoE security camera requires half the number of wires used with Wi-Fi systems. This helps to clear up the cabling mess. In addition, you do not need to connect a PoE camera directly to a power outlet, making it a perfect solution if no power outlet is near your point of installation.

How Do PoE Security Camera Systems Work?

PoE security cameras require power and data connection. The power connection makes the cameras functional to record video. However, you will need to communicate with the camera to see what it is recording or change some settings. This is where data transmission through your local network comes in.

Since the PoE camera records video and audio, there is a need to store that footage safely to facilitate retrieval if need be. Therefore, some PoE cameras are configured with Network Video Recorders (NVR) to provide a fast and reliable video capturing capability. In addition, NVR provides IP-based connections and saves large videos on external storage devices, such as hard drives, USB flash drives, and memory cards.

To get your PoE camera system up and running, you will need to connect the PoE camera to a PoE NVR(network video recorder), which is then connected to your router. However, if you do not have a compatible PoE NVR, a PoE injector is used to provide power to the PoE security camera.

In situations where you are installing several indoor and outdoor cameras, you will need a PoE hub to reduce the number of injectors otherwise. Other ways of connecting your PoE security camera to your local network include connecting the IP camera to a PoE switch. Whether managed or unmanned, a PoE switch helps to provide power and data.

In addition to the PoE switch and injector, you can also use a PoE network video recorder to connect to a non-PoE router. This means you will have a cable running from the PoE security camera to the NVR, then from the NVR to the router.

What Are the Benefits of PoE Security Camera Systems?

1. Costs and Time Saving

With PoE security camera systems, you do not need to install a power outlet for your cameras or router. Instead, you only need one power source. This reduces the cabling required and saves money and time spent on the installation.

2. Data Speed

PoE technology supports reliable connectivity and faster upload and download speeds. Most PoE camera systems use either Cat5 or Cat6 ethernet cables. The PoE delivers up to 1Gbps in data transmission. In addition, thanks to the new IEEE 802.3bz standard, you can enjoy new data speeds of 2.5-5 Gbps within a 100m range. This data speed is enough to support live viewing and surveillance network connectivity.

3. Flexibility

Since you do not need to connect the PoE security camera systems near a power outlet, you are flexible to install the security cameras in convenient and optimal locations. This could be on the ceiling, outdoors or high walls. Rather than being tied around a power outlet, having an optimal PoE security camera placement allows for better performance and an efficient surveillance camera system infrastructure.

4. Scalability

Whether you are looking to add, change or move your PoE security cameras, you do not suffer any delays in upgrading or modifying your network. This is because PoE technology accommodates flexibility when changing your network requirements or installing more security cameras.

5. Centralized Power Management

PoE security camera systems enable centralized power management, which is reliable in a power outage. Unlike IP cameras that are inoperable without battery backup, PoE technology has a centrally-managed UPS that provides backup power for devices in the network, such as security cameras. In addition, this feature allows you to reset or shut down the surveillance camera system remotely.

In addition to the above benefits that come with PoE technology, having PoE security camera systems either at your home or business will provide extra benefits such as:

  • Remote Viewing Access- You can view real-time surveillance footage, either on a mobile app or on a web-based interface, anywhere and anytime. This gives you confidence in terms of safety when monitoring business operations and keeping an eye on your assets.
  • High-Resolution- Unlike analog cameras that provide 0.4MP, PoE security cameras have a higher resolution ranging from 2MP to 10MP. This allows you to see what's going on, people and vehicles on your property.
  • Ease of Upgrade- With the necessary infrastructure such as a PoE switch and NVR, you can easily scale or upgrade your surveillance network. This is great for individuals and businesses that want to add more security cameras.
  • Comprehensive Analytics- Thanks to advancements in surveillance technology, PoE security camera systems are equipped with Artificial Intelligence. These features include video analysis, motion detection, vehicle detection, face recognition and even pet detection.

Are poe security camera system better?

1. ZOSI 1080p H.265+ PoE Home Security Camera System

ZOSI 5MP H.265+ PoE Home Security Camera System Outdoor...
  • (1). [ Simple Plug & Play PoE Setup ] __ A single network cabling...
  • (2). [ 5MP 2K PoE System Overview ] __ This PoE system comes with...
  • (3). [ Local or Remote Access, Playback Anytime & Anywhere ] __...
  • (4). [ Advance Motion Detection & Alert Push ] __ You can...
  • (5). [ Customize Each Camera with Different Record Modes ] __Our...

If you're looking for a dependable security camera system that you can easily set up yourself, then you should consider getting the ZOSI 1080p H.265+ PoE Home security camera. This camera system features advanced H. 265+ video technology that offers larger storage space, better image quality, and a smooth viewing experience.

It comes paired with 4 Weatherproof 1080p bullet cameras with 120ft night vision and a 110 degrees viewing angle. In addition, the ZOSI 1080p PoE camera uses a single network cabling that provides both video and power to your cameras, which means a more stable and reliable PoE security system.

It features four recording modes: recording footage continuously, scheduling the time when to record, recording only when motion is detected, and recycling record. This means that you can easily customize every camera to have a different recording mode. You can also download the recorded files for a USB backup.

The presence of the remote viewing access feature means you can control your PoE camera system locally by either connecting it to a monitor or using free ZOSI Client software on Mac and Windows, or via iOS and Android App(ZOSI Smart ) on smartphone devices. Moreover, you can customize motion detection to minimize false alerts.


  • Ability to customize the cameras with different recording modes
  • Advanced motion detection and alerts
  • Remote access anywhere and anytime
  • Reliable night vision
  • Better image and video quality
  • Easy to set up
  • IP67 weatherproof
  • Smart recording and backup
  • Remote access


  • Customer service is not the best

2. Amcrest 5MP UltraHD Security IP Turret PoE Camera

Amcrest 5MP Turret POE Camera, UltraHD Outdoor IP...
  • CMOS ILLUMINATION & MIC – Stunning low-light 5MP performance...
  • SMARTER SECURITY & STORAGE OPTIONS – Receive motion alert...
  • DAY OR NIGHT, RAIN OR SHINE – Built to weather any storm and...
  • SECURE REMOTE STORAGE – The optional Amcrest Cloud remote video...
  • SIMPLE, RELIABLE, SECURE - This camera features a secure...

The Amcrest 5MP UltraHD Outdoor Security IP Turret PoE Camera is a smart outdoor security camera with a wide viewing angle of 103 degrees that allows you to cover more ground area. It is a fixed camera that neither pans nor tilts. In addition, it is built to withstand any weather condition since it features a durable weatherproof IP67 rating housing.

The built-in IR LEDs and Starlight technology image sensor help achieve low-light performance and night-vision of up to 98 feet. Moreover, it uses a dual H.265/H.264 compression technology that allows for backward compatibility with legacy platforms and maximum encryption with the latest technology.

This Amcrest 5MP UltraHD camera features an FCC certificate, secure SSL/HTTPS connection, and regular firmware updates. In addition, you can receive motion alert notifications and review footage via your smartphone using the Amcrest View app. You can also playback or record on a PC using the Amcrest Surveillance Pro for Windows and MAC or third-party software, for example, Blue Iris.


  • Built-in Mic
  • Stunning low light illumination
  • UltraHD Resolution
  • Motion Detection Alerts
  • Great viewing angle
  • P67 Weatherproof
  • Mobile viewing and storage


  • The mobile app may sometimes be unstable

3. Reolink 5MP PoE Video Surveillance System

REOLINK Home Security Outdoor Indoor Cameras , 5MP IP...
  • EXCEPTIONAL 5MP SUPER HD: These PoE IP cameras boast 5MP videos...
  • FREE APP AND REMOTE ACCESS: Explore rich features and functions...
  • MUITIPLE RECORDING OPTIONS: This PoE surveillance camera supports...

The Reolink 5MP PoE Video Surveillance System is one of the most reliable PoE cameras, thanks to its MP lens resolution of 2560×1920, which means it is about 2.4 times the 1080p Full HD resolution. In addition, it features 18 Infrared LEDs and also a powerful night vision mode.

With its wide viewing angle of 80 degrees, the Reolink 5MP PoE camera can capture crystal clear videos up to a distance of 100 feet. It also has an audio recording feature that can record sounds up to 15 feet, so you won't have to view a silent video feed. The weather-resistant features make it more secure and practical for outdoor use. It features IP66 waterproof rating that makes it withstand harsh weather conditions.

It comes with full remote access via the free Reolink digital apps for Android and iOS, as well as Reolink client software for your PC or laptop. Its compatibility with Reolink NVR allows you to record footage directly to an external storage device. In addition, you will receive real-time motion detection alerts through email and push notifications on your smartphone.


  • Easy installation
  • 24/7 recording
  • IP66 waterproof camera
  • Compatibility with NVR5MP HD camera
  • Night vision
  • Remote access anytime


  • Can only work with Reolink NVRs
  • The viewing angle is not the best for large-scale

4. Amcrest UltraHD 4K POE Camera

Amcrest UltraHD 4K (8MP) Outdoor Security IP Turret PoE...
  • EXPERIENCE ULTRA HD 4K – Stunning ultra-high quality 4K...
  • SMARTER SECURITY – Receive motion alert notifications and...
  • DAY OR NIGHT, RAIN OR SHINE – Built to weather any storm and...
  • SECURE CLOUD VIDEO BACKUP – The optional Amcrest Cloud remote...
  • SIMPLE, RELIABLE, SECURE - At Amcrest, we want to ensure the...

If you are looking to up your outdoor security, this Amcrest UltraHD is an excellent choice. This security camera features a high resolution of 8MP and utilizes CMOS image sensor technology and a chipset. In addition, it has a 105° viewing angle which helps to cover more surveillance ground.

This Amcrest dome 4K turret PoE security camera is designed to weather any storm. The camera has IP67 heavy-duty weatherproof housing, protecting against heavy rain or hot weather. In addition, the built-in IR LEDs and CMOS 1/2.7" 8MP progressive CMOS image sensor help to support low-light capabilities and night vision.

This Amcrest PoE security camera has remote viewing access through the Amcrest view app on smartphones. If you wish to watch CCTV footage on PC, you can use the Surveillance Pro for Windows and MAC or Blue Iris Professional interfaces. In addition, you can store recorded footage on the Amcrest remote cloud video storage, Amcrest NVRs or a MicroSD card of up to 256GB storage. Finally, you can backup recorded footage and access it on a PC interface or the Amcrest cloud app with an optional cloud subscription.


  • IP67 weatherproof housing
  • High 8MP resolution
  • Supports low-light and night vision
  • Allows remote footage access
  • Has a built-in microphone for one-way audio
  • Offers secure cloud backup with a subscription
  • Easy installation


  • You have to buy the PoE injector or switch separately

5. Reolink 5MP Home Security Camera System

REOLINK 8CH 5MP Home Security Camera System, 4pcs Wired...
  • 5MP SUPER HD & STUNNING NIGHT VISION: Capture crystal clear...
  • PLUG & PLAY POE SYSTEM: With a single network cable, you can...
  • CUSTOMIZED MOTION DETECTION: Featuring detailed detection...
  • ENHANCED VIDEO RECORDING: Thanks to the built-in mic of Reolink...
  • 2-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Reolink provides a two-year warranty and...

Reolink is big on surveillance security and you can tell that y the quality of their products. This 5MP outdoor PoE camera allows you to capture quality images and videos day and night. In addition, the 18 infrared LEDs support high-quality color night vision of up to 100 ft, so you know your property is safe.

Installing the 4 cameras is easy as you only need one network cable. You will also need to connect each camera to a Reoilink NVR for video transmission and power supply. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or not, the installation process should be a breeze.

Reolink PoE security camera systems allow you to customize the motion trigger feature. This helps you adjust the area, sensitivity lvel and recording time schedule of the motion detection. In turn, you will not get a false alarm if your pet or children walk by during a stipulated recording schedule if the settings are adjusted.


  • Good video and image quality
  • Starlight night vision
  • 24/7 continuous recording
  • Has an in-built mic to enhance audio
  • Customizable motion detection


  • Only works with Reolink NVRs

6. Sannce 1080P xPOE Security Camera System

SANNCE 1080P xPOE Security Camera System with 1TB Hard...
  • 【Super Easy XPoE Installation】 Only a single Ethernet cable...
  • 【Crisp 1080P Full HD Footage】 The robust NVR and the premium...
  • 【Quick & Easy Remote Access】 The cameras can be accessed and...
  • 【Smart Motion-Triggered Alert】 Whenever any motion is...
  • 【100% Risk-Free Purchase】All SANNCE products are CE, FCC and...

This Sannce 1080P XPoE security camera system is an excellent choice if you are looking to get indoor and outdoor surveillance. The installation process is pretty easy since you only need one ethernet cable instead of separate power adapters for each camera.

You are guaranteed a crisp 1080P video recording when it comes to the footage. The smart IR LEDs are also perfect for enhancing color night vision. In addition, the images from the 4 security cameras also feature a high resolution.

Remote viewing access is quick and easy, thanks to the Sannce vision app. This allows you to view live footage or review old videos on your smartphone anywhere and anytime. In addition, there is a smart-motion trigger alert sent to your email or app whenever the security cameras detect any motion.


  • Color night vision
  • 1080P image and video resolution
  • IP66 weatherproof rating
  • Works great for indoor and outdoor surveillance
  • Supports remote access
  • Smart-motion trigger feature
  • Metal housing vandal-proof


  • Does not support PoE switch

7. Amcrest UltraHD 4K Outdoor Security POE IP Camera

Amcrest UltraHD 4K (8MP) Outdoor Security POE IP...
  • EXPERIENCE ULTRA HD 4K – Stunning ultra-high quality 4K...
  • SMARTER SECURITY – Receive motion alert notifications and...
  • DAY OR NIGHT, RAIN OR SHINE – Built to whether any storm and...
  • SECURE CLOUD VIDEO BACKUP – The optional Amcrest Cloud remote...
  • SIMPLE, RELIABLE, SECURE - At Amcrest, we want to ensure the...

We love this Amcrest outdoor 4K PoE security camera. The 8MP resolution has low-light capabilities made possible by the Sony IMX274 Starvis image sensor and Ambarella S3LM chipset integration. In addition, this dome camera has a 112° viewing angle which helps to cover more surveillance ground.

In terms of weather protection, thisPoE security camera system IP67 weatherproof housing and IK10 vandal-resistant build. You will also love the built-in IR LEDs and a Sony Starvis 1/2. 5" image sensor that supports night vision up to 98ft. In addition, the Dual H. 265/H. 264 compression enhances maximum encryption by utilizing the latest PoE technology.

Amcrest enhances smart security by sending alerts directly to your phone and allowing remote footage access. You can choose to watch live recording on the Amcrest view app or a web interface like Safari and Chrome. Additionally, you can store recorded footage on a secure cloud, on the Amcrest NVR or a MicroSD card.


  • IP67 weatherproof housing
  • IK10 vandal resistant
  • Supports a large viewing angle
  • Has a Dual H. 265/H. 264 compression
  • Supports low-light recording
  • Offers secure cloud footage storage


  • It does not come with mounting accessories
  • The software is in English only

8. Reolink 4K Security Camera System

REOLINK 4K Security Camera System, 4pcs H.265 PoE Wired...
  • 4K Ultra HD – Reolink 4K Ultra HD (8MP) PoE camera delivers...
  • Person/Vehicle Detection – Smart PoE IP cameras can identify...
  • Plug and Play PoE System – A simple PoE connection makes it...
  • Continuous 24/7 Recording – With a pre-installed 2TB HDD, users...
  • 2 Year Warranty – Users are provided with a lifetime tech...

This 8 channel camera system by Reolink PoE security camera systems provides high-quality 8MP image quality and 2160P video quality. This vivid resolution is excellent, especially when you zoom in to view small details.

These security cameras are great if you are looking for persons and vehicle detection. This ability to detect vehicles and people in terms of their shape helps to minimize unwanted alerts, such as shadows or pets. In addition, you can configure the alerts to the specific types of alerts that you want.

The simple plug-and-play PoE system lets you easily install and use the cameras to monitor your home compound or business. Additionally, a 2TB HDD supports 24/7 recording and storage. If you wish to have backup storage, you can get a hard drive of up to 6TB.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Features a high-quality resolution for images and videos
  • 24/7 recording
  • People and vehicle detection
  • Allows remote viewing
  • IP66 weatherproof
  • Has a built-in microphone
  • 100 ft night vision


  • Internal HDD is not sufficient for high-quality recording
  • Customer support could be better

9. Zosi 1080P Home Security Camera System

ZOSI 8CH 1080P PoE Home Security Camera System Outdoor...
  • 【H.265+ 5MP 8Channel PoE NVR Security system】-With the...
  • 【Plug & Play Simplify PoE installation】 power over Ethernet...
  • 【Stable & Lossless Video Quality】Unlike CCTV DVR system,...
  • 【Built in 2TB Security Grade Hard Drive】-- Support ultra-long...
  • 【 Mobile Remote Access】Setup with ZOSI Smart or ZOSI View App...

Zosi PoE security camera system features advanced H. 265 technology, which allows a double data compression rate. This helps maximize the storage space by keeping high-quality footage at a low bit rate. In addition, the 1080P resolution helps you to see vivid details in the footage.

The metal housing is great for protecting the PoE security camera system from weather threats such as rain and fog. Furthermore, you are guaranteed color night vision at night, thanks to the built-in Infra-Red LEDs. In addition, this camera system is a breeze to install.

Zosi allows you to view live or recorded footage from the Zosi smart app or AVSS PC client on your PC when it comes to remote viewing. In addition, motion alerts are sent to your app, so you never miss a moment, even when away.


  • 1080P video resolution
  • Color night vision
  • H.265 compression technology
  • Local and remote viewing
  • Enables scheduled recording
  • Supports recycling record
  • Sensitive motion trigger


  • Modifying the subnets is not so direct

10. Hiseeu 5MP PoE Security Camera System with 3TB Hard Drive

Hiseeu 5MP PoE Security Camera System with 3TB Hard...
  • 8CH 5MP POE DOME CAMERA SYSTEM: 5MP Super HD(2.5*1080P), 8...
  • PoE PLUG-PLAY EASY SETUP: Power over Ethernet Allows You Setup...
  • 24/7 VIDEO & AUDIO RECORDING: The 5MP PoE Dome Cameras with...
  • REMOTE ACCESS No MONTHLY FEE: PoE NVR System Can Working Without...
  • WORRY-FREE: 1 Month Free Return & Exchange Service, 60-Days Money...

The Hiseeu 5MP PoE Security Camera System with 3TB Hard Drive is an eight-channel expandable PoE security system that you can easily set up in your home. It features 5MP PoE Dome Cameras with a Vandal-proof Housing, IP67 Waterproof ability, sound support, and a Built-in 1-Way Audio.

This PoE camera system features excellent HD video quality. You also get a 3TBHDD that is pre-installed to give you up to 60 Days of Video Storage. The system detects faces that appear in the video feed to notify you via the mobile app. You have the option of recording faces of up to 20 feet.

The PoE NVR System is meant to work with an internet connection. However, an internet connection may be necessary when you need to access the footage remotely from a mobile device. Therefore, it also comes with a free mobile App known as XMeye Pro for both iOS and Android versions as well as a PC Client software, with no additional costs.


  • Built-in 3 TB HDD
  • Expandable eight-channel system
  • Super HD 5 MP image and video quality
  • One-way Audio Monitoring
  • IP66 Waterproof and Vandal-proof
  • Durable Metal Housing
  • Simple installation process


  • Voice is not very clear while playing live
  • However, it is clear on playback
  • The camera is not clear when viewing all cameras on a single screen, although it is very clear when viewing one camera

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Poe Security Camera System

1. Types of POE cameras

There are three main types of PoE cameras which include;

i. Bullet Cameras

These are bullet-shaped cameras that offer an excellent visual deterrent and can also be used to monitor a large area.

ii. Dome Cameras

These ones have a dome shape which means that they have a wider camera angle, and they are not quite visible to people. This means that the direction of the security camera to which the dome is pointed is not obvious to intruders.

iii. PTZ cameras

PTZ generally means Pan, Tilt, Zoom. Ideally, these are security cameras that feature the pan and tilt options as well as zoom features via remote control. The PTZ cameras are usually high-resolution cameras with great scalability and flexibility.

2. Audio Recording

One of the main features that you should consider in PoE cameras is the audio recording, especially if one of your needs and requirements includes the ability to hear the sounds around the area you are securing. A number of PoE cameras come with a built-in microphone, while others can be compatible with other external audio recording devices.

3. Weatherproof & Vandal-proof

Most PoE cameras are installed outdoors, and this is why it is crucial to get one with weatherproofing features or, rather, the impact of weather improves their performance. The performance of these security cameras can be affected by both low and high temperatures as well as rainy or snowy weather conditions. This is why most PoE cameras have a weatherproof rating of IP66 or IP67 to survive in all weather conditions.

4. Resolution

The resolution is an essential factor to consider because it plays an essential role in showing what was happening in the surveillance videos. There are many resolutions and picture quality options you can find in PoE cameras, ranging from HD to 4K.

Moreover, some IP cameras offer additional functionality, for example, the optical zoom that allows you to focus on a specific area. Ideally, the higher the camera's resolution, the more expensive the security camera systems will be.

5. Viewing Angle

Most PoE cameras come with a wide viewing angle, while some of them provide the ability to adjust it remotely. There are different options and variations available, from 80 degrees to full 360 degrees. As a result, before purchasing any surveillance camera, it is essential to survey the area to decide the viewing angle that you need to get.

6. Night Vision Mode

You don't want to have camera systems that work only in the day and not at night. This is why night vision is one of the most important features to consider before buying a PoE camera. Luckily, many of these cameras work well in daylight and equally well at night because of their built-in Infrared LEDs and long-range technologies.

7. Remote Access

A higher percentage of intrusions occurs when you're away from the property. This is why remote access to your security cameras is important. After a simple configuration on most PoE camera systems, you can view and fully control your camera.

In some cameras, you can also pan, tilt and zoom the cameras remotely to record footage of break-ins or act as a deterrent. This remote access is available through mobile applications, web browsers, and desktop softwares.

8. Motion Detection Alerts

As most PoE cameras have great surveillance capabilities, you also want to get one that sends you motion alerts and instant notifications. They help alert you of any unusual activity in the surveillance area. You can receive these notifications or alerts on your smartphone or email to help you carry out the best preventive measures after viewing them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Poe Security Camera System

1. Are PoE security cameras better?

PoE cameras are best known for providing the best image quality in all the cameras. This is because an ethernet cable supports a higher bandwidth compared to a wireless connection.

2. Is PoE better than BNC?

PoE is better, especially if your network can give PoE and the cable run is under 90 meters. Although BNC can give you more range, you'll need a power supply available at the camera's location.

3. Is PoE better than WIFI?

PoE and Wi-Fi cameras can both provide essential monitoring functions. However, a PoE security camera system tends to be better when it comes to security and coverage. The Wi-FI cameras are easier to install compared to PoE.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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