10 Best Wind Up Alarm Clocks of 2023

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Despite all of the creations in alarm-clock technology, wind-up alarm clocks are still many people’s favorite alarm clocks. These people discover that wind-up alarm clocks work miracles, especially when the power goes out. Having wind up alarm clocks signifies understanding they are going to have even the deepest sleepers the ability to have the appropriate hour when they want to and awake for work punctually this morning.

With wind-up alarm clocks, most people feel much more assured. They also know they are going to have the ability to keep it functioning properly in all sorts of weather. Regardless of the time of the night light and the year it’s, they may be assured that this clock works well for them. What's more, most of these mechanical alarm clocks rhyme with your interior decor.

List of 10 Best Wind-Up Alarm Clock

1. Marathon CL034001BK Mechanical Wind-Up Alarm Clock

Marathon CL034001BK Mechanical Wind-Up Alarm Clock -...
  • LOUD ALARM- Easy to set loud and clear alarm with progressive...
  • WIND-UP - No electricity or batteriers are required
  • LIGHT- Luminescent marking on hands for easy reading in dim...
  • LARGE DISPLAY- Easy-to-read from across the room

Marathon’s Mechanical Wind-Up Alarm Clock is the perfect union of function and form. No electricity or batteries are needed for this particular clock. It includes an elegant, classic design with modern touches to produce the perfect bedside instrument. The ambient light sensor guarantees that the face is illuminated in the dark and easy to read. Additionally, features a loud alarm.

2. Besplore Old Fashioned Double Bell Mechanical Wind Alarm Clock

Besplore Old Fashioned Double Bell Mechanical Wind...

Image Credits: Amazon.com

Brass mechanical motion with spring. The mechanism has strong brass plates, brass gears, metal shafts and pivots. Strong brass mechanism with alarms. Compensation seconds and alarm spheres. Arabic numerals are simple to read. Hands and hour markers that glow in the dark.

3. Sternreiter Double Bell Mechanical Wind Alarm Clock

Sternreiter Double Bell Mechanical Wind Alarm Clock -...
  • All metal construction with a 2-jewelled movement
  • Spring wound mechanical brass movement, made in Europe. Mechanism...
  • Glow in the dark hour markers and hands and Easy-to-read Arabic...
  • Soft ticking noise. This clock is not for the light sleeper who...
  • Clock runs for 24-36 hours on one wind. It must be wound daily.

Image Credits: Amazon.com

All metal structure with a 2-jeweled motion Spring wound mechanical brass motion, made in Europe Mechanism features solid brass plates, brass gears, and steel shafts and pivots Soft ticking sound. This clock has soft ticking noise and isn’t for the light sleeper that needs complete silence. Loud alarm bells Offset seconds and alarm dials Easy-to-read Arabic numerals Glow in the dark hour markers and hands 4 x 6 x 2 In. If you need a clock that matches your interior decor, why not choose this one?

4. KABB DZ-3 Modern Digital Mechanical Retro Flip Dоwn Clock wіth Internal Gear Operated

KABB DZ-3 Modern Digital Mechanical Retro Flip Dоwn...
  • 12 hour AM/ PM clock, flip down minute and hour display;
  • Stylish appearance, retro design, quality of home decoration;
  • High quality : Accurate and Energy-saving quartz movement;
  • Material:304 Stainless steel & Environmental ABS material;
  • Power Source: 1 x D Carbon-Zinc Battery (not included), 8 x 4 x...

Image Credits: Amazon.com

KABB Direct Products! The expert clockmaker KABB provides traditional models straightly! The flip clock model production is fresh and tasteful, being enriched with a powerful sense of eras and modernization.

To”Flip clock” as a distributor, the stability of the East and Western culture, culture and arts of personality integration, speech unravels the heart of time brewing an exceptional flavor, freehand life. Unusual for different digital alarm clock operates and clocks, this type of alarm clock signaled the time through the pointer, not via the LCD display, but using a similar sports scoreboard screen to display.

What is more, it includes a”steampunk” layout with shifting gears and a fantastic mechanical feeling, which are really works of applied art. Prominently featured in the film”The Green Lantern,” this modern plastic and steel reverse clock steps 6.5″x 8″x 4″ and can be powered by just a 1xD-Battery.

5. Sharp SPC800 Quartz Analog Twin Bell Alarm Clock

Sharp SPC800 Quartz Analog Twin Bell Alarm Clock...
  • Quartz analog twin bell alarm Clock
  • Button for backlight
  • Luminous glow in the dark hands
  • Luminous dial

Image Credits: Amazon.com

Retro Style, however, is a LOUD alarm clock that’s perfect for people who need help waking up in the daytime. Battery operated – use everywhere you require a clock!

The Sharp Twin Bell Alarm Clock is the perfect clock for heavy sleepers, hard of hearing, hearing impaired, and hearing loss. Simple to Read Clock Face makes it easy to read while also getting illuminated hands for simple to watch at night time or in the dark.

Perfect size for anywhere you will need a very simple clock. Designed with metal construction for lasting use. Retro Vintage design fits into just about any decor. Simple, clean design

6. Konigswerk Analog Alarm Clock with Backlight

Königswerk Twin Bell Loud Alarm Clock, 4 inch Silent...
  • 【Excellent Material】 Vintage Design 4 inch twin bell alarm...
  • 【Extra Loud Ringing】 The twin bell alarm clock will continue...
  • 【Night Light Design】 Large numerals analog desk clock dial,...
  • 【Super Silent Hand】 Operates on a accurate quartz movement;...
  • 【Königswerk Service】 Any problem about the item you received...

Image Credits: Amazon.com

The Konigswerk Classic includes a modern design that originated in Germany. It’s exceedingly trendy with exceptional features and a fashionable structure that’s made it a fantastic companion for heavy sleepers all around the world.

This Quartz alarm clock includes a twin-bell design with a floral dial which adds color to a bedroom and makes it appear luxurious and timeless. It runs on a single AA battery and generates a deafening alarm noise to make sure users don’t miss scheduled appointments. The big numerals on the clock are readily viewed from throughout the room.

7. Keypower Direct Alarm Clock Mechanical Wind Twin Bell Double Bell

KEYPOWER Alarm Clock Mechanical Wind Twin Bell Double...
  • Classic antique-styled timepiece does not require batteries or...
  • Offset seconds and alarm dials and easy-to-read Arabic numerals.
  • Glow in the dark hour markers and hands and Loud alarm bells.
  • Wind-up mechanical timekeeping movement.
  • The size is 4*2.75*1.57 inch.

Image Credits: Amazon.com

Vintage antique-styled timepiece doesn’t need batteries or power. Offset seconds and alarm dials, and easy-to-read Arabic numerals.

Glow in the dark hour markers and hands and Loud alarm bells. Wind-up mechanical clock for timekeeping movement. The size is 4*2.75*1.57 inches.

8. DreamSky Battery Alarm Clock with Backlight on Demand

Image Credits: Amazon.com

Retro twin bell yet style alarm clock, it’s quite a gorgeous piece for a desk or mantle. Non-ticking second-hand motion, make sure a completely silent alarm option for living or working environment.

The twin bell layout comprises a mini-hammer to get an additional loud ring, certainly for deep sleepers or mild loss of hearing, even plump. Click the ON/OFF button on the back of the dual alarm clock toggle the switch to away while the alarm goes away.

Soft yellow backlight is suitable for the reading time during the night or in darkness, which isn’t overly smart to disturb the light sleepers of your spouse. Hustle free battery operated clock, 1 AA battery required (not included), goodbye trouble cord

9. Pilife 3″ Cute Twin Bell Alarm Clock for Bedroom, Retro Vintage Analog Alarm Clock with non Ticking

PILIFE 3" Small Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers,...
  • 【Old fashioned】Our classic anolog alarm clock brings both...
  • 【High quanlity】Crafted with high-quality materials, this...
  • 【Loud Bell】 The twin bell design of the alarm clock creates a...
  • 【Non ticking】 Look no further than our small twin bell alarm...
  • 【Easy to set】This twin bell clock is incredibly easy to...

Image Credits: Amazon.com

The Pilife alarm clock comes with an eye-catching design which has made it widely popular amongst collectors and people who frequently sleep during their alarms. It’s compact, durable, and easy to carry around, which makes it the perfect match for bedrooms, kitchens, workshops, or children’s rooms.

The bedroom clock is simple to use and includes a backlight button which may be used to look at the present time at night time or in the dark. It’s a clean dial with 3D specimens for enhanced visibility, without a ticking noise when the secondhand moves to keep up a quiet sleeping and peaceful sleep environment throughout. With no snooze feature, you don’t need to be concerned about not falling asleep back into a deep sleep after being awakened by the alarm.

10. Peakeep 4 inches Twin Bell Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Peakeep 4 inches Twin Bell Loud Battery Alarm Clock for...
  • Metallic iron look, well made, color bronze, large black Arabic...
  • The twin bell design and a mini-hammer offer an extra loud...
  • Retro look analog alarm clock with silent & non-ticking second...
  • Two dials for your easy clock setting, individual alarm switch,...
  • Size 4 ½ * 2 * 6 ¼ in (L*W*H), one AA battery operated ( not...

Image Credits: Amazon.com

Metallic iron appearance, nicely made black case, color bronze, big black Arabic numbers, a great clear and bright display, easy style, seems conspicuous on your nightstand.

The twin bell style and a mini-hammer supply an additional loud ringing, perfect for heavy sleepers, hearing diminished even deaf. Without a snooze button or feature, great wake-up alarm for difficulty waking up.

Retro seems analog alarm clock with silent & non-ticking second palms, gained from premium quartz movement, requires 1 AA alkaline battery, which makes it possible to have multiple alarms and have sunrise alarm clocks keep an eye on your day more correctly.

2 dials to your simple clock setting, individual your alarm settings to change, the backside white lighting button protrudes a bit for your easy accessibility pushing to acquire the nightlight to understand night time.

How To Choose A Wind-Up Alarm Clock

1. Design

The mechanical wind-up alarm clocks have a retro design with the trademark two-bell system, which was common from the 15th century. They’re analog devices with moving hands, engineered to ensure that they create no ticking noises. Using a fresh dial and 3D numerals, users may quickly tell time at a glance. The tripod stand in the bottom ensures that it stays comfortably on your nightstand or some other horizontal surface. To guarantee durability, you should search for ones made with high-quality metal or plastic.

2. Performance and Sound

Alarm clocks are all designed to wake up light and you up from sleep at a scheduled time while it utilize noise, sunrise simulator, or vibration. The wind-up models are proven to generate deafening sounds, which makes them the perfect alternative for people with hearing disability. Even though they don’t provide customization choices, they’re convenient and will always go away at the established time.

3. Extra Features

Unlike many other other digital alarm clock models, the mechanical wind-up alarm clocks don’t have built-in radios, vibrators, or projectors. They’re only created to preserve time and assist you in waking up at odd times. There are not any customization choices nor the snooze feature that’s frequently responsible for keeping people from bed after the alarm goes off. It’s possible to find models which include backlight buttons to let you browse time in the dark or during the nighttime.

4. Power

These vintage-style apparatus aren’t powered by electricity but need AA batteries to help keep them operating constantly. Many models are powered with one AA battery, which is a backup battery that may persist for a few days, which makes them the perfect travel companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do winding up alarm clocks work?

Mechanical alarm clocks rely on the mechanical mechanism to keep time and trigger the alarm. It has spring-loaded gears that drive the hand of the clock to keep time. On the other hand, it has a different mechanism for alarm. This is wound up using a separate winding knob or key. When the alarm is triggered, the hammer strikes a buzzer or bell, producing a loud sound. The mechanism of a mechanical alarm clock is purely mechanical and does not need any electrical power or batteries.

The clock depends on the stored energy in the spring to trigger the alarm and keep time. This mechanism makes a winding-up alarm clock durable and reliable because it lacks any electrical components that can wear out or fail over time. This also makes these alarm clocks ideal for use in places without electricity or batteries, such as during power outages or in some situations while camping.

2. My clock runs for only about half a day because it winds but not tightly, is there anything that can be done?

When the alarm clock has a broken mainspring, it winds up; however, the spring does not become significantly tight. Often, the mainspring breaks near the inside of the coil; hence no power is delivered to the movement. This is not the case when the spring breaks on the outside of its coil because it winds partially before slipping. If the clock is wound before the slip happens, enough power will still be available from the spring to run the alarm clock for a short while. In both cases, however, in rare cases, you need to replace the spring or repair it. 

3. How often should a winding up alarm clock oiled?

An alarm clock should be occasionally inspected and lubricated once every 2 to 3 years. This is so, especially if the clock is wound regularly.

4. Can I adjust the speed of my clock? Sometimes it runs slowly or quickly

There is a crescent-shaped opening on the back of the alarm clock. Inside the opening, you will see a movable lever for different positions. Moving the lever in one direction will shorten the effective length of the hairspring, speeding up the clock. When this lever is moved in the opposite direction, it slows the clock by increasing the effective length of the hairspring.

Therefore, if you want your alarm clock to run faster, move the lever towards F (Faster)or the positive side (+), or if you want it to run slower, move the lever towards S (Slower) or (-). Ensure you move the lever in slow amounts at a time. If you move it 1/8 inch, it makes it run five minutes faster or slower. Clocks that lack crescent-shaped openings have a screw head adjustment. However, even these clocks use the same adjustment principle because you can turn the screw towards the’F’ or ‘S’ direction to make it run faster or slower.

5. What is an over-wound clock?

There is no such thing as over wound clock because when an alarm clock is fully wound, the winding key won’t turn any longer. When it turns to its maximum, it makes the spring tight and able to deliver the most power to the alarm clock without stopping. When you see the condition of a wind up alarm clock described as overwound, typically, there is an underlying problem why the clock won’t run. The clock ends up fully wound since it is what should be done when it suddenly stops. Therefore it should be checked for possible faults that make it stop working. 


Although many other digital alarm clock models can be found on the marketplace these days, many people still select vintage-style alarm clocks to the color and charm that they enhance your bedroom. The wind-up models provide very little concerning features and customization options however create loud noises, which makes them very helpful. These wind-up alarm clocks operate efficiently with only a single AA battery. You may be certain that you wouldn’t miss urgent appointments because of a power outage.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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