8 Exterior Enhancements To Boost Curb Appeal

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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When you want your home to look good, you think about changing its exterior first. This part of your house is like a book cover – it's a reflection of what's inside the house. It's often the first thing anyone who visits your home notices. This means their initial impression is shaped by what they see outside.

Whether your plan is to list your house for sale or to improve it for your enjoyment, boosting its curb appeal is the best, inexpensive way to increase its value, and give it a fresh look. 

Here are eight ways to boost your exterior's curb appeal:

1. Give The Mailbox A Makeover 

Although it sounds insignificant, your mailbox can affect the overall look of your home's exterior. You can boost your home's curb appeal by replacing your old mailbox with a new, more stylish one. 

Whether you have a stand-alone locking mailbox or one attached to the wall, fixing a new one or improving the appearance of the one you currently have can make a noticeable difference in your home exterior. 

2. Change Your House Number 

Better still, modernize your home by upgrading your house number into something more classic. Pick a font that's well-aligned with your home's architecture, yet distinctive enough to capture people's attention. If you're not a handyperson, consider hiring someone to do this for you.

3. Add Exterior Lights 

Nothing makes your home appear more unwelcoming than a dark entry. You can enhance the appearance of your home's exterior by adding exterior lights. If you have a hanging pendant on your front door, consider replacing it with fresh, fun lights. 

If you already have outdoor lighting fixtures in place, consider removing any debris and cobwebs that may have accumulated on them. This simple action will immediately give the lighting a much cleaner and brighter appearance. 

You can also consider using solar-powered lanterns to light walkways, or hang porch string lights if you need additional light sources. 

4. Mow Your Lawn Regularly 

Taking care of your lawn is an integral part of maintaining a home's curb appeal. To keep your exteriors looking good:

  • Ensure that the grass on your property is mowed regularly.
  • Pull out any weeds around the property.
  • Rake leaves off regularly.
  • Water the plants on lawns or hedges to keep brown spots at bay.

5. Make Smart Use Of Outdoor Furniture 

Although outdoor furniture pieces are great add-ons to exterior spaces, having too much or too little can make your exteriors appear cluttered or neglected. Striking a balance in size and number is a great way to give your exterior space a beautiful look. 

Besides proper arrangement, ensure any outdoor furniture you have is clean and in good condition. If you have small yards, consider placing simple ceramic stools to serve as seats. Boost their look by placing small tables with beautiful planters on top. 

6. Give The Garage Door A Fresh Paint 

Replacing your home's garage door can be an expensive undertaking. But this doesn't mean you should stay with an old-looking garage door simply because you can't afford a new one. For a fresh, new look, consider staining the existing door with a different color of paint. But first, ensure that you power-wash the door to remove dust or dirt from its surface before applying a fresh coat of paint. 

7. Define The Walkways 

As you give the garage a facelift, don't forget the walkways. Defining your walkways is a great way to give your home a welcoming look. You can use visual cues like plants and lights to create clear paths to the front door around a concrete path or through the grass. 

8. Undertake Exterior Repairs  

Ripped screens, broken windows, chipped paints, and burned-out bulbs can make your home lose its curb appeal. To enhance its looks, undertake repairs to fix these flaws. Go around the house and check what needs repair, then hire someone to fix them. 

As you do this, pay attention to the electrical box on the front part of your house, if that’s where it’s installed. Paint it to blend with the color on your home's siding to keep it from standing out as an eyesore. 

Final Thoughts  

Your home's exterior determines the impression that people have of your home, and impacts your home's value. There are various ways to give your home's exterior a good look. These could be as simple as washing off grime and dirt from the driveway, sidings, and walkways to complex ones like undertaking repairs. If you're looking to improve the exterior of your home and increase its curb appeal, identify the things you need to do from the list above. 

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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