Things to Consider When Buying Oak Doors for Your Home

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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A home's doors are one of the most crucial aspects. They make entry and exit points, offer security and privacy, and improve the home's appearance. But selecting doors is not always straightforward as many may think. It might even be more confusing if you look at different wood types. 

Oak is a popular material for home doors, but like with other door varieties selecting an oak door requires some thought process. Here are essential considerations to make to avoid possible future disappointments.

Aestheticism and Overall Home Design

Doors that do not match your home’s theme will be unattractive focal points, making the style appear inconsistent. To save yourself the trouble, you will need to analyze your home’s exteriors and interiors to get a feel of the style or character you want to bring out. 

From there, look for door inspirations that can match the style. Whether you are inclined toward a traditional-looking or modern home, there are oak doors to suit your style. 

For instance, glazed or flush oak doors will work well if you are into a more modern and sleek design. If you want a traditional look, paneled doors will match the space, and cottage doors fit well if you are into country style. 

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Another thing to consider here is the hardware to be used on the doors. Choose hardware style and finish matching the doors and the overall home design.

Size and Installation Purpose

It is always best to get door dimensions beforehand to make selection easier and choose a door that fits its space and frame. You may be lucky if you get a bigger size since you may trim it to a smaller size. However, if it is too small, you will likely need to look for a replacement. 

All these processes will take time and may get annoying to deal with. So, why not get the sizes right from the start? Getting the dimensions is especially important if you want customized sizes. 

The size will influence installation, so you must consider how you want a particular door to open or be positioned. This will further be affected by the space available or the door’s function. 

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Generally, an area with minimal space may make a sliding or pocket door ideal. A sliding oak door will also create a connection link and separate shared spaces like bathrooms. A solid oak door is suitable if you want to separate different rooms or lessen noise. Solid oak doors will also be a better selection for exteriors.

The installation will also depend on the doors’ energy efficiency. For instance, glazed or glass paneled oak doors will give more natural light into any space than solid oak doors saving on lighting costs. Solid oak doors are denser and will be more suitable for thermal insulation than hollow oak doors, saving you money for heating or cooling bills.

The Make of the Doors

Oak doors come in different designs and styles. They may be solid (entirely made from oak) or have solid or hollow cores. Solid core oak doors have the wood processed into heavy fiberboard, while hollow oak doors have their wood transformed into corrugated cardboard stiffeners. 

Each style has its pros and cons. For instance, solid oak doors make excellent choices for interiors and exteriors but are costlier. Cored oak doors are best for interiors. Hollow oak core doors are relatively cheap, but they are less durable.

The Finish/External Treatment

Many people often overlook the finish of their doors, but the finish impacts many other styling decisions and resource allocations. 

A finished oak door does not require you to add any finish. However, it may limit you when it comes to styling compared to a pre-finished door which you can paint or varnish based on what you like. On the other hand, an unfinished door may require you to do the finishing work yourself or get it to a professional. That will require money.

Different door finishes influence the maintenance needed to ensure they look their best and maintain their appearance. Some oak doors may require regular polishing, while others may not. Doors take a lot of battering daily, and the finish may call for regular spruce. But this costs resources too, time and money. 

Consider getting oak doors with finishes that will not deteriorate rapidly or those that need minimal maintenance efforts. 

Your Budget

Just like you have budgets for other home requirements, you should have one for your oak doors. The most crucial thing here is ensuring the doors are affordable. This is particularly important when getting several doors. That does not mean a single oak door will not need cost consideration. 

Oak doors come in different varieties and styles, influencing their costs. Depending on the opening mechanism and extra features or material, some will be more expensive or cheaper. Nonetheless, you should set a reasonable budget, do some research for options, and work with the budget to get desirable and long-lasting oak doors that suit your needs.

Final Thoughts

The doors in your home serve more purpose than just being entry and exit points, and their selection or purchase must be well thought out. 

Once you set your mind on getting oak doors for your home, you must think critically about the considerations mentioned above. At the end of it all, they should help you get stylish, durable, practical, and cost-effective doors.

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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