Top 7 reasons Why Canvas Prints are a Fantastic Wall Decor Solution

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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How you decorate your home is a reflection of your style and taste. When decorating a room or the entire home, the primary aim is generally to create a comfortable, happy place to live in.

Are you also seeking to spice up a tired or dull living space? Revitalize the walls by replacing old paintings and frames with colorful and vibrant canvas prints.

Custom canvas prints offer a great way to enliven your walls. Are you not convinced? Listed below are the top seven reasons why canvas prints are a fantastic wall decor solution. 

But before that, let's have a look at what Canvas print is.

What is a Canvas Print?

People often confuse a canvas print with a canvas painting. But they are not the same. As the name suggests, a canvas print is an image printed onto canvas and stretched onto a frame for display. An inkjet printer is used to print the image.

The image is then displayed either on a frameless border using the gallery-wrapping technique or framed in a wooden, metal, or floater frame.

It's no wonder a lot of people are opting for canvas prints because of the many benefits. Continue reading to know the top seven reasons that may convince you as well to incorporate canvas prints in your home décor.

1. Canvas Prints are Reasonably Priced

The most notable feature of Canvas Prints, besides quality, is their affordability. Canvas Prints are generally reasonably priced. If you opt to paint the walls, you will have to pay a handsome amount for the material and the services.

In addition, painting the walls is a tiresome task that takes an odd number of days to complete. Shifting furniture and other household items is another issue attached to wall painting.

On the contrary, incorporating canvas prints in the house is not only less costly but also less laborious as well. Furthermore, you can get any customized print you want.

2. Canvas Prints are Easy to Wash

There is this common myth that canvas is challenging to wash and maintain. But that is mostly not true. Canvas prints are not only easy to maintain but can also be replaced and cleaned easily.

If you feel the canvas print hanging on your wall has a lot of dust on it, wash it with a mild soap in lukewarm water to get rid of all the dust.

Modern canvas comprises cotton and linen, both of which are easy to wash.

3. Canvas Prints are Trendy

If you want to add a unique and stunning makeover to your house, you can incorporate canvas prints in the corridors, bedroom, and living room.

The tip, however, is to go for a different theme for each section of the house. For example, you can choose a multi-colored canvas for the drawing-room area, lively, soft touch to the living space, and dark colors to match your bedroom décor.

Wherever they are incorporated, Canvas prints have the power to change the vibe of the space.

4. Canvas Prints can Convey Powerful Messages

To your surprise, canvas prints have the power to change the moods of people and convey strong messages as well. Legendary artists have always used canvas paintings to deliver powerful messages artistically. However, those paintings used to be quite expensive.

Canvas prints, nowadays, are helping to serve the same purpose but at an affordable cost. Most of the modern offices are incorporating canvas prints in their wall décor plans, mainly because they can affect people's decision-making power.

As stated above, the colors of canvas prints have the power to change people's moods as well. That's why you will often find canvas prints in the corridors and sitting rooms of workspaces.

5. Canvas Prints are Eco-Friendly

A canvas is made of cotton and linen and does not involve any synthetic material. This makes them an eco-friendly wall décor solution.

Eco-friendly canvas prints do not cause pollution when incorporated into the house. However, this benefit of canvas prints is often overlooked by users.

Further, whatever is printed on the cotton or linen fabric doesn't fade away quickly. Thus they will probably last a lot longer than the conventional prints you find in home décor stores around.

6. Canvas Prints are Durable

Durable is probably the other word for anything painted or printed on a Canvas.

These prints are made up of solid materials embossed on cotton or linen fabric. Therefore the colors do not fade away. That's one of the reasons why you'll find centuries-old canvas paintings in art galleries and museums.

By getting a family photo printed on canvas, you immortalize it for generations to come, that too without losing its primary qualities.

7. Canvas Prints Give a 3D Look

With the latest technology, canvas prints give a three-dimensional look. With 3D printing possible, you can get stunning prints from ordinary-looking photos.

Conventional printing techniques lack this quality. Instead, they look flat and don't give an appealing look in the frame either.

Moreover, framing a canvas print is a lot easier as compared to a conventional photo. Add a border along the margins of the canvas-printed picture, and it would act more like a frame.

On the other hand, conventionally printed photos don't give an appealing look in a frame either. They generally require extra elements for that attractive look.

Final Words:

With several conventional printing techniques available, canvas prints evoke an artistic feel. In their appearance, they look like oil and acrylic paintings. So, the next time you plan to enhance the appearance of your home or workplace, consider canvas printed images as a top priority, and you would not be disappointed.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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