Tips For Choosing Entrance Mats

5 Tips For Choosing Entrance Mats For Your Rental Property

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Although its design is the first thing people see from your property, what welcomes them inside is an entrance mat. After all, as a homeowner, you’d hate to have someone track dirt in from outside. Because aside from ruining your property’s ambiance, dirt can even damage any surface. As long as pressure and weight are present, the most likely outcome is jostling and spreading dirt across the property.

However, the right entrance barrier matting keeps dirt from ruining your home, which is perfect for those with a rental property. Given the number of tenants using it, it’s crucial to maintain its condition. With the help of entrance mats, they catch every unwanted material dragged in by the soles of anyone's footwear.

Here are some ways to help you choose a quality entrance mat for your rental property:

1. Look Up Different Types

Many homeowners haven’t given door mats a second thought. Because compared to fences or gardens, entrance mats may seem like nothing more than an accessory. Little did they know that various floor mats were available on the market. Each one is designed after a specific task since all kinds of dirt are everywhere. But they’re divided into three categories for easier identification based on their designs, specialty, and features. 

Mats that reference their designs might be chosen solely for their aesthetic. Given their unique patterns and decorations, this doormat is suitable for enhancing their home’s aesthetic value. But even so, excellent quality doormats in this category are built strong enough to withstand foot traffic and the elements.

As for specialty floor mats, these are designed to manage those experiencing special conditions outside of dirt. Because they’re used on the flooring, comfort is another quality they must possess. After all, walking across the floor where there’s low-quality matting used eventually ruins the experience. More ‘special conditions’ that could affect a person are when their leg muscles have been straining too much and are looking for a cushion or a flood.   

Lastly, floor mats that solely possess everyday cleaning features only have one task: to prevent dirt from reaching indoors. Because of this, they often lack the style to maximize their functionality. Although, their efficiency is undeniable when they can easily withstand the weather or be highly absorbent of grime and water.  

2. Determine Location

As long as the house has foot traffic, dirt isn’t too far behind. Areas where they generally receive people are heavily affected by dirt and stress; entrances and exits typically fall under this. Regardless, ensure that the floor mat is positioned strategically to preserve hardwood flooring while staying faithful to the house’s interior design.

3. Pick A Material

While they feature various types of entrance mats, different materials can be used on every single one. Materials that were originally impossible to handle using one’s bare hands now have the right technology to accomplish them. Moreover, some materials are even purely synthetic to go toe-to-toe with natural materials.

Given how entrance mats are the home’s first line of defense, the materials you’ve chosen must be able to scrape off all kinds of dirt in just a few sweeps, even if it’s mud. Natural rubber ticks off the requirements perfectly. Considering its toughness, natural rubber is often manufactured with ridges that can easily scrub off dirt while providing top-notch water resistance. These qualities, combined, enable it to handle heavy traffic without a problem.

However, some might consider natural rubber mats too industrial or stiff for a cozy home. In that case, consider looking into fiber mats, especially coir. Even though it’s a natural material, it features thousands of bristles that work as effectively as natural rubber. Although, not cleaning it could cause its bristles to fall off once dirt accumulates in between eventually.  

4. Match The Aesthetic

Entrance mats are meant to be a part of your property—not as a mere afterthought. Buying the first mat you see on the market without assessing its quality only makes it stand out in your home like a sore thumb. Considering it’ll get dirty over time, choosing dark colors is an excellent way to play it safe. If you want more color in your home, look at your décor before purchasing a doormat.

5. Consider Your Schedule

Aside from aesthetics, more factors are involved in choosing your entrance mat. Depending on the material, maintenance is one hurdle you’d encounter eventually. Naturally, synthetic materials are much more efficient to clean than natural fiber. And considering it needs regular maintenance, its lifespan relies on how much time you can squeeze into your schedule.


Choosing an entrance mat is just as crucial as picking your fence style. Because despite how easy it is to overlook, mats are your first line of defense for indoor cleanliness. With the right type, material, and other factors considered, you’ll find the right entrance mat that can remove all the dirt from the bottom of everyone’s shoes and give your flooring the protection it needs.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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