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2022 Concrete Flooring Trends You Have to Know

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Many homeowners and designers can’t get enough of concrete flooring. It’s a staple in lots of homes all around the world. Concrete flooring is practical and affordable, plus you can apply many design options on it. Have plans to update the appearance of your floor? This article features top concrete flooring trends that you may be interested in.

1. Charming wood flooring patterns

Add more pep to your concrete floors by opting for wooden pieces styled in a more ornamental manner. Ditch the side by side pattern this year and try this one out. Patterned wood floors add a rustic, homey touch to any part of the house.

2. Chevron x herringbone

The chevron and herringbone flooring designs are quite alike, but these well-known patterns do have their differences. For one, the chevron pattern requires the floor covering to be positioned in an angle. The flooring should be joined together to achieve a “V” design.

With the herringbone design, one can create the same pattern by linking two boards at a 90-degree angle. Flooring patterns with longer herringbone planks are said to be a favorite among a younger generation of homeowners, thus we may see this trend a bit longer compared to tried-and-tested classics.

3. Water-resistant vinyl plank flooring

Designers are raving about water-resistant vinyl floor coverings. In fact, it has surpassed laminate types. Vinyl has nearly the same price as laminate and it can be modified to achieve a wooden appearance as well but it’s stronger compared to the latter. Because of its durable properties, vinyl flooring is recommended in the bathroom and kitchen areas of the house.

4. Terrazzo style

Terrazzo is one of the good old boys of flooring designs, and now it’s back with a bang. It’s made up of stone chips and scraps, shells, squashed pieces of glass and other organic items set in concrete then buffed all over for a smoother finish. This is also a sustainable way to upgrade your concrete floors.

5. Natural wood designs

Like the terrazzo pattern, natural wood is also another classic that has resurfaced in many contemporary homes today. This floor covering from the 80s and the 90s is a snap to work with since it goes well with modern interiors and fixtures. Designers recommend lighter natural wood if you want something chicer and brighter for this year.

6. Graphic tile patterns

This is for adventurous homeowners who want something really eye-catching and up-to-date. This type of concrete flooring involves placing visual patterns on your floor—whether you want something that resembles an abstract painting, a jigsaw puzzle, a Mondrian painting, or simply a stylish monochrome theme, the choice is yours. This floor cover is a mishmash of fun shapes and colors that can instantly perk up modern homes.

7. Weather-beaten wirebrushed floors

The weathered, textured look is popular with many homeowners since it gives houses a lovely lived-in touch. Hand-scraped and aged concrete floors in kitchens are actually practical to have around since this type of design is pretty capable of concealing dirt well.

8. Old-fashioned black and white

Bring a vintage ambiance to your home by way of old-fashioned black and white floor cover patterns. Black and white tiles were once the go-to concrete flooring pattern of the yesteryears, but this year, these neutral tiles are having a renaissance this 2020. The black and white flooring of today is a bit different from its predecessors though. This kind of flooring design was upgraded to look more plush, decorative and brash.

Concrete floors are excellent materials for the home. It might look drab to some but it can be upgraded. If you want something more polished and tasteful, do not leave it bare. Opt for concrete flooring designs to jazz them up. After mulling over these patterns, deciding on a flooring design should be easier for you.

The new options discussed in this article run the gamut from classics, modern patterns and updated timeless floor covers. This is the year for you to seek some thrills in your home décor—check out these concrete flooring trends and you will have a home that is stylish and more comfortable to live in.

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