Dander Dilemma: Home Purifiers For Pet Owners

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For some of us, life without pets is a life not worth living. What could be better than a cuddly furry friend to play with all day long or just hang out on the sofa? Having pets in the house is like having a loyal friend for life. These furry animals will shower you with enough love and affection that you will feel set for life. There are compromises when you’re dealing with pets and animals, though.

First and foremost is allergies. If you’re a person who is allergic to animal dander, you will surely have a very hard time keeping a pet. This is especially heartbreaking for animal lovers who long to have pets. They could break into hives or their throats might close up if they’re exposed to dander. Yikes.

Another thing to consider is the animal odor. Our pets are live beings too. They will run, play about, and go all around with glee. They will explore areas and play with other pets that will get them dirty and smelly at the end of the day.

The problem with this is, if they get dirty or start to smell, you can’t bathe them daily or every other day. This might cause harm to your pet’s skin and fur, so that’s not a good option to do regularly.

Lastly, most pets have hair all over their body. For some, this fur is what drew us to get them in the first place. But despite how fluffy and cuddly your pet might be, they will shed those fur all over the place. Next thing you know, your clothes and fancy furniture will be covered in a sheet of loose fur.

Sure, caring for pets is definitely one of the most fulfilling aspects of life. If this endangers our health and comfort, however, we should consider doing something about it. Living in harmony and happiness with our pets is the goal for us here. A very good suggestion would be to get an air purifier for pets. This will greatly help to keep the health and comfort of both you and your precious pets.

Things To Consider

Room Size

When you want to buy an air purifier for your house, you should consider the size of the room or area. Some purifiers will only be effective in certain room sizes. This is important because if your air purifiers won’t work as it should, it would set you back. You could pay more for a different unit and compromise your health.

Cost and Rating

You should buy an air purifier that best suits your budget. Try to go over your best options and weigh them for your room size, type of usage, and your budget. To help you choose, try to look for ratings of air purifiers for the type of job you want to get done.


Animal fur and dander are larger particles and some air purifiers don’t filter this out. Therefore, choose a filter that works on all types of particles. Particles will range from small to large. You should highly consider a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.

Below are a few good choices to pick from when you want an air purifier that is pet friendly. Any of these will serve you well and help you have a safe and pure home.

HoneyWell Air Purifier For Pets

If you own a larger room, then this purifier is a perfect match for you. This cleans your air through three cleaning levels plus a turbo cleaning setting to boot. The air gets cleaned from the largest pet fur to certain microscopic germs.

This will rotate the air about five times in the recommended room size. This will create fresher air all around.

Hamilton Beach TrueAir Ultra Quiet Air Cleaner

This purifier is best for cozy rooms that don’t exceed 160 square feet. Equipped with a permanent filter, it cleans air longer without you worrying about replacing the filter ever. It is the more affordable option here.

TrueAir deodorizes the room while looking like an art decor. It also works super quiet to maintain the peace and tranquility of the room.

GermGuardian Air Purifier For Pets

This purifier is a beast when it comes to filtration. It boasts a unique HEPA filtration system that cleans the air down to 0.3 microns in diameter. Talk about efficiency.

This is perfect in eliminating the bad odor from your pets like the smell of urine and stool. This is also perfect for cigarette smoke, kitchen smells, and all other bad smalls around.


Owning a pet will give more meaning to your life. If you suffer from allergies from animal dander, you should consider getting a purifier for your home. This will help eliminate odors from your pets and other sources of bad small. This will keep your home life with your pets an everlasting paradise.

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