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Make sure you double-check on these factors before getting your house built

Ian Mutuli
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“A house is built with boards and beams; a home is built with love and dreams!”

As dreamy as it sounds, building a house of your own from scratch is a job that requires dedication and perseverance. It might even take years for you to finally complete building the dream house and move into it. The two most important aspects required in the process of building a house of your own is a spirit of positivity and a good plan of action.

While we understand that building a new home of our own involves a lot of emotional aspects, it is important to not leave any room for incorrect information about the whole process. It is alright to not know much about crucial criteria such as home loans or online insurance, but everything can be learnt with a little pre-work research and careful planning. Especially in the matters where a big amount of money is involved (like insurances), a good amount of research and getting in touch with some of the reliable service providers in the market would always be sensible. And just like that one, make sure you double-check on these factors before getting your safe haven built:

1. Make a proper schedule –

Building a house can take over a year or even more, if you lag behind your schedule during that time, the date of moving in will also get delayed substantially. Of course, your contractor will always provide you with an optimistic schedule, but it is you who has to make sure that it is realistic as well. Multiple reasons can disrupt your schedule and slow down the process of building your house. You should always calculate an extra time which might be required for miscellaneous reasons such as bad weather, technical issues, etc. 

2. Do you have enough money?

Your dream of building a house will not take minutes to become far-fetched if you do not have a proper budget set. Not everyone can afford to build a house from scratch with their bank balance. However, getting a home loan is also a job of hassle, unless you know enough about EMIs, insurances, etc. Moreover, home loans do not cover every last penny you require to spend during the tenure. Small yet frequent expenditures like hardware equipment, paints, etc. will require constant monetary attention and you should be prepared about the same.

3. Research well about your contractor/builder –

Buying a property where you plan on building your dream house is only 10% of the job, a smooth transition through the rest 90% until you move into your house heavily depends on the contractor you hire for doing the job. Always do thorough research, read enough reviews and check previous works of the contractor before signing the final deal because it is, he who will finally give structure to your dream.

4.Invest in what is important –

Would you rather save up your money for a proper water storage system or spend it on matching sets of curtains and bedsheets? A rational person would never choose the latter. Similarly, you should invest in fixtures rather than short-lived fancy stuff. Spending money while building your dream house is gravely different from spending money recklessly. Room decor is definitely important, but it should not be your first priority.

5.Have you done your research on the locality?

You definitely do not want to build a house in a locality that is unsafe, let alone raise your children. Knowing the neighbourhood in-and-out before buying a plot for building the house is especially important. Few heads up on the same include making sure if there is a hospital nearby and checking the commuting ways around the place.

6. A second opinion never harms anybody –

It is a given fact that no changes can be made in the blueprint of the house once the builder gets to physically construct the house. Hence, before that day arrives, make sure that you are content with the outlay and the blueprint of the house, everything is placed in a way that matches with your desires and also the engineer’s planning. You can always take a second opinion before fixating on something.

The bottom line is, building a house of your own is a daunting job, one that requires patience and peace of mind. It is like a tug-of-war between what you want and what you can afford. Hence, do not let stress get the better of you. With good planning and enough dedication, you can easily build a house where you can grow old in bliss. Remember, planning is the ultimate key and perseverance is your best friend.

Ian Mutuli

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Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.