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Far & Away (farandaway.co) Reviews – In-depth look at the brand

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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Far & Away is composed of a group of explorers who got sick of the current mass production trend where everything comes cheaper, faster, and with no shred of concern for nature. The fast-production trend runs at absurdly massive scales, so you'll likely never know how or whoever makes it. Far & Away aims to change that by bringing you great quality artisanal household products worldwide. Here are comprehensive Far & Away reviews on different ethically-sourced products that you'll love.

Why You'll Absolutely Love Far & Away Products?

In August 2019, Far & Away launched a Kickstarter seed fund campaign with more than 300 supporters backing them up. The fact that they had so many people come out and support them shows that this is a growing concern among consumers, including those who listened and believed in their vision.

As you'd have noticed by now, Far & Away is big on ethically sourced, sustainably crafted, and affordable household pieces. As a direct-to-consumer brand, each piece tells a craft story by the artisan. Let's explore them.

1. Premium Portuguese Stoneware Dinnerware 16-piece Set

Behind the rise of minimalist culture and direct-to-consumer brands, Far & Away brings you this 16-piece dinnerware set with a bundle offer of up to 30% off.

This 16-piece dinner set comprises four pieces of each dinnerware; four dinner plates, four salad plates, four bowls, and four cups.

This is perfect for house parties or big family dinners. Additionally, it's one way to stock up on your kitchen cabinets quickly.

All the ceramic pieces in this set are fully microwave-, oven-, and dishwasher-safe. They also have a commercial-grade level of durability with a freezer capacity that's up to 220C/430F.

This premium Portuguese stoneware dinner set is proudly made in central Portugal using expert craftsmanship that's been perfected and passed on through generations.

Ceramic making is an artisanal skill that dates back to Portugal roughly 400 years ago. The readily available fertile soil in the region gives high-quality raw materials used for production. The entire operation is run by these two.

To help curb wasteful production Far & Away limits production to preorders and small batches. They also donate portions of their sales to a reforestation program, where one tree is planted for every €50 spent.

This dinnerware set will have you never going back to generic dinnerware.


  • Elegant, minimalist semi-matte pieces with colors that can be mixed and matched
  • Expertly crafted for heavy and frequent use
  • Fully microwave-, dishwasher-, freezer-, and oven-safe
  • Set of 16 that's perfect for dinner parties and big families
  • Vertical rim that prevents spills and allows it to be stacked
  • Artisanal crafted
  • Fully recyclable and sustainable packaging


  • Limited production, so you might need to preorder or wait for the next batch

2. OEKO-TEX® Certified Bamboo Bedding 4-piece Set Bundle

The OEKO-TEX® certified bamboo 4-piece bedding set is made up of silky-smooth fabric beddings you will surely get lost in every night. Moreover, they are also sustainable- so you can get good quality sleep while keeping the planet greener.

The set comprises a fitted sheet that perfectly snaps to your mattress, so you won't need to do the tucking and re-tucking. It also includes one duvet (comforter case) and two ultra soft pillowcases. In addition, the fabric used in this set has natural antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties to help the beddings stay dry, cool, and odorless.

Bamboo is one of the best raw materials since it is the least resource-intensive textile material. The Chinese culture is heavily engrained with bamboo, which is innovatively used as a nutritious dish, furniture, fabrics, and everything else it possibly can.

The production technique of these beddings has been perfected by combining modern technology and techniques passed down generations. The bamboo is sourced and sewn in Southern China to give you the finest quality, environmentally friendly beddings.

Like the rest of their products, Far & Away donate to plant a tree for every €50 sold as part of their cause in sustainability.


  • Fitted sheets that perfectly fit and snap to the mattress
  • Sustainable bamboo fabric made from 100% bamboo viscose fiber
  • Silky ultra-soft, lightweight, and stretchy bedding
  • 130 GSM fabric that's suitable for use on a wide range of mattresses (up to 30cm thickness)
  • Thermal regulation with moisture wicking properties to help keep the fabric dry, odorless, and cool
  • Antibacterial and hypoallergenic
  • Sustainable sourcing with fully recyclable packaging


  • Limited production
  • Relatively pricey

3. 12-piece Cork Bundle Set

Far & Away gives you a versatile and durable cork bundle set with reversible light organic and dark smoked cork layers. This 12-piece set serves a 4-person table set-up that's perfect for dress-up dinners or family get-togethers.

This environmentally friendly cork set is sustainably crafted by artisanal farmers in Portugal who use leftover cork scraps. The cork material is naturally antibacterial and water resistant, making it easy to clean and sanitary for your home dining table. This set comes in handy when protecting your dining table surface from hot utensils or messy eaters.

They are easy to clean and safe for use around children. Besides the cork material being durable, the double-layered material also improves its durability, so you can rest easy knowing that your exquisite table will stay safe and pretty.

Like the rest of the items, Far & Away limits the production of these pieces to smaller batches or on preorder to help combat excessive production and waste. This is one way they reduce their environmental footprint while allowing the artisans to care more for each item.

The cork material is sustainably harvested and expertly crafted by a father and daughter duo in Alentejo, Portugal.

They work with experienced local farmers and workers who collect the cork wine stopper scraps for the process.

Like the rest of the products, Far & Away donates a portion of their sales towards the reforestation cause.


  • Sustainably harvested and crafted in Alentejo, Portugal
  • Made from leftover cork scraps
  • Antibacterial, water-resistant with thermal insulation
  • Durable raw material that's double layered for extra durability
  • Versatile and reversible light organic and dark smoked cork layers12-piece set
  • Fully recyclable packaging


  • Relatively pricey
  • Limited production

4. 4-piece Premium Portuguese Stoneware Bowl Set

The Far & Away premium Portuguese stoneware 4-piece bowl set comprises of carefully hand-finished, sustainably packaged, and carefully checked bowls.

These bowls are stylishly designed to be colors mixed or matched and can be stacked up. The vertical rims help prevent accidental spills. The bowls come in a contemporary design with flat walls for an effortless stunning presentation no matter the function.

This collection is not just a fashionable décor addition to your kitchen since it has a commercial-grade level of durability for heavy and frequent use. In addition, they are fully microwave-, dishwasher-, freezer-use, and oven-safe with a capacity of up to 220C/430F.

The pastel walls of Portugal inspire these bowls with expert craftsmanship that's been perfected through generations. In addition, far & Away partners with the same team for all ceramics, which helps assure you of its quality production and packaging.

Like with all their other products, Far & Away limit its production to small batches and donate a portion of its sales to the reforestation cause.

Experiencing these bowls will have you never going back to the usual planet-unsafe and generic dinnerware.


  • Molded with vertical rims to prevent spills and allow stacking
  • Semi-matte, minimalist, and reactive glaze finish
  • Contemporary design with flat walls
  • Fully microwave-, dishwasher-, oven- and freezer- safe; with 220°C /430°F limit
  • Commercial-grade level of durability for heavy and frequent use
  • Locally sourced and crafted by a family-owned factory in Northern Portugal
  • Sustainably sourced and recycled clay
  • Fully recyclable packages


  • Limited stock that's only available on preorder
  • Relatively pricey

The Far & Away artisanal cutlery set is hand-finished and combines the use of premium raw materials with an elegant and contemporary design. Each cutlery set easily serves a group of four people.

The production process ensures that nothing goes to waste since the metal scraps are usually recycled into new cutlery pieces. Each cutlery set is beautifully hand-finished and packed into fully recyclable packages.

This cutlery set is not only stunning in design but it's also made using one of the best premium raw materials. It's made using high-quality certified European stainless steel with a 304-grade. The type of stainless steel used consists of an 18% chromium to 10% nickel (18/10) ratio.

This gives it far more resistance to rust than the cheaper 18/8 or 18/0 metal alternatives. That also means that this set won't be leaving any of those pesky dark marks on your plates.

The Far & Away cutlery set is fully dishwasher safe with a commercial-grade level of durability, so you won't have any trouble cleaning or using them. They are freezer- and oven-safe, with a 220C/430F limit.

The cutlery set has a matte finish paired with sleek curved lines to create a modern aesthetic that's perfect for any kitchen decor. In addition, the ergonomic handle and balanced weight distribution help elevate the whole dining experience.

The set is locally crafted in a family-owned factory in the Northern Portugal region.

The family uses generationally passed down artisanry techniques in metalwork to produce a cultural treasure that's deeply embedded in each piece.


  • Made using premium European 18/10 stainless steel
  • Anti-corrosive and rust-resistant
  • Hand-finished with a semi-matte finish for a modern aesthetic
  • Ergonomic handle and balanced weight distribution
  • Fully dishwasher safe with a commercial-grade level of durability
  • Doesn't mark ceramic dinnerware
  • Fully recycled steel production process
  • Fully recyclable packaging

    Uses locally sourced steel


  • Forms watermarks if not well dried

Picking out the right dinnerware sets will need you to consider a few factors. Here are some you should consider:

What Factors Should You Consider for the Best Dinnerware Sets?

Here are some 101s on how to choose the best dinnerware for you:

A) What’s the Number of Users?

The number of people will help you determine what kind of set you need to consider, whether you're regularly entertaining guests or only want a dinnerware set for your family. Broadly, here are the types of dinner sets:

i) Traditional Dinner Sets

These sets may comprise of multiple pieces for the whole dining table. Most are 20-piece sets to serve four people, including a dinner plate, salad plate, teacup, and saucer.

ii) Formal Dinner Sets

Formal dinner sets often include all the pieces one would need at the dining table, so they're perfect for couples or individuals building a dinner set collection.

Most sets include five pieces; bread plate, dinner plate, salad plate/dessert plate, saucer, and teacup. Some sets may include the soup bowl.

iii) Open-stock Dinner Sets

This set has each piece sold individually, making it suitable for people who only need a few pieces or want to mix and match their collection. Separately purchasing each piece can be slightly pricey compared to purchasing complete sets.

B) Are They Safe for the Microwave?

It's always best to choose microwave-, oven-, dishwasher- and freezer-safe items.

C) What’s Your Interior Style?

It's always best to buy shapes and colors that compliment the interior style you want to work with. Here's a simple cheat sheet you can go by for different styles:

  • Mid-century modern style- Work with minimal designs that have refined lines

  • Scandinavian style- Go with grey and white tones that are functional and simple

  • Industrial style- Work with metallic accents with a distressed finish

  • Farmhouse style- Wood-like finish that works with beige, white, bright yellow, or turquoise colors

  • Nautical style- Works with sand, blue, or white accents

  • Shabby chic style- Soft and milky colors such as pastels and whites

You should remember these things to help you settle for what works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions on Far & Away Sustainable Products

1. Do Far & Away ceramics contain any heavy metals or chemicals?

No, the ceramic sets are made from all-natural materials that are 100% free of lead and harmful metals or chemicals.

2. What happens if the items ordered are damaged on arrival?

Unlike other sellers, Far & Away always try to ensure that its customers are fully satisfied with the products. So, if anything arrives damaged, the team could send replacements with free shipping.

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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