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Female-centric Home Design: The 10 Commandments

Jim Morris
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Jim Morris

Jim Morris

Jim Morris loves to travel and visit a lot of architecture sites worldwide. He shares lots of information and is always looking forward to the next article on interior design, architecture and landscaping.
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91% of women have controlling influences in buying a new home. However, only specific things (not all) can catch women’s attention more easily than others, according to research. For most women, “the practical” should go hand in hand with “the aesthetic.” This becomes their kind of value equation, as opposed to men’s “quality over price” kind of value.

While most women dominate the purchase of new homes now, most architects, engineers, and builders are still males, in general. This is where the issue lies now. Throughout time, we’ve been constructing homes from a man’s perspective. That’s why, for most men, building and designing a house in a woman’s perspective can be quite hard.

This is the reason why female-centric design ideas and concepts come into play. We’ve curated information on how to please women and relate it to home-building. Finally, we’ve come up with ten rules of woman-centric home designs.

1. Make Sure That their De-stressing Spots are Stress-relieving

Gardens and tubs are among the top stress-busters that women (or even other men) enjoy at home. However, unattractive de-stressing areas will only make them even more stressed out. The aesthetic is a must! Men will never understand why women spend hours on makeup and why a cakey face gets on their nerves—the same goes here. Considering the looks of these areas is crucial.

What’s more, other women opt for simple showers over elegant bathtubs. The impracticality of these tubs could anger them. In one online poll, 78% of women voted for a tubless main bedroom for practical reasons. Dusting tubs, filling in the tubs with water, and waiting for the water to heat up are all time-consuming. Doing so isn’t stress relieving for other women.

2. Avoid Taxing Exteriors

Another factor that stresses women is the burden of maintaining and upkeeping exteriors. Of course, there’s a high percentage of female gardeners. But everything seems to be convenient with gardening now, thanks to the highly-advanced tools. Conversely, it would be another story if you’re talking about pools! Instead, women would love to have mentally-freeing free decks.

3. Don’t Forget Rear Foyer!

For most home designers, the front entry foyer is more important than the rear entry foyer, so they often overlook the latter. Plus, they usually misconstrue a rear foyer as a mudroom or a laundry room, but women think otherwise. They consider the door leading in from the garage (rear foyer) is used much more by housewives and even other family members than the front door.

In a rear foyer, women would love to have a drop zone area, where people can drop their keys, personal electronics, and other things as they enter the house. This area somehow acts like your kitchen’s junk drawer that liberates the kitchen from clutter.

4. Kitchen is the Always the Heart of the Home

Speaking of the kitchen, most women consider large, work-in cooking areas as a primary entertaining area. Again, most women combine aesthetics and practicality. They would rather have bigger kitchen storage and cooking area than a bigger master bath.

5. Sufficient Kitchen Storage

In addition to a functional and spacious cooking area, an adequate kitchen storage area is also necessary. The COVID-19 outbreak reminds us that although some people are cooking less, we are NOT eating less. Preserving pantry food isn’t only inexpensive and convenient, but doing also reduces kitchen waste.

6. Consider the Unique Needs of Blended Families

In the US, blended families are on the rise. According to recent statistics, 40% of new marriages consist of at least one person who has already been once married. Remarriage is not a problem, but bringing two families together under one roof is.

Most parents, especially women, are sensitive about how their children would react to this. Sibling rivalry may happen, so stepparent discipline can be challenging, too. Also, privacy can be a big thing here.

Restructuring your house can be among the possible solutions. For example, you may give the children their private rooms and bathrooms (½ private baths would suffice), but always have a meal together on your dining table.

7. Closet Organization Systems

Housewives are often busy with house chores and taking of their children, not to mention their own works. It’s a good idea to honor their time by providing them with easy-care, organized homes, such as the drop zone area and the work-in pantry. Another example of this is a closet system, preferably a much bigger one compared to a standard shelf or rod.

8. The Power of Natural Light

Utilizing natural light isn’t only cost-efficient, but also healthy for our bodies. A lot of women prefer natural light from huge windows. Sure, other ladies are night owls, but big (and secure) windows can still be very beautiful under the moonlight. Take this as an example. Women like glass block windows placed by the bayed sitting area, over the corner tub, and over a shower.

9. Don’t Ignore a Woman’s Changing Needs

Of course, you’ve already heard about women’s mood swings. There’s a high chance that women will take their feelings out to their house. Hence, it’s best to incorporate flexibility in your home’s designs. Anyway, doing so improves your house’s marketability. For example, go over on Buy Melbourne Apartments and see flexible, women-friendly interiors.

10. Home Based Work/Business

Women are always taking care of the children and the house. Despite their daily routine, some still want to earn money. Considering this, a lot of home-based workspace ideas are emerging online, but not everything would pique their interest. Make sure to ask them what they prefer.


Women-friendly home designs are on trend in the recent real estate market. Among the requested tweaks to a conventional home layout include master-suite showers, laundry rooms, and back foyers. Women-centric houses are apparently selling more than those of their counterparts. That’s why many homebuilders are now trying harder to appeal to women these days.

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Jim Morris

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Jim Morris

Jim Morris loves to travel and visit a lot of architecture sites worldwide. He shares lots of information and is always looking forward to the next article on interior design, architecture and landscaping.

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