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7 Great Interior Design Scholarships In 2020-2023

Jim Morris
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Jim Morris

Jim Morris

Jim Morris loves to travel and visit a lot of architecture sites worldwide. He shares lots of information and is always looking forward to the next article on interior design, architecture and landscaping.
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It’s good to be awarded a sum of money for the performance you demonstrate at college. Receiving a financial reward from the college board is a huge motivation that works in your favor, inspiring you to study more productively and accomplish more substantial things as a student. To receive a scholarship from an educational establishment means to prove that you are a worthy, successful student making substantial steps towards your professional accomplishments.

What makes it even more admirable is getting a financial reward while studying one of the trending majors of today. And yes, we’re talking about interior design, which is an academic major that has retained its popularity and impact in the digitized world, drawing millions of creative and aspiring young people to become acclaimed designers who apply their talent and taste for beauty outside the digital canvas. That being said, we gave some thought to introducing the best scholarships you can receive as an interior design student!

1. Gal Grant

As a state-sponsored grant program, this scholarship program is aimed at providing gifted college kids with financial rewards to help them move through their studies with ease. With the support of the Gal Grant program, you can spare yourself from your obnoxious academic writing chores and apply for help from services like WritingCheap, and instead focus on design. The help from such reputable writing services will no longer seem expensive to you – having a scholarship will be just right for you to cover your expenses.

Created by the California Student Aid Commission, the program covers the occupational, technical, and vocational programs related to interior design. To get the grant, a student has to show a solid need for financial support and match other standards imposed by the State Commission. Students eligible for getting the Gal Grant scholarship have to be a resident of California, a US citizen, or an international student matching other important criteria for the grant. The scholarship is worth $547 for educational materials and up to $2,462 for tuition.

2. Vercelli Voss Scholarship

Founded by the IFDA Educational Foundation Board, the scholarship is granted to the most exceptional students following their majors in art and design. The achievement is granted to students who demonstrate successful performance and strive for making further accomplishments in this field of study. This scholarship is considered to be one of the most sought after, as many students want the opportunity to have the cash for their needs and aspirations. The scholarship is held for both US citizens and the residents of other countries who are pursuing academic excellence in design and art. The students with the most successful performance are granted the scholarship and assisted further in their professional and academic endeavors.

3. Ruth Clark Furniture Design Scholarship

This scholarship is also one of the most popular grants a design student can receive. Established by the Carolinas Chapter and aimed to honor Ruth Clark, the grant is a real catch for students of art and design – it’s necessary for students who are highly motivated for exploring the craft of design but lack the financial means. The criteria for choosing the laureate for the scholarship are the student’s major accomplishments, a letter of recommendation, awards, and plans for the future. The Ruth Clark Furniture Design scholarship allows students to receive as much as $3,000 per year.

4. Steven A. Parascandola Art Scholarship

Founded in the honor of Steven Parascandola, a well-known philanthropist, this scholarship awards students who demonstrate accomplishments in art and design and are eager to discover their fields of study with exceptional enthusiasm! Provided to interior design students annually, the grant allows college kids to broaden their intellectual and cultural horizons with the substantial financial aid they receive from their educational establishments. The scholarship gives students up to $500 on an annual basis.

5. Clubs of America Scholarship Award for Career Success

Created by the Clubs of America foundation, the scholarship is awarded to the best students pursuing design majors with noteworthy success in their field of study. The scholarship is the Clubs of America Scholarship Award, and it is awarded to the most accomplished college kids who display unique talented for both interior and exterior design. The program works only for the students studying in collaboration with The Clubs of America Scholarship board. You must write an application essay explaining why you’re eligible for the grant and substantiate yourself as a candidate. The scholarship entitles you to $1,000 annually.

6. Mark P. Tiner Scholarship

The Mark P. Tiner Foundation holds the mission of providing students with a solid financial reward to help get through their everyday academic rigors with ease and grace! The program favors the students of interior design majors, providing solid financial support as they explore the depths of design at their educational establishments. The scholarship is widely known and desired among students lacking financial means, and becoming its lucky winner opens doors for students to enhance their proficiency in design as an academic major and the practice at large. The Mark P. Tiner Scholarship provides gifted college students with the rare opportunity to track down their academic and professional objectives successfully.

7. Access Missouri Financial Assistance Program

The program was conceived to aid successful college students with a substantial financial reward that will serve as their lucky ticket to a better college life. Created by the Department of Higher Education of Missouri, the aid is offered to undergraduate students enrolled in full-time study at a Missouri educational institution. The award is unique, as the main criterion for receiving it is financial need, not academic achievements.

In a Nutshell

How do you like our selection of the top scholarships you can receive as an aspiring student? All you have to do is study sedulously – and may luck be with you!

Jim Morris

About the author

Jim Morris

Jim Morris loves to travel and visit a lot of architecture sites worldwide. He shares lots of information and is always looking forward to the next article on interior design, architecture and landscaping.
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