how to install copper tiles

How to Install Copper Tiles in Your Home

Jim Morris
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Jim Morris

Jim Morris

Jim Morris loves to travel and visit a lot of architecture sites worldwide. He shares lots of information and is always looking forward to the next article on interior design, architecture and landscaping.
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For homeowners that want a touch of the old century aesthetic adorned with jewellery and accent pieces, copper has always been amongst the top choices. It is possible that you want your home to have a touch of copper materials. In this quick guide, we discuss how to install copper tiles for your home.

Copper tiles are easy to clean, very durable and beautiful for the interior touch. Installing them is not dramatic or complex either. Just like other types of tiles, the copper tiles can be quickly installed to give your home a much needed revamp.

Where is the best place to use copper tiles?

Copper tiles can be used in various places in your home. For starters, they will be perfect for the following spaces:

  • Cabinet panelling in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Backsplashes in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Walls of your dining room, bathrooms, entryways, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

To be clear, you definitely have to consider your interior design plan before splashing the copper look everywhere in your home. In most cases, copper tiles are great when combined with less imposing materials. However, interior design is very subjective so splash away if that works for you.

Most of the time, copper backsplash is done in kitchens and bathrooms because they are easy to clean. In fact, copper is known to kill bacteria on its surfaces quite fast and was preferred for hundreds of years in the past because of this besides its ostentatiousness.

Sourcing and installation costs to watch out for

The costs of the copper tiles will vary depending on your location, the quality of the copper, the ornate levels of these tiles and the space needs for which you are to use.

There are companies that are able to manufacture and ship these tiles to you because they have a lot of experience and professionals to help you out in sourcing and installation.

Installation costs are heavily reliant on the method of installation. For example, for those who choose to use copper tiles that are glued up, it might be cheaper than the copper tiles that have to be nailed up. This is because when glueing, you don't need nails, hammers, extra labour, etc.

In addition, the surface area of installation will determine how you spend on needed materials. It will obviously be more expensive to fit a large with copper tiles than it would be to fit a small cabinet.

Additional tips from the pros on how to install copper tiles

1. Choice of colour is important

There are copper tiles that are dark and those that are brighter. If you choose a dark tile and install in a large room, you risk making the room look much smaller. Brighter colours brighten up a room and due to the reflectivity of the copper tiles, they make a room look bigger even when it is not.

In addition, the choice of colour for your copper tiles needs to match the paint or general outlook of your home. A clashing effect will be more disturbing to the eye.

2. Keep off acetone cleaning products

For your copper tiles, stay away from acetone cleaning products. Copper is a soft metal. It, therefore, risks discolouring if you use acetone for cleaning.

Preferably, use clean and soft towels to softly clean your copper tiles and maintain the look for longer. If you avoid abrasive cleaning, your copper tiles will last for years. Copper tiles have been known to last for more than 20 years at the minimum and some can go up to 50 years depending on maintenance.

Jim Morris

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Jim Morris

Jim Morris loves to travel and visit a lot of architecture sites worldwide. He shares lots of information and is always looking forward to the next article on interior design, architecture and landscaping.
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