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Interior Design Materials That Add Depth and Character

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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The right choice of texture and materials in interior design holds significant importance as it determines the feel of your living spaces. The use of texture and materials to add visual interest and life into your spaces is definitely an art. To bring vibrancy and visual depth to your places, it is crucial to add enough texture with watchful material selection as without it a space will fall flat. Incorporating texture and certain crucial materials will add dimension and character to your space while making it aesthetically pleasing.

Texture and materials are the key elements in the interior design of space because they can create a cohesive space that looks spectacular. From carpets to rugs and flooring materials to wallpapers and window treatments, each accessorizing element and material has its feel and appearance that can do wonders to your spaces, given the functional and excellent choice of materials and designs. In this piece of writing, you will get to know the modern and inspirational ways of choosing various hard materials to add depth and dimension to your spaces.

Accessorizing Materials To Add The Texture & Visual Height To Your Spaces

Styling requirements for every space vary depending on the personal design statement of the homeowners or maybe the designers you they choose. Some people are so creative that they can generate tons of ideas just by looking at dry spaces as a blank canvas like the architects and best Interior designers. To give your spaces a graceful and practical yet alluring look, here are certain materials that can add depth to and enahce your rooms elegantly.

1. Pair Materials With Interior Scheme

Adding texture while creating a balance between the existing interior and elegant ornamental materials is the first step toward timeless interior design. No matter what accessory or surface material you are buying for your dry spaces, it is important to consider the structural integrity and alignment with the interior design regarding all materials.

                                                                                                                   Image source:

To give a unified look to your spaces, it is significantly important to match the color, style, pattern, and texture of the materials with the existing decor themes. Depending on the type of material whether it is for the flooring, windows, or walls, you can select from the contemporary range of hard materials and soft textures available in the market with maintenance compared beforehand.

2. Opt For The Contrasting Materials And Durable Soft Fabrics

For bedroom and living room decor, you must choose acrylic and natural fibres that not only create an accent but also draw the attention of the viewers. You can induce texture in your spaces in different ways. For example, changing the cushion covers of your bed and sofas in bedrooms and living rooms can elevate the style of your rooms.

                                                                                         Image source:

Selecting a mix-colored cotton fabric material form for the cushions or buying textured material bedsheets will intensify the appeal of a place. With the perfect combination of different materials with appealing textures and colours, you can amplify the beauty of bedrooms and opt for the ones that require less maintenance and are durable.

3. Earthy Textures And Materials For Bathrooms

To give your cozy bathrooms a feel of a larger space, you can opt for earthy textures and similar other materials for the walls. The floors and walls of your bathrooms will give off a contemporary look with the ideal selection of shades, colours and textures.

                                                                                                     Image source:

Besides that, using natural wood material, stone and wood grain textures on the wall are the perfect combos to give your bathrooms a vintage look. You can create a chic-style spot for the bathroom essentials. Incorporating plants or placing ceramic accessories, basically any green material will be a beautiful addition to your place. Moreover, hanging the chandelier above the bathtub will give your stylish bathrooms a chic vibe.

4. Go For Patterned Carpets & Rugs For A Combination Of Soft And Hard Materials

Among the interior design materials that add depth to your places, carpets and soft material rugs with natural fibers are the most prominent choices that can add coziness, style, and depth to your places, most importantly bedrooms. With their modern and traditional design profiles, patterns, and textures, they can stand out from the decor of any house and sync well with all furniture items.

                                                                                                   Image source:

You can give the floor surfaces of your bedrooms a warm and inviting appearance with carpets. To create the impression of a large room, you can select the size of rugs and carpets smaller than the magnitude of the room, a strategy used by most architects.

5. Install The Wooden Or Stone Durable Flooring

Nothing can compare to the functional versatility of the wooden floors that give off a rustic feel to a room while adding texture and functionality to a space. Whether wooden tile materials or stone tile materials, they are completely functional material choices for interior design of the bedrooms and other rooms in the house, as well. You can find various natural wood grain textures and intricate surface patterns and materials for the floor covering treatments, such as tiles flooring.

                                                                                                         Image source:

The color and texture of the stone material flooring are made from various soft and hard materials. With different surface finishing options for the real wood floors, you can match the natural shade of the wood material floors with the colours of wooden furniture of the rooms, such as the wardrobe shutters in various interiors.

6.  Pair Up The Curtains Like Interior Designers

You can upgrade your interior spaces in an astonishing way by hanging the window coverings with awe-inspiring patterns, shapes and textures. These decorative pieces are seamlessly infinite choices available for mix colored curtains that add a cozy feel, add insulation to all spaces, and offer high durability.

                                                                                                  Image source:

Curtains of acrylic, cotton, silk, velvet, and blackouts, are practical and excellent choices for room decor and upgrading interiors. These window treatments are created using quality synthetic and natural materials that fit the world standards of interior design and offer pleasing aesthetics.

7. Opt For Laminate, Concrete, Tile Or Natural Materials For Floors

Flooring treatments come with a multitude of texture options and design profiles for every room. With the help of an interior decorator, you can select the best solution for your home and office interior upgrade projects. Concrete, tile, and laminate floors with high-durability rates are practically favorable choices for the renovation of commercial places and residential interiors, too.

                                                                                                            Image source:

Besides wood, you can opt for tile floors or natural stone floors that are ideally suitable for both home and commercial decor projects. The porcelain tiles with greater durability and muted colors, glossy look, and soft textures are a sumptuous option to add grace to your Interior spaces, such as bedrooms. And you can also get various cheap flooring materials in the form of stone, tile or wood floors to play with multiple textures, by discussing your home improvement project with an interior designer.

8. Install Wallpapers To Induce Style & Color

The most timeless option and popular interior designer recommendation to improve the interior design of your corporate office wall and domestic wall, most importantly a bedroom wall is to install wallpapers. Various artistic, geometric, dotted, soft, glossy, natural pigments, floral patterns and materials are available for them to decorate room walls. You can also get wallpapers in the form of tiles, that go well with your furniture.

                                                                                                       Image source:

You can find room wallpapers materials with raised surfaces, intricate patterns and tactile finishes to add an attractive look and soothing vibe to your interiors and compliment your furniture. Also, you can play with some textured furnishing accessories and materials like vases, ornaments, mirrors, and sculptures of any form for the perfect finishing of your interior wall.

End Note

Incorporating texture and outstanding materials into any space encompasses a great deal as it is the art of blending rough with smooth to create a cohesive space that suits your lifestyle and most importantly furniture preferences. Among the various durable furnishing materials, you can select any type of curtains, blinds, shades, and carpets that can add an instant ambient glow and transform your spaces exquisitely.

For more, you can change the overall scenario of your space by installing wooden grain tile, porcelain tiles and ceramic tile flooring. You can also ask for the help of an interior designer or architect to style up your room walls with some patterned wallpapers.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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