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More for Less: Tips for Renovating Your Vacation Home

Owning a vacation property certainly has a couple of distinct benefits. Not only does it provide you with a place to stay whenever you decide to go on a vacation but it can also be a good source of passive income – if you ever decide to rent it. 

However, in order to ensure that your vacation home is more than just a property and to make it truly stands out, you’ll not only need to make it functional but beautiful as well. That being said, here are some simple tips and tricks that will enable you to turn your average vacation home into a true work of art – without necessarily spending a fortune. 

Open the space up

The first thing you should consider when renovating your vacation home is opening the space up. Some of the most beautiful vacation homes feature an open floor plan which makes them appear even more bright and airy than they actually are. That’s why you should hire contractors and see if there are any walls you can tear down to make the space feel more open. Also, see if there’s any way you can make your windows bigger or if you can – at least – add more of them. This way, you’ll create a stunning open floor plan that will promote good vibes ideal for a vacation home.

Take care of walls and floors

Next, you should inspect your walls and floor carefully and see what can be done. No matter if your vacation home is near a beach or somewhere in the mountain, hardwood floors seem to be the best option. These are super durable and easy to maintain, which makes them a perfect choice for a vacation property. Tile flooring is another option you should consider but make sure that the material you’ve chosen can easily withstand wear and tear. When it comes to walls, decide on the wall paint finish that will be easy to maintain. For some additional pizzazz, choose unique shades that bring the element of surprise but that are not too bold and overwhelming.

Get the right furniture 

When choosing furniture for your vacation property, make sure you remember that you’re not furnishing your main place of residence. What this means is that you shouldn’t overstuff the space with necessary furniture pieces. In a vacation home, everything you choose to implement should first have a function. What you can do, for instance, is use some of the furniture pieces you already have in your home to furnish your vacation property and buy new pieces of furniture for your main place of residence. If you opt for this route, it would be best to hire a moving company, such as Busy B’s Moving Company, and let them take care of the move. By letting the professionals handle this, you’ll ensure that everything goes smoothly and minimize the risk of anything ending up damaged. 

Choose a theme and stick to it

Finally, to make your vacation home truly shine, you should pick an appropriate theme for the place. Themed vacation properties not only look super cute but they match and even boost the vibe. For instance, if you have a mountain cabin embrace the cabin vibe and fill your space with items, materials and textures that promote the warm and cozy vibe. On the other hand, if your vacation home is near a beach, use various shells, pebbles and tree bark to boost the seaside atmosphere. 

When renovating your vacation property, you should aim at making the place as functional and cozy as you possibly can. Low-maintenance is the name of the game here, as the last thing you want to do on your vacation is scrub and clean the entire day. So, keep these tips in mind if your vacation home needs some TLC.