5 Rules For Restoring a Historical Home

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historical home restoration
©Eric Muhr

Home restorations are huge projects. But restoring a historical home? That’s an entirely different playing field. Restoring a historical home might be a passion project for some, but for other…

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Morpheus Hotel: Zaha Hadid’s Striking Exoskeleton in Macau

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morpheus hotel zaha hadid macau 1
©Ivan Dupont

ZHA have recently completed the new Morpheus hotel flagship as part of the city of dreams resort in Macau. The impressive structure is among the many projects left behind by…

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Reclaimed Wood Preserving The Past By Turning Trash to Treasure

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reclaimed wood architecture 26
©Urban Wood Good

What once went into landfills now adorns homes and business across the world. Whether its recycled wood for remodeling or a custom made furniture piece, the reclaimed wood frenzy is…

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Studio FH’s Gahinga Batwa Village Giving Hope To a Marginalized Group in Uganda.

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Gahinga Batwa Village Uganda Studio FHarchute 01
©Will Boase Photography | Craig Howes

The Batwa, one of the oldest tribes in Africa, originally resided in the Ugandan, Rwandan and Congo rain-forests where they practiced hunting and gathering as their main source of livelihood.…

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The Forest Adventure Centre in Kereita by Sitescape Studio Proves Architecture Can Co-Exist With Nature

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the forest kereita limuru kenya sitescape studio archute 4
©Siegmund Photography

The Kenya Forest Service (KFS) sort to rejuvenate the lush and evergreen Kereita forest so that it can self-sustain. As it later would be, the forest, deserted but one of…

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Zaha Hadid’s Legacy for 2018 and Beyond

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Zaha Hadid in Heydar Aliyev Cultural center in Baku nov 2013
Zaha Hadid in Heydar Aliyev Cultural center in Baku nov 2013 ©Dmitry Ternovoy

When influential British-Iraqi architect Dame Zaha Hadid tragically passed away in 2016, she left behind an impressive legacy of breathtaking buildings. Renowned throughout the commentary art and architecture scene as “the…

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Centralizing The Garden of Europe is Lisser Art Museum by KVDK architecten

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lisser art museum kvdk architecten keukenhof netherlands archute 21
©Sjaak Henselmans

Inside the “Garden of Europe” – a nickname for Keukenhof – rises a monolithic work of architecture in stark contrast to the beautiful lush green central park. The Lisser Art…

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St. Jerome Children’s Home, Nakuru: Innovative Timber & Earth Construction by Orkid Studio

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nakuru children's home orkid studio kenya archute 1
©Odysseas Mourtzouchos

Tucked away in the agricultural outskirts of Nakuru Town, Kenya’s third city, is a home housing local disadvantaged and abandoned children, characterised by a variety of social spaces, from open…

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Emerson Resort and Spa, New York; A Restorative Destination for Well-being

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Embedded in the breath-taking landscape of the Catskill Mountains, the Emerson Resort and Spa is a hidden treasure located just two hours away from the city of Manhattan, USA. With…

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Considerations When Building Modern Concrete Homes

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modern concrete homes

Modern concrete homes are attracting enormous attention lately due to their improved weather resistance and decreased energy usage. These houses are built using insulated concrete forms (ICF) that fit together…

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