Emerson Resort and Spa, New York; A Restorative Destination for Well-being

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Embedded in the breath-taking landscape of the Catskill Mountains, the Emerson Resort and Spa is a hidden treasure located just two hours away from the city of Manhattan, USA. With…

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Considerations When Building Modern Concrete Homes

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modern concrete homes

Modern concrete homes are attracting enormous attention lately due to their improved weather resistance and decreased energy usage. These houses are built using insulated concrete forms (ICF) that fit together…

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Golden Oak’s Casa de La Fuente: Spanish Revival In The Heart of Florida

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casa de la fuente JRW Construction orlando florida usa archute 1
©Chibi Moku

This pristine and stylish custom home impressions a piece of old Europe right within Florida. The bright white exterior and courtyard design can fit flawlessly in any Spanish neighbourhood.  Featuring…

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Picturesque Living Wall at Del Amo Fashion Centre by Habitat Horticulture

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del amo fashion centre living wall torrence california habitat horticulture archute 4
©Garry Belinksy

Nature is often synonymous with calmness and serenity so what better way to incorporate this feeling of tranquility into a space than through indoor landscaping. The Habitat Horticulture design team…

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Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa by Heatherwick Studio Represents Art in Glorious Rejuvenation of Forgotten Silo

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Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Cape Town South Africa Heatherwick Studio archute 3

In 1921 the Grain Silo Complex was constructed. For half a century, it was the tallest building in sub-Saharan Africa. Here, grain would be collected, graded, and then distributed. Ideally,…

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