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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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Scorching summer days and calm breezy nights make people spend more time outside the house rather than locked up inside. For this reason, many homeowners plan on turning their patio into a cozy outdoor room by mounting wall signs, hanging ceiling decorations and placing outdoor furniture. If you’re thinking of innovative design ideas to level up your outdoor space, make sure to install weatherproof items and pieces in the area so that they can serve out in the open during all the seasons.

What kind of decorations are suitable for outdoor use? Let’s have a look and get all the trendy solutions for your patio and deck decor.

Porch Wall Signs

While you may think that wall art is not for outdoor use, decorative aluminum signs will do the job perfectly. They are durable enough to withstand the elements and still provide a sophisticated look. Search for a nice quote to match the porch decoration and mount the printed sign on the walls. Artistic sayings are also a wonderful way to complement the season and set up a nice corner outdoors.

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Patio Lighting

Long, calm summer evenings are a good reason to grab a glass of your favorite drink and enjoy every moment and every sip. Artificial lights are perfect to make these evenings longer and more enjoyable. Hang string lights from the patio ceiling and light up the space during late nights. Be sure to use string lights that are purposed for outdoor use. Thanks to their weatherproof qualities, rainfall and storms won’t damage them, protecting the electric wiring. Illuminate the space from above with pole lights or mount lanterns on the walls for a chic look. Whichever solution you choose, your lighting decoration will always speak for itself.

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Lattice Fences

After setting up a comfortable outdoor corner in the patio, the next step is to ensure that the place is private and secure. Thinking of thick stone boundaries? They’re uncomfortable and they cut off the beautiful view surrounding the porch. A lattice fence can be a sweet solution here as it helps you get the best of both worlds by providing privacy and letting you see outside. Lattice fences are usually made of various waterproof materials such as metal and plastic. They can serve for a long time since they’re resistant to both the summer heat and freezing winters. From solid boundaries to fancy floral walls, there are unlimited lattice fence ideas to help you make modern outdoor decorations.

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Metal Furniture

Some pieces of metal furniture bring life to outdoor spaces and make for comfortable sitting areas. Getting garden furniture might be relatively expensive, so try to make sure it won’t rust and fade after a short time. Get pieces made of weather-resistant metals such as wrought iron and stainless steel. The next tip is to keep them dry on damp and rainy days and prevent early oxidation. Furnish your patio deck with metal tables and chairs or set them up among the trees in the garden near your house. Don’t forget to regularly weatherproof your outdoor items and always keep the patio fresh.

Potted Plants

Decorative plants and flowers are a necessary touch for your porch. Set the greens in assorted pots and line them up along the deck floor. Most flower pots are reasonably priced which allows you to get plenty of them and plant as many flowers and plants as you want. Another wonderful decoration is hanging baskets to free up some floor space. You can make eco-friendly baskets out of coconut shells, wood and bamboo which will be much lighter to hang from the patio ceiling. Get weather-resistant pots for the plants on the deck in case of rain and storms.

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This tip is the most affordable way to dress the patio in greenery all year round. Be mindful to choose plants that grow well in the local climate.

Porch Umbrellas

Each year, modern patios are becoming increasingly desirable for houses with large outdoor spaces. Along with outdoor furniture and decorative items, porch umbrellas are a necessary component to add shade and protect you and your guests from the scorching sun or unpleasant weather conditions. Outdoor umbrellas are practical items. Put them up in seconds and use them all year in rain and shine. They usually come with waterproof covers which means you don’t need to take special care of them. Available in avant-garde designs and various colors, porch umbrellas fit perfectly into any patio design and create a fun corner to sit and have a good time.

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Outdoor Soft Furniture

Are you thinking of creating a comfy zone with fluffy pillows for long stays? That’s an amazing idea. However, you should get outdoor-safe soft furniture made of washable and reusable fabric. These items last for quite a long time especially when you know how to wash your patio fabrics properly. What’s better than hugging a soft cushion and resting in fresh air?

Synthetic Rugs

Floor coverings are the final touch that ties all the patio items together. Outdoor carpets are usually made of synthetic materials that are waterproof and easy to maintain. However, you can also find rugs made of organic materials which you should use only in dry weather. If your patio deck is wooden and frequently exposed to rain, I recommend that you get artificial pieces. They don’t let water get trapped under the carpets and protect the deck from rotting.

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Make the best of all the seasons by creating an awesome outdoor space with these tips. Enjoy your time in your modern corner with a glass of your favorite drink and some friendly company.

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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