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Pet Hair In Your Home? 5 Types of Pet Hair Vacuums To Know

Jim Morris
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Jim Morris

Jim Morris

Jim Morris loves to travel and visit a lot of architecture sites worldwide. He shares lots of information and is always looking forward to the next article on interior design, architecture and landscaping.
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In today’s world, where stress is ordinary even at home, some people decide to buy pets like cats and dogs to have something as companions and stress relievers. Without question, a number of them are new to owning pets. Surely, these new owners may prefer freeing their pets and letting them run around the house 24/7.

Unfortunately, after some time, these pets leave bunches of hair everywhere, starting from the bed to the couch and even laundry. In time, this can become bothersome for the household’s health. That’s when they need to consider buying a pet hair vacuum that is designed explicitly in removing pet hair from various areas.

There are different varieties of pet hair vacuums one can choose. To give light about what they are, here are five types of pet hair vacuum to achieve a “hairless” home environment.

Upright Pet Hair Vacuum

Carpets are where pets usually take a rest and sleep, and that’s the area where most of their hair is stuck. Upright pet hair vacuums are exceptional for cleaning, especially on carpets because of their power.

There are many brands of upright pet hair vacuums, and you may choose from the latest models of these vacuums since each of them has its unique features that are designed for every kind of pet an owner has. Usually, owners who have pets that shed a lot like a beagle or a labrador retriever tend to opt for this type of vacuum.

Although some of these vacuums have different features, most of them still have the same characteristics. To give you some idea, listed below are 6 typical parts of an upright pet hair vacuum from top to bottom.

  1. The Handle
  2. The Switch
  3. The Dust Bag
  4. The Filter
  5. The Brush
  6. The Intake Port

Canister Pet Hair Vacuum

Pets are, most of the time, resting or playing on the floor. And if you don’t have carpets, most of their fur falls on the floor. That is when a canister pet hair vacuum is of great use.

Canister vacuums perform better than the above-mentioned upright pet hair vacuums for cleaning stairs, floors, and under-furniture. Also, they tend to be lighter because the powerhead is separated.

Although some canister vacuums release a loud noise, most of these vacuums are quieter, which is suitable for your pets because it emits less sound, consequently making a less stressful environment for them.

Stick Pet Hair Vacuum

When you have small pets around like kittens and puppies or short types of dogs, namely a chihuahua, corgi, or a pomeranian, they usually tend to insert in places that are hard to reach. That’s when a stick pet hair vacuum is preferable.

Stick vacuums are relatively smaller and lighter, making them a better choice for cleaning hard to reach areas where your pet’s hair is embedded. Since this vacuum is also lightweight, most of these tend to emit less noise, thus making a more peaceful environment for your pets.

Robot Pet Hair Vacuum

With the advancement of technology, pet hair vacuums have become automated.

If you are a workaholic pet lover with a busy lifestyle, the robot pet hair vacuum is the right choice.

Robot vacuums have different abilities. They can store information about the area, have wi-fi connectivity, automatically return to their docking station after cleaning, and can be set-up for a cleaning schedule.

For instance, when you are going for a walk with your pets at 6 am, or transferring them to another part of the house, that’s an ideal schedule for your robot vacuum to go to work. The whole living room is vacant for the robot vacuum to clean up.

Handheld Pet Hair Vacuum

Suppose you are into cat or dog breeding, you will always have newborn kittens and puppies around with you. In some instances, they disappear for a moment, only to find out that these cuties are slipping into narrow areas in your house, leaving small strands of pet hair. That’s when handheld vacuums come in handy.

As the name implies, handheld pet hair vacuums are small and very portable. This vacuum is more comfortable to navigate and can fit in tiny places much easier than stick pet hair vacuums.

Handheld pet vacuums do not need to be disassembled; they are much easier to store anywhere around the house. Also, most types of handheld pet vacuums are cordless. Because of that, you don’t need to worry about your pets tripping over them.


Finally, when choosing what type of pet hair vacuum you need most, the three questions you need to answer are first, what kind of pets you have at home, second, what is your current lifestyle and third what type of pet hair vacuum fits best in the first two criteria.

By doing this, you will have an idea if buying only one type of vacuum is better, or preferring two kinds of pet hair vacuum will be the most optimal choice for your type of lifestyle and the kind of pets you have at home.

Jim Morris

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Jim Morris

Jim Morris loves to travel and visit a lot of architecture sites worldwide. He shares lots of information and is always looking forward to the next article on interior design, architecture and landscaping.

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