Renovating Your Kitchen on a Budget

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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In home improvement projects, the room that tends to amass the highest cost is always the kitchen. The kitchen is where many of a home's major features are, such as appliances and counters. Think about your fridge, freezer, and stove set-up as they are key components. If you want to spruce up your kitchen but don't know how much it would cost or how long it will take, there are a few alternatives that will give it a makeover without breaking the bank. This post covers a variety of ways you can give your kitchen a makeover with respect to your budget and work scale.

Paint Your Kitchen a New Color

That's all there is to it; a new color can change a room dramatically. Paints and brushes are just a single run to Home Depot away. You never know; they may even be on sale that day. Accent walls are simple enough to be done by amateur painters. If you don't feel the need for change, you can always just layer it with new paint -covering up scuffs and breaks and in the wall.

Refinish Don’t Replace Cabinets

Replacing cabinets is expensive. In fact, it's one of the most costly things in kitchen renovations. We're talking thousands of dollars. For that reason, it's better to modify your existing cabinets. Sanding them helps especially if they have scoffs from overtime. This is also the time to paint them a whole new color to match your new kitchen if you desire. Hardware like handles is another affordable way to make your old cabinets look brand new.

Get New Hardware

While still on the topic of hardware, you'll find that simply switching out your cabinet and drawers' old handles for attractive vintage ones can alter your kitchen's atmosphere. Again, hardware replacements are cheap and are small work orders to fill.

Changing Backsplashes

It may not seem like it, but tile and backsplash changes are within your budget. Backsplash changes are also a project that doesn't take a long time. It can usually be done in two days. It depends on the type of tile you choose, but there are several available at low price points. They also make stick-on tiles (check out Sticky Tiles) for an even lower cost.

Low-Cost Ways to Renovate Counters

Countertops are among the most expensive features of a kitchen. However, the cost is dependent on the materials used to create the countertop. Here are ways you can save when renovating your kitchen countertops:

Discount granite - Stone countertops can be expensive but not when they are sold as leftovers or extra material. These usually sell for a discounted price.

Switch to wood - Wood, also known as butcher block, can be used to make countertops at half the cost of stone ones.

Build upon your current counter - You can customize the countertop you already have by painting or adding resin to the surface. There are specialized products that help you do so.

Adjust The Lighting

You may improve the overall atmosphere of your kitchen by installing wall sconces and/or pendant lights, as well as changing out old ceiling hooks with new ones. Pendant lighting has the most impact since it is very apparent, therefore pick carefully. Add countertop illumination to change the tone of your kitchen. These lights are frequently put under wall cupboards and hang over your countertops. It illuminates your space while also providing task lighting when you're working in there.

Renovate Your Faucet as Well

Your faucet is another feature that determines the personality of your kitchen. There are a variety of affordable options to select from, including large taps, contemporary designs, and ornate finishes. Upgrading your common faucet to a more contemporary sink component will improve the overall look. The majority of modern faucets come with features that make food preparation and cleaning a lot easier.

Hire Laborers Not Contractors

Hiring laborers for the day rather than contractors for a set period of time is often cheaper. There are specialized sites where you can find such laborers. You may have to supervise, but that just means you'll be able to see the project come together.

Get a Home Equity Loan

If you don't have the cash to complete your kitchen makeover, there are various options for financing it. A home equity loan allows you to fund the project with loaned money at low-interest rates.

Home equity loans also work for remodels. You'll be eligible for the whole amount of money to spend on your makeover, with a set payment plan over time, similar to a mortgage. Home equity loans offer tax-deductible low-interest financing as well as long-term payments. A disadvantage of a home equity loan is that you must pay fees and closing costs, similar to a mortgage.

Use Home Equity Line of Credit

This is best used when the project will take a longer time. A draw period is a moment when you may use your property's equity as collateral to borrow money. The amount that you can borrow is determined by the amount of equity in your home. During the draw period, you can borrow as much as you like. A home equity line of credit offers low-interest rates that are tax-deductible. After the draw period, it is time to pay the loan. Additionally, you can protect your investment by buying home insurance.

Get a Personal Loan

You can get a personal loan in order to pay for kitchen renovations. As long as you paid off a good amount of your mortgage, you'll have more to borrow. Personal loans are different from home equity loans in the regard that personal ones depend on the home's value and equity in it as collateral to pay for a renovation project. Home equity loans are determined by your credit history. This is then included in the interest rates. The better the credit score, the lower the rates.

Do The Project in Phases

Doing the kitchen renovations in separate phases is a good way to manage the workload and save money rather. Master plan changes are more prone when you're working on something one part by one part, but it will be easy to manage because it's better organized.

Formulate a Plan Ahead of Time

Always go into major renovations with a plan. For example, you don't want to repaint your present cabinets after installing brand new countertops, as this might damage them. Instead, begin with more ambitious or cluttering tasks, such as painting or any type of demolition, and work your way down to smaller repairs. You may change your kitchen in any fashion you like by making wise judgments and focusing on the sections that you wish to update.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.

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