Submission Guidelines

Archute welcomes architecture, landscape and interior design stories from architects and designers who wants to see their work published. As we are increasingly getting a lot of submissions, we would like to emphasize that you be patient with us in regards to feedback. Replying to all submissions is not guaranteed. However, we look at all the submissions we receive every week. If and when we publish your story or project, we shall reach out to you to let you know that we have featured it. If we don’t reach out to you within 7 days then your project didn’t pass for publishing.

  • For all architecture, interior design and landscaping projects, send your submissions by clicking here: Submit project

Archute doesn’t have a general criteria for selecting the projects that we publish, but we are looking for newsworthy stories that are fresh, informative, exciting, intriguing and annoying (annoyingly newsworthy). Aside from our love for architecture and design, we also give prominence to quality photography. Chances are, if the photos of your project are mind-blowing, the story automatically passes to the next level in our editorial selection. Our preferences when it comes to photography come from the mere fact that about 80% of our visitors are architects and designers, professions of which photos are a driving force in decision-making.

We appreciate stories that are exclusively sent to us alone for publishing. Your story will most likely be published here if it hasn’t appeared on every other architecture publication out there.

How to submit your story:

Submit your project by sending it through the link provided above. Send us at least 10 photos of your project showing the interior and exterior (Heck, just send even 40 photos if you have them). Each image will be about 2,000 pixels on its shortest side. Include texts describing your project (about 300 words or more is okay). Provide links in the text where it deems fit.

Do not send zipped images. Upload the images to a Dropbox folder and share the folder with us by including the shared folder’s link in your submission.

Include plans, sections, elevations and sketches. These intrigue our readership so much more than anything else.

Kindly note: We would love to pay for the photos that our site receives from various photographers around the world. However, we cannot afford to do so, at least for now. In the event that we publish your project, the photographer will receive maximum credits on the project information area of our articles, with links and full copyright details where specified. So far, a lot of photographers have been willing to share with us images of projects we have published and those we haven’t because publication on our website has usually been a good way to promote their amazing work, often leading to commissions from both print and major online publications around the world.

For general inquiries, questions and suggestions, fill the form on our contact page.