The Future of Interior Design

The Future of Interior Design- All you Need to Know

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Interior design is an industry that's constantly evolving. From new furniture designs to technological advancements, designers must stay on top of trends to keep up with their client's needs and preferences. By 2030, many experts predict that the industry will see even bigger changes—both good and bad—and here are some of the most anticipated ones:

Benefits of a Smart Home

There are many benefits to having a smart home, but the ability to control your lights and other electronics with your voice is just the beginning. You can also set up schedules that automatically turn on and off certain lights at specific times of day. For example, if you work from home in the evening hours and don't want to come home to an empty house after dark, set up lights around your house so they turn on when it gets dark outside--and then shut them off again once it's time for bed.

This feature also comes in handy when someone else who lives in or visits your home may not be familiar with where everything is located (i.e., children). You could set up an automatic lighting system so that as soon as someone enters a room where there are no lights on yet--like coming through the front door after dark--they're given enough light without having to flip any switches themselves!

The use of artificial intelligence in interior design will become more mainstream.

As you've probably noticed, technology has become an increasingly integral part of our everyday lives. With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), we can seamlessly integrate innovations into our daily routines--and interior design is no exception.

According to some experts, AI will soon be used to aid people who want to design their homes but don't have much time or money for the process. Keep reading if you're interested in learning more about this emerging trend!

High-tech furniture will become more common.

High-tech furniture will become more common. As we move into the future, technology will play an key role in our lives and homes. Furniture manufacturers are already starting to experiment with new materials and production methods that make it possible to create more comfortable, stylish, and environmentally friendly pieces. They're also working on ways to make them affordable--and easier to clean!

Smart homes will become the norm.

Smart homes like Grand Dunman Condo are the future of interior design. They offer many benefits over traditional homes, including:

  • Efficiency: Smart homes use less energy, which saves money and contributes to a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Safety: Smart home technology can monitor your household for signs of danger or break-in attempts, alerting you if anything suspicious happens in real-time.
  • Convenience: A smart home allows you to remotely control lights, temperature, and other appliances through an app on your phone or laptop, even when you're away from home!

Smart homes also have many advantages over conventional ones (like having an integrated security system). For example, you'll never have trouble finding what room something is in again because each room has its touchscreen display panel where all information about the house's systems is displayed at once--and it can even be customized based on preferences specific only to who lives there (such as whether they prefer higher or lower temperatures). This feature alone makes life much simpler!

Buildings will be constructed for multiple purposes and collect their data.

Buildings will be constructed for multiple purposes and collect their data.

The future of interior design is a little like architecture: buildings will be constructed to collect and use their data, providing a whole new perspective on how we live in them. So, for example, you may enter your apartment building after work and see that it's been collecting information about how much electricity is being used by each unit and when people are coming home from work or leaving for school--this would allow you to plan meals accordingly so that no one wastes food while they're gone all day!

More designers and brands will embrace sustainable materials and processes.

In the future, designers and brands will embrace sustainable materials and processes. These materials are more durable, flexible, and comfortable than traditional options. They're also better for the environment and the people who make them.

The best part? You can find these sustainable options at any price point!

Home Innovation with new technology and new materials

Designers and companies will continue to innovate and create new ways to improve our living spaces using technology, new materials, and better methods for the environment.

One of the biggest trends we've seen in interior design is technology in our homes. Smart home devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home have enabled us to control our lights and other appliances from anywhere in our house without having to get out of bed or leave the couch (or even have your phone on you). This can be especially helpful if someone with limited mobility needs help getting around their home without needing assistance from others all day long!


The future of interior design is bright, and we can expect to see more innovation from designers and brands as they continue experimenting with new technologies and materials. However, the key takeaway for all of us is that how we live in our homes will change dramatically over the next few decades.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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