7 Things To Consider Before Getting A Quartz Countertop Installation

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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While scanning through your kitchen countertop options, you cannot possibly overlook the inherent appeal of quartz. Interestingly, quartz happens to be one of the hardest substances and makes durable countertops. Of course, you might have considered all these aspects, along with the amazing variety of colors and designs, while deciding to install a quartz countertop.

However, some questions still require answers, and this is exactly what this article talks about. You would get to know everything that you should consider before installing a quartz countertop. Visit this page to consult with professionals regarding the design patterns to enhance your kitchen's visual appeal.

Quartz countertops, unlike most other slabs made from natural stone, are engineered in factories. This ensures that you can customize the product according to your liking.

Here are some of the prime factors to consider before investing in a quartz countertop.

Benefits Of Installing Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are known for their durability, ease of cleaning, and low-cost maintenance. These counters do not require sealing. Besides, they are non-porous and do not accumulate dirt. As a homeowner, you have more than 80 designs and colors to choose from when you go for quartz countertops. In the process, you can get the installation personalized for your personal preferences.

You can also purchase prefabricated slabs made of quartz, which are easy to install. No wonder customized quartz countertops are in high demand.

What Are The Styles And Finishes Available?

One of the prime benefits of installing quartz countertops is the availability of different finishes and colors. Most homeowners opt for dazzling and reflective coatings. However, you can also choose from matte finishes, along with products that resemble other materials like concrete.

In the process, you can seamlessly sync the design with the existing hardware in your kitchen. Quartz countertops can complement every type of design and style in your interiors.

In each type of finish, the natural light would reflect and play around in a unique way. Eventually, you are free to personalize the installation for your home.

Whether To Purchase Full-Body Or Not

For readers who are not aware, full-body countertops indicate that the color and design are present through the entire body of the countertop. With quartz, you have some full-body slabs, while the others are not. Therefore, when you shop around, you need to consider your preferences before making a purchase.

The reputed manufacturers engineer quartz colors with an optional fusion of resin and quartz. Here, the pattern and color run throughout the slab’s depth. Besides, you have different thickness options available in the market that enable users to customize the products.

Whether Or Not You Benefit From The Warranty

If you are willing to purchase a quartz countertop, make sure to inquire about the warranty. As a concerned homeowner, you should explore all the terms of the warranty. Remember, some brands do not cover installations in their warranties. In this case, you'd have to shell out some extra bucks for installation.

Particularly, if you install the slab in commercial or rental properties, make sure to read the fine print in the warranty. If you have any queries regarding the scope of its coverage, it is logical to clarify the same initially. Otherwise, the company would not cover the damage if something goes wrong. With a quality product from one of the best manufacturers, your countertop would serve you for decades.

Does The Countertop Fit Your Budget?

You cannot compromise with the qualitative aspects of the quartz countertop while making the purchase. Investing in a high-quality slab from a reputed manufacturer makes sense. The installation would remain functional for years, and you would love this return. However, you should be ready to shell out the initial investment, which can be high. Professional consultation might help, as you would be able to source these countertops at discounted prices from authentic manufacturers.

With the right model and pricing, you can enhance the interiors significantly. If you have budget constraints, the professionals might guide you over the most cost-effective model to purchase.

Do You Have Kids At Home?

If you have kids or teenagers at home, maintaining an ordinary countertop may become difficult. Frequent spills and spoiling of the surface can be messy. However, you would not encounter this issue if you install a quartz countertop. These slabs come with resin-based structures. In the process, they can remain intact over the years, free from molding and staining. These are common issues in marble and granite countertops. Besides, if you are someone who hosts parties often, quartz countertops would perfectly suit your requirements.

How Frequently Do You Move?

Remember, quartz countertops can be expensive, and you would be investing a significant chunk of your funds. Make sure that you do not move to another house within the next ten years. This ensures that you can derive optimal benefit from your investment. During the peak years, you can make the best use of the counter.

However, if you decide to sell off the house, you can enjoy the return on investment. Quartz countertops significantly add to the value of residential properties. Therefore, you need to consider your long-term plans before going ahead with the installation.


It makes sense to weigh all your options in terms of pricing, design, and color patterns before you make your purchase. Besides, you should hire a professional to get the countertop perfectly installed. Before you proceed with your choice, make sure to reach out to the professionals for valuable advice. This ensures that you would be on the right track while you make the investment. Besides, the experts can provide you with the right kind of advice when it comes to cleaning, maintaining, and repairing your countertops.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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