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9 Tips To Create An Ultimate Study Space For Kids

Jim Morris
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Jim Morris

Jim Morris

Jim Morris loves to travel and visit a lot of architecture sites worldwide. He shares lots of information and is always looking forward to the next article on interior design, architecture and landscaping.
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Creating an ideal study space for a kid can be very challenging for parents. The hardship is real -  there is nothing more difficult than getting your kids to complete their home works on a daily basis under your supervision.

We are living in a modern world, where there are so many distractions and diversions around a child. A kid cannot pay full attention to the study having all the disturbances around. How about you make an ultimate study space where your child can breathe in a learning atmosphere? Sounds good?

A perfect study environment is all a kid needs in order to have a learning mindset. The backyard of a house can also be a great pick for an ultimate study space. Parents can make a child study easily having a study room as compared to the parents who don’t have this luxury.

Would you like to know some of the tips to construct the best study space for them?

1.   Get rid of all electronic devices

What matters the most to concentrate fully on studies? Obviously, it is to get rid of all possible distractions. Our life is surrounded by so many electronic devices like Mobile phones, LEDs, computers, laptops, etc.

When you create a study space for your kid, make sure to remove all these electronic devices. One of the biggest distractions for growing kids these days are Mobile phones. They always watch something over the phone, or there is a possibility of a chat with friends.

Applications like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat won’t let your child study wholeheartedly. So, there is no room for a mobile phone in a study space unless or until it is very crucial. Make sure not to have Television or LED too there.

Your kid won’t feel distracted if there is no T.V or LED, and the centre of attention will be studying. A study space has to be neat and clean too, so a kid can spend time there without any kind of diversion.

2.   Optimize your light

It is mandatory to have proper light in your study space in order to concentrate entirely. Light can be the make or break point in studies, which is the reason you have to take care of this factor.

Most of the students like to read at night. For such students, different kinds of Luminous lamps are recommended in study space. Studying under dim or low light can make kids suffer from issues related to eye-sight. This is one of the reasons light optimization is necessary.

On the other hand, some kids feel comfortable reading and studying in daylight. Natural light can make you focus completely on your study, and it can give you a warm and healthy feel too. So, whenever you are looking to create a study space for your child, always take care of the light.

3.   A clock can do wonders

A clock has to be there on the study table in order to make your kid realize about the time. Time-related study goals can only be achieved by looking at the clock. You can set the alarm on your kid’s clock by giving him/her a task within the time limit.

There are so many assignments and tasks that need to done within the time. A clock can make your child learn how to complete homework or other tasks on time. These days, clocks of all styles are available. If your kid is a fan of a classical clock, place it on the study table. Otherwise, a digital clock can work as well.

4.   Swap Ambient Noise With Music

Music is something that is a debatable point, and it varies person-to-person. Some students like listening to soothing music in order to refresh their moods and concentrate more on studies. While more than a few don’t feel comfortable studying in an environment where there is any kind of music. First of all, you must know about the nature of your kid.

If your child doesn’t pay much attention to lyrics and try to be more focused by listening to music, there is no harm in providing the source. But, if you think it can divert or sidetrack your youngster, never allow it in a place where your kid studies. Not everyone can go to libraries for studying-purposes, so an ambient place has to be there in the house.

5.   Gather all the essentials

Is it possible to go to war without all the tools and equipment? Absolutely no. The same is the case with a study table. All the materials that are compulsory for the study have to be there on the study table in order to increase productivity.

Searching for things while studying can waste a lot of time, and it can distract your kid too. Things like a pencil, ruler, colour box, books, and copies must be there. There has to be a drawer in your kid’s study table that can be used to place essentials like notecards, papers, highlighters, etc.

Your kid will need a calculator too while working on mathematics. As parents, you must cover all the basics, so your kid can study for hours without any kind of interference.

6.   Adjust your study place’s temperature

Temperature plays a critical role in any study space. Neither temperature of a room should be too hot, nor too cold. A study place has to be in an area where you can adjust the temperature for your kid according to the season.

Working in a warm environment won’t only make your child make mistakes in homework, but there are chances of health-related issues too. Not everyone has access to the air conditioner, but curtains can do the job as well as far as hot and cold temperatures are concerned.

If it is cold outside, wrap your kid in a comforter. Give your kid the best possible study environment, and you will see positive results for sure.

7.   Find one comfortable desk and chair

One can only study properly if the surroundings are comfortable. A desk and a chair are paramount to create a study space for your kid. When you choose a desk for your child, try to pick one that reaches a height in between your rib and wrist.

This will help him/her to put elbows on it easily. It would ensure that he/she sits in a comfortable position and remains free of pains and aches. Feet must be touching the ground as far as a perfect study desk is concerned. Picking an easy to sit chair is as obligatory as choosing a comfortable desk. The height of a chair must be according to the desk or study table.

If your kid loves to sit on a rotating chair, why not provide it instantly. Provide a space where your kid can study without any kind of disturbance. If you have a trash wood in your place, you can modify it according to the requirements of your study space.

8.   Make your kid comfortable – but not too comfortable

One can study in a concentrated manner if the study place is free of distractions. Sometimes, it can bounce back. Kids can make them too much comfortable in a pleasant atmosphere while studying.

This must be stopped, and you should provide counselling that this study space is only meant to study, and nothing else. It is a healthy technique to get ready for a study, like changing your pyjamas and then go to your study table. This will give your mind a signal that this time is meant for study, and not for fun.

Many of the world’s greats made a name out of themselves without having any kind of luxury and necessities. Inspire your kid with such stories before allowing them to be in their very own study space. It is right for your kid to be comfortable in his/her study room, but too comfortable? No way.

9.   Choose a quiet place 

Multitasking is no more than a myth. You cannot concentrate entirely on two things at the same time. Can you watch a movie and study at the same time? Obviously, it is not possible. Your kid has to be in a place where there is no sound whatsoever to centralize attention to reading and writing.

Don’t ever pick a room with a thin wall for study purposes, because there are possibilities that the voice of Television can pass through it. We know focusing on one topic is not easy, but a television distraction will only make it more difficult.

Avoid family discussion near your kid when he/she studies. Leave your child in a study room where he/she cannot even think about anything else but education.


Education is one of the basic necessities of life. A kid can only learn effectively if he/she has a suitable study place. As a parent, make sure to provide all the comforts within the study premise. The lights, temperature, study table, and other such things play a decisive role in establishing a healthy and learning atmosphere.

A study place must be free of all the possible distractions in the world, so a kid can only think about studying after entering the room. Implement these ideas in your kid’s study space, and you will see positive outcomes.


Mike has been writing blogs for more than 7-8 years. He always prefers writing on household topics. Reading books and watching movie plus season are some of his hobbies. He likes to spend time with his kids too. 

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Jim Morris

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Jim Morris

Jim Morris loves to travel and visit a lot of architecture sites worldwide. He shares lots of information and is always looking forward to the next article on interior design, architecture and landscaping.
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