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Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas by Morphosis: An Extraordinary Collision of Rock and Glass

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Designed by 2005 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate Thom Mayne and his firm Morphosis Architects, the museum consists of a magnificent cube that sits on a landscaped plinth. Actually, it is a rock…

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Elbphilharmonie Hamburg: An Unreal Glacial Edifice of Frozen Music by Herzog & de Meuron

in Architecture/Culture + Entertainment/Extension/Hotels + Restaurants/Mixed Use Developments/Public Facilities/Sports by

Frozen glaciers, floating mountains and sailing ships – these are some of the visual metaphors for the new Elbphilharmonie by the Swiss architecture firm, Herzog & de Meuron. Located in Hamburg’s…

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Grace Farms by SANAA is a Serpentine River that Snakes its Way Gracefully in New Canaan

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The 2010 Pritzker Prize laureates, Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, the architects behind SANAA, have been praised for designing buildings that seem deceptively simple. At the core of their work is an…

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Messner Mountain Museum by Zaha Hadid is an Illustrious Destination Worthy of Reinhold Messner’s Life

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Reinhold Messner is a superstar, period! He has climbed every mountain above 8 000 metres without bottled oxygen; and was the first person to summit Mt. Everest, solo! The Messner…

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Ring-shaped Lycée Schorge Secondary School by Kere Architecture: An Inspirational Masterpiece

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Ring shaped Lycee Schorge Secondary School Francis Kere Architecture Burkina Faso Archute 16

A ring-shaped school by Architect Francis Kéré grounds its site in the outskirts of Burkina Faso’s third largest city, Koudougou. Following a ring-like arrangement, the architect used this school to…

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Antinori Winery: An Exemplary Merge of Architecture, Landscape and Class by Archea Associati

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Family-owned Marchesi Antinori is arguably the most famous house in Italian wine, having been in the business since 1385. Its famous winery in Chianti Classico region in Bargino Italy was designed by…

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The National Museum of Roman Art: Rafael Moneo’s Magnificent Touch Expressed in Roman Brick

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Emerita Augusta was the resettling space for soldiers discharged from the Cantabrian Roman wars in 25 BC. Augustus Caesar himself ordered for the creation of the colony which now lies…

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King’s Cross Station: A Fresh and Dazzling Portal to London by John McAslan + Partners

in Architecture/Extension/Infrastructure/Public Facilities/Railway Station/Refurbishment by

How do buildings become places? The newly transformed King’s Cross Station offers a few clues into the secret sauce that is required to tap into the ever elusive genius loci…

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