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50 Extremely Awesome Backyard Landscaping Ideas

The great outdoors are always refreshing to the mind and to the lovers of the great greens. This is a special feature of landscape ideas that would blow your backyard away! In no particular order, with a little bias on our side, these are the chosen few from backyards all over the world.

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The Rising Trends In Luxury Real Estate

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The architecture of recent luxury property development can be summed up as calm, cool, and crafted. Homeowners are increasingly looking for sophisticated, clean-lined designs and open floor plans which emphasize functionality. Additionally,…

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10 Most Popular Window Styles Loved by Architects

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There is always more to windows than to improve the usability and efficiency your home. Installing windows is the perfect way to increase your curb appeal. There are many different…

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Top 10 Buildings Built in the Name of Love

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taj mahal

Love is the feeling which helps us live and sometimes even survive (depending on the circumstances). Besides, love is a force that makes you accomplish feats. Now, we have lots…

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Unique Ways To Extend & Enhance Your Home

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holiday cabin 2 apartment

58% of U.S. homeowners told a 2018 Chubb survey that they “definitely” or “probably” would renovate their homes during the proceeding 12 months. One of the most popular projects selected is an…

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Padovani Arquitetos Design Organically Fitting CR Residence in Sao Paulo

in Architecture/Interiors/Landscape/Residential/Sustainability 1462 views
cr residence padovani arquitetos sao paulo brazil archute 51
©Evelyn Müller

Organic tones and textures define this house in Brazil as it positions itself onto a beautiful landscape. Padovani arquitetos completed this project in 2016 with the intention of showing how…

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5 Rules For Restoring a Historical Home

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historical home restoration
©Eric Muhr

Home restorations are huge projects. But restoring a historical home? That’s an entirely different playing field. Restoring a historical home might be a passion project for some, but for other…

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Morpheus Hotel: Zaha Hadid’s Striking Exoskeleton in Macau

in Architecture/casino/Hospitality/Hotels + Restaurants/Skyscrapers/Sustainability 1582 views
morpheus hotel zaha hadid macau 1
©Ivan Dupont

ZHA have recently completed the new Morpheus hotel flagship as part of the city of dreams resort in Macau. The impressive structure is among the many projects left behind by…

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