Best Modular Sectional Sofas

Best Modular Sectional Sofas to Upgrade Your Space

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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Looking for the ideal sofa is not easy, and when you make a huge purchase, you will want it to suit your needs for a long time. We love modular sofas because they are customizable and, therefore, easy to use in different apartments. Besides, these sofas provide way more functionality options than regular sofas. Check out the best modular sectional Sofas for your needs.

What’s a Modular Sectional Sofa?

A modular sectional is a sofa made up of multiple sections. The separate parts join together to form one piece of furniture, but they can be adjusted or moved around as required over time. Usually, the seating sections have a corner and armless centerpieces. Besides, the armrests and back are the same height while the seat is the same height as the ottoman.

Modular couches come in L-sectional, U-sectional, 3-piece, and pit sectional configurations. On the other hand, some sellers provide sectional connectors to connect the pieces, but others don't. You can remove the connectors if you want to create a different configuration.

Now that we know what modular sectionals are, let's check out the best options to upgrade your space.

1. Lovesac Modular Sectional Sofa

For one of the best modular sofas that's versatile, count on the Lovesac Modular Couch. I love that I can configure the sofa to any configuration I prefer. So if you need a small, medium, or large– you can perfectly configure it on their website. Besides, you can choose from multiple fabrics, including leather, velvet, and chenille.

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Lovesac sofa features an upgradable power hub, which is handy when you have devices to power. In addition to the power hub, this couch is one of the more cozy modular sectional sofas you can buy.

Another thing I love about the sofa is that every fabric cover is removable and machine washable. This allows changing the covers when your aesthetic changes and when you want to wash the fabric. Additionally, the parts attach in a way that they're still flexible. So, you can adjust and rearrange the layout of the parts depending on your preference.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Allows you to build your own modular sofa on their website
  • Machine washable
  • Features an upgradable power hub


  • Come with a high price tag.

2. EQ3 Reva Two-Piece Modular Sectional Sleeper Sofa

EQ3 Reva Sleeper Sofa conveniently converts to a makeshift bed. I usually convert it into a makeshift bed after a long day for a nap. Besides, the sofa features plush foam and feather-filled cushions to ensure ultimate comfort when sitting.


The Modular Sofa has an underlying memory foam mattress, creating a great surface ideal for a nap. On the other hand, the sofa is versatile and available in different configurations, including queen and double sofa sleepers and chaises with hidden storage.


  • Converts to a makeshift bed
  • Versatile modular sofa
  • Features plush foam and feather-filled cushions for ultimate comfort


  • Expensive unit

3. Wayfair Haroldine Modular Sectional Sofa

If you are looking for the best modular sectional sofa for your outdoor space, count on the Wayfair Haroldine Sofa. The sofa has modern, sleek lines and soft faux leather, which makes it extremely comfortable. Furthermore, the sectional sofa features two modular parts so that the chaise can be on the right or left side.

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This faux leather sofa will add warmth and style to your outdoor or living room. Besides, it works great with multiple design styles. For me, I have the sofa on my balcony. Conversely, the sofa is firm, and the faux leather is classic and ethical. Plus, the price tag is budget-friendly.


  • It comes with a budget-friendly price tag
  • Ideal for outdoor space
  • It comes with a chaise


  • It takes time to assemble.

4. Albany Park Kova Pit Sectional Sofa

Albany Park Modular Sofa is made of foam and feathers for optimal comfort. It has multiple configurations and the capacity to add on, making this sofa ideal for any home, room, or space. I love that the sofa came in an apartment-friendly, space-conscious package making it easy to maneuver in stairwells and tight hallways.

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Assembling the sofa took me only 15 minutes. Conversely, this sectional sofa comes in six different colors, allowing you to select the one you prefer. Pull the seats apart or keep them together for optimal cozy space if you want to lounge separately. Another thing worth mentioning is that the sofa has a 30-day in-home trial.


  • Easy to assemble
  • It comes with a 30-day in-home trial
  • It comes in an apartment-friendly, space-conscious package


  • Expensive sofa

5. Like Butter Sectional Sofa with Chaise

Like Butter Modular Sofa provides incredible adaptability for endless configurations. The couch is designed with relaxation in mind and comes with a low back and high arm, providing the ideal space to sit back and relax.

Image Source:

This sofa is one of my favorites for its distinctive shape, which is ideal for reclining with a group, and everyone has enough seating space. Besides, you can customize this U-shaped sectional couch and choose from various performance fabrics and leathers.


  • It has a large seating space
  • Features endless configurations
  • You can choose from various performance fabrics and leathers


  • Expensive unit

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Modular Sectionals

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1. Materials

Before buying the best modular sectionals, consider the material. Choose the best fabric for your sofa to keep it looking its best. If you have kids or pets, you'll want something more sturdy and easier to clean.

Sofas made of high-maintenance fabrics, such as silk, are ideal for low-traffic spaces. Conversely, microfibers are ideal for high-traffic spaces since they're beautiful and easy to clean. Besides, textured fabrics usually show less wear and tear than smooth ones, while leather is a fantastic option for durability.

2. Size

When shopping for the best modular sectional sofa, choose the size that suits your couch plans— resting, reading, entertaining, etc. The sofa should be large enough to accommodate everyone in your home.

The thumb rule of room proportionality is that the sofa should be around two-thirds the size of the wall you will place it against. It should not cover the entire wall and have space on all sides.

3. Color

The color of your new modular sofa should compliment your existing décor and accent the features of your house. The good thing is that sectional couches come in various colors, including classic neutrals such as tan or black and vibrant shades such as green or blue. Therefore, if you are buying a whole living room set, it will be easy to find a sectional couch that will complement your other furniture.

On the other hand, you can buy individual modular sectionals in either complementary or contrasting colors, depending on your preferred style. Neutral colors go with almost anything and can conveniently be incorporated into your living space without requiring many adjustments.

4. Configuration

Modular sofas come in different shapes and designs. For example, a U-shaped sectional sofa is an ideal option if you enjoy a good conversation or love to entertain. Besides, to get more from your sofa, look for a modular design that allows you to adjust how it is set up depending on your needs.

A chaise sectional couch comes in one long end, allowing you to lie down and enjoy a nap. Conversely, opt for an L-shaped sectional couch if you have a smaller living room. These couches can conveniently fit into the corner of your room and offer more floor space.

5. Comfort level

When shopping for the best modular sectional sofa, consider the comfort level. Try out multiple options until you can find one that offers you the comfort level you are looking for. For example, firm modular sectionals might be perfect for some people, while others want a sofa that's a bit cushier.

Besides, check the fill material inside the cushions to ensure you get comfortable in your space. Note that cushioning can be filled with feathers, spring coils, foam, or a combination of these materials.

6. Additional features

Some modular sectionals come with extra features such as USB ports allowing you to keep your phone or tablet charged while it is by your side. Additionally, some modular sofas feature massaging components, adjustable headrests, and power reclining options. Therefore, look for a sectional couch that will accommodate your lifestyle in the ideal way possible.

Furthermore, you can find sectional sofas that feature a built-in mattress. These sofas usually convert into a bed, offering you extra sleeping space for guests. This option is handy, especially if you don't have a guest bedroom.

What Are the Tips for Buying a Modular Sofa?

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1. Have a floor plan and measure your space

Modular sectionals are not all the same. In addition, they are available in different designs and sizes. Therefore, it's crucial to have specific measurements of your space's floor design. For instance, Slope Nomad Leather Couch measures 60 " "W x 61" D x 33" H. So, if you have two modular sections crosswise, the overall width is 120.

2. Look for a modular sofa with connectors.

The good thing is that most modular sectionals feature connectors that attach underneath the couch. The connectors help it stay intact even as people sit on it. Otherwise, a modular sectional sofa with no connectors can be annoying as it spreads apart. Therefore, it's important to ensure the sofa comes with connectors.

3. Look for performance fabrics.

Sitting on a modular sectional sofa or any other seat causes friction that can damage it over time, especially if kids use it. Conversely, performance fabric will help retain the durability and beauty of your sofa. It is also great for dealing with spills and has a higher double rub count.

4. Check the double rub count.

The double rub test is a method of measuring the durability and scratch resistance of a fabric. The standard residential fabric is roughly 15,000 double rubs. Conversely, the heavy-duty fabric usually has a double rub count of about 25,000 to 30,000 or even higher.

5. Ensure you have space for traffic flow

If the modular couch is not built into the room, ensure enough space for traffic flow. As you buy and add the sofa to an existing space, 3ft should be the minimum walking distance around the couch, especially if the room has high traffic flow.

6. Ensure the sofa is far enough from the TV for convenient viewing

Ensure the seating arrangement is far back from the TV; however, it depends on its size. The bigger the TV, the further the couches should be. This is handy to ensure you have the optimal viewing distance.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Sectional Sofa

1. Why are modular couches so expensive?

If you're considering purchasing a new modular couch, you will note that it's slightly more expensive than a standard sofa. The price is usually higher due to the additional manufacturing labor required to create a lot of modules that all fit together in various configurations instead of constructing a one-piece couch.

2. How do you clean a sectional sofa?

We recommend caring for the sofa regularly, depending on its material. Usually, sectional sofas with fabric upholstery have varying cleaning instructions than leather sectional couches. That said, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

3. Are modular couches comfortable?

Modular couches are gaining popularity since they are great for urban and modern home decor, so you can be sure they will be in style for many years. These couches are also well-known for being very comfy, especially if you have a chaise, corner, or ottoman to rest your feet on.

4. Do sectional sofas detach?

Yes, sectional couches detach and can be conveniently moved and adjusted to meet your needs. In addition, your couch may have connectors that allow you to fasten and secure the individual portions together, as well as ensure that the various components remain connected.

5. How can you place a large sectional into a tiny space?

Position the L-shaped sectional sofa in the far corner of the room, facing the TV or fireplace. This approach opens up the space and optimizes seats while not interfering with the traffic flow from the adjacent room.

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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