The Best Window Styles to Complement Your Modern House Design

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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As a homeowner, you always strive to get the best for your house to make it look stunning, constantly raising the market value of your property. With this in mind, most homeowners are eager to take up renovation projects with high ROI. That's where window replacement comes in handy. 

Studies show that new windows are one of the most profitable home renovations to make your house value skyrocket, with ROI going as high as 72%. And this is especially true for modern house designs. But which window styles are worth your investments in 2022? Scroll down to learn more about the most popular window styles, their features, pricing and what to choose to perfectly complement your house's architectural style!

Casement windows

These units are your classic windows that can be found in the majority of modern houses across America. They operate similarly to a door, come with the standard set of features and perfectly blend with any house exterior.

Casement windows can be designed in multiple configurations to fit different sizes. You can go with:

  • Single casement windows 
  • Double casement windows 
  • Triple casement windows

The right design boils down to your preferences and the existing rough opening. If you need one small window, a single casement unit will fit best, but if you strive to fill the entire wall, triple casement units may be a good pick.

Moreover, casements are one of just several windows that may be used for egress purposes, so if you plan to renovate your basement or bedroom, where egress windows are required, installing casement windows will definitely be a good choice. But since egress windows have to meet special building requirements, make sure to read more about all available window types, sizes, and your building code rules before buying any egress units.

Double-Hung Windows

These models come with two sashes that can be operated and tilted inward for cleaning. They are second to casements in terms of popularity among homeowners. But what makes them so popular? 

While casement windows are in high demand because they are the most energy-efficient units (better sealed), double-hung windows are usually more affordable and elegant. Moreover, these units can be placed strategically within your house.

Sliding windows

Sliding windows, a.k.a gliders, are perhaps the most popular window style for modern house designs. They run along the track and can be comfortably operated horizontally from left to right. Thanks to the huge glass area, these windows provide a great unobstructed view outside, allowing maximum daylight. Other benefits of sliding windows include:

  • Optimal ventilation;
  • Sleek but modern look;
  • Variety of designs (single, double tilt/lift-out, end-vent sliders);
  • Decent level of energy efficiency;

Overall, sliders are a good choice for modern houses, but they tend to have a higher price tag compared to other window styles.

Casement vs Double-Hung vs Sliding Windows - Which House Styles Do They Fit Best?

Different architectural styles require different windows to create a stunning home appearance. We have discussed the most popular window styles that will benefit your house - casement, hung and sliders, but which ones to choose to make them properly fit your exterior?

  • Casement windows are the best choice for Tudor and Craftsman-style homes. If you strive to bring a modern feel with a balance between the architectural style and the height of your home, large casement windows will definitely do the trick;
  • Double-Hung windows are best suited for Victorian and Colonial homes, where they bring a great look by separating the view into several panes and bringing in extra light;
  • Sliding windows do not have a particular house design where they perform best, but most homeowners install sliders for any modern architectural styles they deem appropriate. These window models will blend well with almost any exterior bringing a sophisticated yet contemporary look;

New Windows - How Much Do They Cost?

Window replacement is hands down a considerable investment. No wonder they have such a high ROI; high-end windows will serve your house for at least 25 years, raising its market value and enhancing the exterior. Unfortunately, it is not really possible to put the precise quote for your replacement project since every homeowner has personal preferences regarding window style, glazing, hardware, painting and other custom features to complement house design. However, below you can find the approximate price range for the 3 window styles discussed in this post. We hope it helps.


Casement window

Sliding window

Hung window


$535 - $1,022

$394 - $1057



$446 - $1,032

$394 - $1033

$95 - $1500


$444 - $1193

$437 - $1521

$587 - $2115

Bonus room

$676 - $1134

$820 - $1248

$634 - $1374

Dining room

$550 - $1348

$669 - $1957

$529 - $1466

Family room

$605 - $1999

$490 - $1131

$569 - $1155


$858 - $1999

$465 - $778

$500 - $854


$583 - $1014

$785 - $968

$510 - $925



$391 - $1085

$588 - $732


$329 - $1356

$394 - $1595

$445 - $1595

Living room

$484 - $1614

$433 - $2327

$429 - $1614

Master bedroom

$545 - $1304

$452 - $1810



$549 - $1149

$658 - $1142

$473 - $1186

Source: Ecoline Windows


Window replacement is one of those home renovations you definitely want to consider. High ROI, fantastic look, additional comfort and peace of mind are all those benefits you get from installing new windows for your houses.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.

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