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Nozomi Sushi Bar: Masquespacio Recreates a Serene Japanese Ambience for a Sushi Restaurant in Valencia

in Hotels + Restaurants/Interiors

Masquespacio, a Spanish creative consultancy, have just completed their latest project: Nozomi Sushi Bar. The project that was realized in Valencia consisted of the branding and interior design for the…

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Form, Space, Order and Location

in Architecture

Architecture shows respect its location by its materials, techniques and its contribution to the site. Several pieces have shown remarkable response to their location. Apart from the well-known examples of…

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Al Noor Tower: Africa’s Tallest Skyscraper by Valode & Pistre to Break Ground this June

in Architecture/Mixed Use Developments/Skyscrapers
Al Noor Tower - Valode & Pistre 6

Valode & Pistre is set to break ground on Africa’s tallest tower this June. More than doubling the height of Johannesburg’s 223-meter Carlton Centre, which has been the continent’s tallest…

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Farming Kindergarten: Vo Trong Nghia Architects’ Solution to Rapid Urbanisation in Vietnam

in Architecture/Educational/Sustainability
Farming Kindergarten - Vo Trong Nghia Architects - Gremsy 1

Vietnam, historically an agricultural country is facing changes as it moves to a manufacturing based economy. This has taken a huge toll on the environment. Increased droughts, floods and salinization…

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