Farming Kindergarten: Vo Trong Nghia Architects’ Solution to Rapid Urbanisation in Vietnam

in Architecture/Educational/Sustainability 1344 views
Farming Kindergarten - Vo Trong Nghia Architects - Gremsy 1

Vietnam, historically an agricultural country is facing changes as it moves to a manufacturing based economy. This has taken a huge toll on the environment. Increased droughts, floods and salinization…

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Red Pepper House: A Holiday Gateaway by Urko Sanchez Architects

in Architecture/Hotels + Restaurants/Sustainability 910 views

The client, Fernando Torres, wanted a private residence that shared a connection with Lamu but remained secluded from the town itself. The brief was thus generated from the client’s passion…

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Butaro Hospital: A Standard for Sustainable Healthcare in Rwanda by MASS Design Group

in Architecture/Healthcare/Sustainability 1724 views

The Butaro Hospital is a breathtaking building with intricate lava rock walls made of stones cut by Rwandan masons, and it is full of brightly coloured accent walls and breeze-ways…

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