Best Liquid Fertilizer for Grass and A Luscious Green Lawn

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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When it comes to simple lawn solutions, getting the best liquid fertilizer for grass is your best bet. Liquid fertilizers are easy to apply, have better distribution, are more versatile, and have better bioavailability. We'll look at these advantages later on in the article. Nonetheless, if you want to see your luscious green lawn maintained all year round with minimal effort, select a quality liquid lawn fertilizer from the options below and get started. The best part about a liquid fertilizer is that it contains nitrogen which is crucial for healthy grass.

What Is Liquid Fertilizer?

We all know what fertilizer is. At some point, we have either used it or know someone who uses it. There are different types of fertilizer. Each type of fertilizer has its own form. Forms of fertilizer include granular, powder, and for our purposes, liquid. Most fertilizers need to be diluted in water. Furthermore, other forms are easily spread on top of the soil, and they slow-release nutrients into the soil to boost growth.

Applying fertilizer is essential, and every gardener or farmer knows this. For maximum growth and overall plant health spraying the right fertilizer in your entire yard. Liquid fertilizers have increased in popularity because they take effect almost immediately. Additionally, most liquid fertilizers require hose-end spraying. The fertilizer settles in the soil and therefore provides all the nutrients for rapid growth and good lawn health.

Liquid fertilizers are specifically used to feed individual plants. However, you can also use it to maintain a healthy lawn and for greener grass. Water-soluble fertilizers are perfect and easy to use when put in a pump sprayer. Mixing the fertilizer is also easy because the portions of water to fertilizer are clearly indicated. However, when mixing the fertilizer, you have to be careful because the incorrect ratio will damage or kill your plants or grass.

Let's look at the best liquid fertilizers in the market and how they work.

What is the best liquid fertilizer for grass?

1. Lawn Food Quality Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer

Advanced 16-4-8 Balanced NPK - Lawn Food Quality Liquid...
  • Complete NPK Lawn Food: 16-4-8 is the perfect blend of key...
  • Contains High Quality Feed Grade Ingredients: Nourish your lawn...
  • Easy To Use: Designed to be easily applied. This complete...
  • All Grass types: Including Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia,...
  • Produced In The United States: 16-4-8 is manufactured in the...

Kicking off our list is this best lawn liquid food turf fertilizer that contains seaweed, fish, and nitrogen. This 16-4-8 quality liquid nitrogen fertilizer provides quick release fertilization to your lawn. These three significant ingredients are what make this best liquid fertilizer for grass very effective.

The disadvantage of this effectiveness is that you may have to regularly apply it to your lawn until you see significant results. Luckily, this best liquid lawn fertilizer purchase comes in a ready-to-spray bottle with a fertilizer sprayer nozzle. So you can easily connect this bottle to your garden hose and start the application.

Whether it's spring or summer, you can rely on this good-quality liquid nitrogen fertilizer that works on all types of grass. The purchase of this 32-ounce bottle is enough to cover up to 3,200 square feet. One factor to consider is that you should always keep your lawn sufficiently watered for the best results with this fertilizer. Keeping your lawn watered will allow for better nutrient absorption from this nitrogen fertilizer.

Simple Lawn Solutions always delivers when it comes to the ready-to-spray bottle, and it has never disappointed. Another great thing about using these quality liquid lawn fertilizers by Simple Lawn Solutions is that you will see significant changes within days of application.


  • Great for all types of grass
  • Delivers fast results
  • Works well even in dry regions
  • Great for use in spring and summer
  • Provides your grass with vital nutrients
  • Comes ready to spray


  • May have some minor issues with the application

2. Green Envy Lawn Fertilizer

Green Envy Lawn Fertilizer - Grass Fertilizer for Any...
  • ORGANIC LAWN TURF SUPERFOOD: GS Plant Foods liquid fertilizer for...
  • EASY TO APPLY FOR NATURAL GREAT RESULTS: Stir or mix well before...
  • TRUSTED & RELIABLE: At GS Plant Foods, we understand that you are...

This green envy lawn fertilizer is great for lawn care and even already established lawns. This fertilizer has a great range of broad-spectrum nutrients for a slow release to bring your lawn back to life. Widely recommended by lawn care professionals, it slowly delivers micronutrients to your lawn when you apply liquid fertilizer. Green envy is a high nitrogen fertilizer that helps with nutrient deficiencies to keep your lawn green.

Additionally, this liquid fertilizer has an abundance of humic acid to aid root growth. Root growth dramatically enhances plant growth. How much fertilizer you apply to your lawn depends on how large your lawn is and how much nitrogen it needs. It is suitable for use even in early spring or any suitable growing season. Apart from being a fertilizer and promoting healthy soil, it also kills weeds like poison ivy.


  • Suitable for all grass types
  • Super quick results
  • Works even during dry weather
  • Provides plants with the food they need to survive
  • Instant green lawn
  • Weed killer for poison ivy


  • Sprayer bottle may not work
  • Covers a limited space

3. Scotts Turf Builder With Weed Control Fertilizer

Scotts Liquid Turf Builder with Plus 2 Weed Control...
  • Fertilizes in 24 hours while controlling for weeds
  • Kills dandelions, clover and other major lawn weeds
  • Other weeds include buckhorn, chickweed, ground ivy, henbit,...
  • Easy to use, simply attach hose and spray. For grass lawns only....
  • Spray when weeds are actively growing

Our second pick is another ready to spray lawn fertilizer that will transform your grass. Just like our previous pick, the raving liquid lawn fertilizer reviews will tell you just how well this Scotts liquid turf builder works. However, the convenience of applying liquid lawn fertilizer cannot be compared to this one. You get to water your grass at the same time as you are applying this Scott's turf builder.

Another great thing about this Scott's turf builder is that it is safe to use on all types of grass. However, the difference between these best liquid lawn fertilizers and the ones below is that they take time to kick in. You will also need to apply several times throughout the year for the best results. If you're looking for a liquid lawn fertilizer that will thicken your grass, this is it. It doesn't matter if you planted your new grass from seed or sod. This best fertilizer for grass will work its magic. The working mechanism of this Scott's turf builder is that it works on the roots, where it stimulates root growth.

This best liquid lawn fertilizer works better than the best granular fertilizers. The convenience that comes with spraying is just a bonus. However, note that one bottle of this quality liquid fertilizer only covers about 600 square feet.


  • Works better than most granular plant foods
  • Easy to spray
  • Allows grass to absorb the nutrients easily
  • Gives you greener and thicker lawns
  • Great for newly sown grass
  • Doesn't require any mixing


  • Doesn't produce fast results
  • Covers a relatively small area

4.AgroThrive All-Purpose Organic Liquid Fertilizer

AgroThrive All Purpose Organic Liquid Fertilizer -...
  • Organic results in less than 1 week
  • OMRI, CDFA and WSDA listed for organic gardening; No synthetic...
  • 3-3-2 NPK General Purpose liquid organic fertilizer; Formulated...
  • Produced by The Progressive Digestion Process which breaks down...
  • Activates indigenous micro-flora in soil and helps nutrient...

This liquid fertilizer contains equal parts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Micronutrients aid in lawn care and propagating healthy grass. Before testing out this fertilizer, you should try it out on a soil sample if you are not sure. Infused with pre-digested fish and vegetable proteins, it is easier for soil microbes to break down the nutrients. This all-purpose fertilizer is also suitable for sandy soils where nutrient deficiencies are common.

If your yard has compacted soil, then this is the best liquid fertilizer to promote aeration. Soil compaction can be a hindrance when you are trying to revive your lawn. So it is a good thing that this fertilizer also doubles up a liquid aerator. It is also non-toxic and goes well with other fertilizer products. In some cases, it is also a perfect starter fertilizer, and you don't have to struggle to bring up a deep green color yard.


  • Excellent coverage
  • Long-term improvement
  • Suitable for all grass types
  • Quick-acting
  • Improves plant disease resistance


  • Your garden might sprout mushrooms

5. Extreme Grass Growth Lawn Fertilizer

Extreme Grass Growth Lawn Booster- Liquid Spray...
  • Economical Size: Refill your Simple Lawn Solutions: Growth...
  • Commercial Size: Covers up to 12,000 square feet. Refill Green...
  • Great for New Sod & New Seeding: Advanced Formula increases...
  • All Grass types: Including Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia,...
  • Produced In The United States: Growth Booster is manufactured in...

If you're looking for a quick and sure solution that will give your grass a load of nutrients in the shortest amount possible, you've hit the jackpot with this natural liquid fertilizer. This natural liquid fertilizer from Simple Lawn Solutions will increase your grass's lateral and vertical growth in no time.

A few days after application, you'll start to notice that your grass is changing and growing. One of the reasons for this quick transformation is the high phosphate concentrate (6-19-0) that this organic liquid fertilizer contains. In addition, this concentrate is energized with fulvic and humic acid that is great for boosting seeding and new turf.

Another great thing about this natural liquid fertilizer is that it also works on worn-out lawns. Therefore, if you're trying to revive your lawn or grass, this Simple Lawn Solutions fertilizer will breathe life into it. In addition, this purchase comes with a hose-end sprayer for your convenience. You can stay comfortable knowing that these quality liquid fertilizers will not harm your kids or pets. The natural ingredients in these fertilizers are not harmful to your loved ones. You can attach this bottle to your garden hose and start spraying.


  • Safe to be used around children and pets
  • Comes ready to spray
  • Covers a significant area of about 3,200 square feet
  • Fast-acting
  • Doesn't contain any harsh chemicals
  • Revives dead grass and lawns


  • You may experience some issues with the applicator

6.Humboldts Secret Base A & B Bundle

Humboldts Secret Base A & B Bundle – World's Best...
  • EASY-TO-USE TWO-PART SYSTEM: Simple use both bottles at equal...
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL GROWING MEDIUMS: Our clean-running formula is...
  • COMMERCIAL-GRADE AND GARDEN-FRIENDLY: Our two-part base system is...
  • APPROPRIATE FOR ALL PLANT LIFE: Base nutrients are the building...

Branded as the world's best base nutrient system, this pair of non-toxic fertilizers is the best to use during the growing season. With a complete macro-nutrient profile, this nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium-filled feed are compatible with all growing mediums. Additionally, it is also compatible with other fertilizer products. It is suitable for both commercial and home use. The two-part system is suitable for all plant life.

The combination of both nutrients results in a gentle and non-toxic fertilizer. Applying the mixture with every watering should give rise to a beautiful and lush growing season in your yard or garden. Additionally, it is made from quality ingredients that are 100% water-soluble and pH-balanced for ease of use. One of the fertilizer pros of this brand is that it works perfectly on all plants, trees, flowers, bushes, and lawns.


  • Quick results
  • Works on shrubs, vegetables, and trees, not just grass
  • Pet and children friendly
  • Ideal for all types of grass
  • Turns grass green in the fastest time
  • Ensures optimal plant health


  • It might be too acidic in a hydroponic setup

7. Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food Fertilizer

Scotts Liquid Turf Builder Lawn Food Fertilizer
  • Feeds and greens while watering your lawn
  • Apply to any grass type
  • Use when turf is actively growing
  • Improved greening (when compared to previous Scotts Liquid Turf...
  • Feeds and strengthens to help protect against future problems

These best liquid fertilizers are 2 in 1 product that gives your grass the nutrients it needs. You can easily attach a garden hose and get to work on your lawn. The convenience of watering your lawn while you fertilize saves you time by allowing you to kill two birds with one stone. The 29-0-3 nutrient ratio that this best liquid lawn fertilizer delivers ensures that your lawn is well cared for throughout the season.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the lush green appearance of your lawn, thanks to the greening agent in this scotts liquid turf builder and lawn food fertilizer. The convenient on/off lever on top of this bottle helps you control the flow of water. With this liquid lawn food fertilizer, 32 fl oz. bottle, you can easily cover an area of about 2,000 sq ft. However, this coverage is also dependent on the pressure of your garden hose. This is because the flow of water is what draws out the fertilizer.

Therefore, the faster the flow of water, the faster your fertilizer will come out. For efficient use, screw your garden hose into the back of this bottle and then activate the trigger spray. Once you are done watering your lawn, release the water pressure, then unscrew your bottle to use again later. You can use this liquid lawn food fertilizer all through the growing season of your grass.


  • Comes ready to spray
  • Contains a greening agent for a luscious lawn
  • You can use this bottle repeatedly
  • Great for any grass types
  • Has no risk of burning or scorching your grass


  • The spray mechanism can be difficult to use
  • Only covers about 2,000 sq ft

8. Amaze Plant Food

Amaze! Plant Food - Plant Fertilizer, Use on All...
  • Amaze! Plant Food can be used for growing all fruits, flowers,...
  • Use to feed indoor plants every 4 months and outdoor plants 3...
  • This versatile plant fertilizer can be used for growing in...
  • Just shake along the base of the plant, brush granules off the...
  • Guaranteed NPK analysis of 12-5-7

This granular fertilizer is the perfect mixture for indoor plants as well as a starter fertilizer. Additionally, you get multiple square feet of product. Preparation is simple, and you don't need to mix it up in water. However, you can if you want to. Furthermore, all you have to do is sprinkle a little at a time on your lawn or garden and water the lawn. Finally, if it is growing season, all you have to do is wait for the magic to happen.

A little at a time gets leached into the soil. Therefore, for best results on your lawn, you should use these granules when the grass is actively growing. Additionally, this fertilizer will feed your lawn for up to 3 months. It also builds and strengthens your lawn to protect against heat, drought and diseases. It is also suitable for warm-season grass. For example, switchgrass or St. Augustine grass are some of the grasses which do well with this plant food.


  • More area-controlled coverage
  • No mixing is required
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor plants
  • Suitable for all grass types
  • Encourages root growth


  • May burn plants if not regulated

9. Southern Chelated Liquid Iron Fertilizer

Southern Ag 01952 Chelated Liquid Iron, 16oz-1 Pint
  • Size: 16 OZ
  • Corrects Iron deficiency in flowers, vegetables, shrubs and...
  • Use in lawns for a deep, rich green color.
  • APPLICATION: Mix with water. Apply as a drenching spray.
  • For large quantity discount consideration or to request a mixed...

Do you want your lawn to blind your neighbors and bypassers with its bright and beautiful essence? This is the quality liquid fertilizer for you. Your grass will never suffer from iron deficiency, thanks to this fertilizer liquid. If you feel like your grass types suffer from iron deficiency, you can also use this fertilizer. It is just as good as the Lawnstar Chelated liquid iron fertilizer, if not better.

You will love the deep and rich green color that your lawn will turn into once you use this fertilizer for your lawn. You can use this fertilizer to apply some green growth to your lawn. In addition to using it to fertilize your lawn, you can use this liquid on grass, shrubs, trees, flowers, and vegetables. This liquid grass magic can also be used on any vegetables and flowers you have. For easy application, mix this fertilizer with water and apply it as a drenching spray.

Your yellowing grass will turn green and healthy right before your eyes. However, when using this liquid lawn fertilizer concentrate, an important thing to note is to wear a reliable pair of gloves before applying it to avoid staining your hands.


  • Great for grass, shrubs, trees, flowers, and vegetables
  • Delivers fast results
  • Easy to apply liquid lawn fertilizer
  • Transforms your lawn into a green heaven
  • Corrects iron deficiency


  • Can stain your hands

What Are Advantages Of Using Liquid Lawn Fertilizers?

As we mentioned earlier, some of the advantages of using liquid fertilizers include even distribution, better bioavailability, ease of application, and more. Let's look at some of the liquid fertilizer pros in greater detail.

1. Ease Of Application

The one great thing about using the best liquid lawn fertilizer to fertilize your lawn is that you won't struggle. Most of these fertilizers come ready to spray, and you can water your new grass and lawn simultaneously as you are fertilizing it.

Picking a liquid fertilizer for lawns will allow you to kill two birds with one stone. You can also get to put the right amount of fertilizer on your grass and soil.

2. Even Distribution

This second advantage is tied in with the first. Thanks to the mode of application, you get to give your lawn even distribution of the fertilizer. So, whether your lawn needs application twice a year or more, you'll be at ease knowing that each inch of your lawn has received an equal application.

The ability to attach the garden hose with the spray bottle ensures that a uniform amount of fertilizer lands on your grass. This mechanism also prevents scorching or burning to some areas of your lawn. Whether the liquid fertilizer you choose is made in the USA or another country, you'll find that it beats any granular fertilizer when it comes to ease of application.

3. Higher Bioavailability

Better bioavailability means that your grass will be able to absorb the nutrients easily. In addition, because this fertilizer is liquid, it's able to move through your new grass and get to the roots much faster.

You'll then be able to see visible results to your lawn care that you wouldn't if you had used a typical granular fertilizer.

4. Versatility

When fertilizing your lawn with the best liquid lawn fertilizers, you can either choose the one that's ready to go or one that needs dilution. Both of these options have their advantages. However, the best liquid fertilizer for grass that you choose is up to you.

Check-in with your lawn and grass to see which would be most convenient. Factors such as health, root strength, soil structure, and more may determine your decision. Therefore, whether you want the Lawnstar Chelated liquid iron fertilizer or any other that needs dilution, you'll still get results.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using The Best Liquid Fertilizer For Grass?

With every advantage of using liquid fertilizer, there are liquid lawn fertilizer reviews that state otherwise. Here are some of the liquid fertilizer cons you should be aware of:

1. Frequency Of Application

One of the significant disadvantages of using the best liquid fertilizer for grass is that you need to apply it frequently. Especially for the liquid fertilizers that are fast releasing, you may have to make more than one application to sustain these promising results. However, ensure that you don't apply too much at once, hoping that you won't have to do it again as this may cause burning.

2. High Cost

Because of this frequent application, you'll find that you may end up incurring high costs over time. This is one disadvantage that liquid fertilizers have over granular fertilizers. Nonetheless, the convenience and ease of application make up for the higher cost.

3. Contamination Of Underground Water

When using liquid fertilizer, there is a potential risk of contaminating underground water. This happens through runoff. During rainfall, these nutrients are washed away and seep into the underground water. Furthermore, the contamination of underground water sources is dangerous to all plant life, animal life and human life.

4.No Way To Measure Precisely

There is no way to be accurate about mixing the ratios. Furthermore, this is dangerous because it can damage your plants or, worse, kill them. When mixing the proportions, it is critical that you try to be as accurate as possible. The fertilizer extracts are also complex combinations, and it is difficult to try and figure out the chemical components.

5. Storage Is Difficult

When you store liquid fertilizer for extended periods of time, they tend to salt out. This renders them either useless or has reduced capacity. Furthermore, its water content means that shipping it will cost you more because of the care that has to be provided during shipping. Liquids generally tend to leak, and this is a significant concern during shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Should I Water After Applying Liquid Fertilizer?

Yes. Watering your grass after applying liquid fertilizer can help with nutrient absorption. You can also water your lawn while you apply the fertilizer.

Thanks to the design of the bottles we've looked at above, you can kill these two birds with one stone.

2. Can You Fertilize Grass In The Morning?

Yes. Fertilizing your grass in the morning will allow your grass to use the cooler temperatures and the dew to absorb the nutrients. The risk of burning is also very low at this time.

The Bottom Line

Fertilizers are a great source of nutrients. Selecting the right fertilizer for your lawn will be the difference between having healthy plants and poorly faring plants. Special fertilizers may take longer to work. Plants have subtle signs that let us know when they are in desperate need of attention. For example, yellowing or more weeds can be a sign of nutrient deficiency. Either way, keeping your lawn or garden happy is super important. We hope our suggestions make a difference.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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