What is the Best Motorcycle Garage Box? Top Picks

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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Once you have bought a motorcycle, you can not gamble on storage. While storing the bike in the main garage is ideal, it might sometimes be impossible. For this reason, we will discuss the right motorcycle storage shed for your motorcycle and why you need it. You will no longer have to squeeze the bike in between the cars in the garage while you can get a motorcycle garage box.

What is a Motorcycle Garage Box?

A garage box is a motorcycle storage shed that acts as an alternative for the garage that you would otherwise use to store the bike. While the standard garage might be ideal for storing vehicles, it might be under other uses. However, your bike still needs protection from damage caused by weather or vandals who might want to steal the bike.

image source: shelterlogic.com

The garage box is made to function efficiently and has a construction suitable for a bike and its accessories. We will outline the best motorcycle garages you should go for and discuss them later. Stick around to find the best gift for your bike.

Best Motorcycle Storage Shed/ Garage Box

Your bike deserves the best storage. Here are the ones we loved most.

1) Best Steel Storage

Yardsaver Compact Galvanized Steel

Arrow Shed 4' x 7' Yardsaver Compact Galvanized Steel...
  • Sturdy and Reliable: Constructed of electro-galvanized steel, the...
  • Accessibility: Double swing doors provide easy entry and removal...
  • Convenient Storage: With 26 sq. feet of capacity, the Yardsaver...
  • Outdoor Storage Appeal: Complements a variety of home exteriors...
  • Efficient Design: Sloped steel roof is designed to reduce the...

We are talking about electro-galvanized steel. The storage is rust-proof, and so will your bike. What we liked most about the storage was how easy its installation was and how convenient it was to use. The double doors on the storage make it easy to get in and remove the bike.

image source: CanadianTire.com

The design appeals to the outdoors and will not look out of place. In addition, this storage shed is durable and will outlast your bike and the bikes to come.


  • Anti-theft
  • Strong and durable
  • This shed protects your bike from rust and moisture
  • Double doors for convenience.
  • Good design


  • Shipping might be a bit costly.

2) Best Portable Garage Tent

Quictent Motorcycle Storage shed

Quictent Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shelter Shed Cover...
  • ✅【DURABLE 600D OXFORD FABRICCOVER】 Using 100% watertight...
  • ✅【VENTILATION WINDOW】 Mesh ventilation windows on two sides...
  • ✅【SAVE YOUR MONEY】Equiped with black tsa code lock for...
  • ✅【APPLICABLE MODELS】 Provides full-coverage protection from...
  • ✅【1 YEARS WARRANTY】 Within the warranty period, we always...

This was one of our favorite solutions to our motorcycle garage search. The tent is portable and has a carry bag to carry everywhere you go. This is especially helpful when you are touring or need a temporary garage. In addition, the tent will protect the bike against the sun, snow, rain, debris, dust, and more.

image source: quicktents.com

You can fit any bike inside the tent, making it our most convenient pick on this list.


  • Portable
  • It offers your bike protection from the elements
  • Affordable compared to other storage modes
  • Easy shipping to any country


  • This shed will not protect your bike from potential theft.

3) Best Plastic Motorcycle Garage

Rubbermaid Large Motorcycle Storage Shed

Rubbermaid Large Plastic Vertical Resin Weather...
  • SENSIBLE STORAGE: Preserves essential yard or patio space with...
  • SLIM DESIGN: Safely store gardening supplies such as pots, bags...
  • UNMATCHED DURABILITY: Tough, double-wall resin construction and...
  • APPEALING DESIGN: Metal handle accents provide an aesthetically...
  • CUSTOMIZE TO YOUR NEEDS: Organize your interior with smart...

If you want your motorcycle stored well, this shed will bed a great option to go for. The application is wide, making it a convenient shed to have. You can store the riding mower, bikes, and more. In addition, the resin will last you longer than the time other sheds will be able to.

image source: ubuy.vn

Rubbermaid is good-looking and will be a great compliment to your space.


  • Maintenance free
  • Multipurpose
  • Weatherproof
  • Protection against rust and dirt
  • Easy to navigate


  • Not as portable

4) Best Storage Tent

Abba Patio Outdoor Storage Shelter

Abba Patio Outdoor Storage Shelter with Rollup Door...
  • Sturdy Heavy Weight Frame - The heavy duty storage shelter frame...
  • Durable Triple Layer UV Treated Canopy - The triple layer 240 PE...
  • Detachable Rollup Zipper Door - This portable shed has a rollup...
  • One piece Top Cover and Sidewall Design - This feature gives the...
  • Many Storage Uses - This storage shelter can be a motorcycle...

This is one easy tent to set up. We remembered our camping days, and the tent took us minutes to put up. The tent has sturdy frames that will withstand strong winds or storms. The roll-up door has a zipper to keep the bike safely inside. Of course, you can keep things other than the bike inside the tent.

image source: abbapatio.com


  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy build
  • Multipurpose
  • Waterproof option.
  • Easy shipping


  • The tent is not a permanent structure.

5) Best Motorcycle Cover

VELMIA Motorcycle Cover

VELMIA Motorcycle Cover Waterproof Outdoor [XX-Large]...
  • WATERPROOF & HEAT-RESISTANT - Here your bike is optimally stored!...
  • TEAR-RESISTANT & UV-STABILIZED - Benefit from extreme sturdiness...
  • BREATHABLE AND SCRATCH-FREE - Forget condensation and scratches!...
  • EASY TO PUT ON AND TAKE OFF - Just pick the correct size and...
  • DISPLAYS YOUR LICENSE PLATE - Finally park your motorcycle...

We consider this to cover the portable garage that you should be carrying with you everywhere you go. We realized that we needed to use the cover alongside other garages, which made it an essential part of your accessories list. Even in your standard garage, you will still need this cover for protection against damages and dust.

image source: ubuy.vn


  • Heat resistant
  • Breathable material
  • Great for moped, scooter, and Harleys


  • This cover will not offer security and protection against theft.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Garages

image source: rideapart.com

You want the best option for your motorcycle, and getting the best motorcycle garage means that there are some questions you need answers to. Here are some questions we struggled with when trying to pick the best option for our motorcycles.

a) What are the Types of Motorcycle Garages?

To keep your bike safe, you must first avoid our mistake, not considering which option was best for us. Here are some options you need to look into before buying a bike.

i) Weatherproof Covering

This option is great when you are traveling and unsure whether you will get garage space for your bike. The covering is portable and will not pose a great challenge to fit your luggage. Sometimes our greatest fear is not being sure where the bike will stay while we are warm and safe at night.

image source: TractorSupply.com

These options are only great for protecting your bike from the weather and its elements and not necessarily from theft or other security concerns. All bikes need one of these regardless of whether you have a garage. You never know when you might need them. The mistake we made was to look into garages when all we needed was one of these covers.

One of the downsides is that your bike will not be as protected from extreme temperatures.

ii) storage Tents and bubbles

Tents do a great job in concealing the bike. Everyone wants to ride a bike, and if you have a cool one, you will soon have prying eyes. The tent does a good job of concealing the bike. While keeping the bike discreet, it will be safe from moisture and dust that tend to do a number on the bike pretty fast.

image source: lonerider-motorcycle.com

Bubbles are great but not that great at concealing the bike. Bubbles are tougher than the tent, and we realized that the best thing to do was to use the two simultaneously. The bubble will be more resistant to wear and tear and will stand the test of time better.

The tent will not provide maximum security and protection to your bike. However, it will make it harder for anyone who might have an attempt.

iii) Metal Cage

These are normally the ones you build on your own. However, during our trial period, we had some bikes we could not just leave outside unprotected. That would be us pushing it and putting our money on the line. So the best anti-theft option was to build a metallic cage that we could lock up for maximum security for the bikes.

image source: carolenash.com

A lot more goes into building a shed, and it is not just a matter of welding sheets of metal together. Remember, like any other vehicle, the bike will do well under certain conditions.

These options are permanent, and you will not be able to take them on a bike tour with you.

iv) Plastic Storage Shed

Plastic is the sweet spot between metal and wood. The price is a bit fair, and there is a lot less to deal with in terms of maintenance when it comes to plastics. However, these sheds mostly come pre-manufactured, and you might not be able to build one that suits you. I helped a friend find one, and it was a bit of a search before we got the perfect one for his bike.

image source: bikersrights.com

You will not have to go through a tiresome search because we have outlined your options above.

v) Wooden shed

We are big on outdoor design, and wood is a great material for achieving great outdoor yard designs. Maybe you want the shed to match the patio design or the house outdoors. Wood is a great choice, and you can build it yourself compared to metal and plastic most of the time. You will not need to purchase a shed when you can make one yourself.

image source: Trimetals.co.uk

We must insist that the shed be waterproof to ensure the bike stored inside is safe from damage. Regardless of the shed you buy, always cover the bike inside to prevent dust and moisture.

Wood needs a lot of maintenance. You have to watch out for termites and rot. You have to pay a lot of attention when building a shed yourself. Luckily, you do not have to build a shed when you can buy one of the ones we have highlighted above.

b) Does My Bike Need a Motorcycle Garage?

It might be tempting to go without the garage at first because you will wake up tomorrow and clean the bike and keep it active. At first, I used to think having my bike covered was enough protection. However, this cost me dearly, prompting me to try different options to pick the best motorcycle garage.

Here are some reasons why your bike will need a garage.

i) Protection from Weather

The weather has an unforgiving nature towards vehicles. The accessories suffer in silence without you noticing it at first. Just like the car or the riding lawn mower, the bike will be greatly affected by the weather. Temperature fluctuations can damage the battery, and this is where most of your problems can start. You have to plan on how to heat the motorcycle shed during winter to keep the battery safe.

You do not want to be dealing with rust when it comes to your bike. It is better to avoid the situation in the first place. One thing I learned lately is how resilient dirt and dust are. I would wipe the bike every day, but somehow there was dust in the impossible places. I needed to store the bike in motorcycle storage shed to solve that problem.

ii) Protection from Theft

If I just bought a bike, I sure am locking it up. I lock up my bicycle in some instances. When your bike is secure, you will have peace of mind. You can get maximum security by investing in the best fence for your house or just getting the best motorcycle garage you can get and adding the baddest padlock to the list.

iii) Efficiency

The essence of having a garage is not only storage but space that is catered to keep your bike healthy and alive. You can get a bike garage where you keep everything you need for your bike all in one place. The tools, gear, and other accessories can now be in one spot. Having to ferry every single accessory you need every morning is not the most fun thing. But, sometimes, you must get out and ready to go.

c) Can I Build My Motorcycle Garage?

If you are into DIY projects, you will enjoy building a motorcycle garage. Shipping a garage can be a bit costly at times, and you can build one with the help of a construction professional if you can not do it on your own. Remember to check if there are any building codes you must adhere to.

Motorcycle Storage Garage - Asgard

image source: Asgardsss.co.uk

When building a shed for your bike, you need to consider that the bike is a vehicle that has parts like the battery that need maximum care. Remember to add compartments for your accessories. Depending on your model, size is an essential part of the equation.

Remember, moisture can sometimes seep from the ground. So you need to have this taken care of.

Tips to Follow When Storing Your Bike

Building a motorcycle storage shed is not enough. You must have some practices that will favor your bike in the long run. Regardless of how good the storage space is, you can not just place the bike in there and leave it. You must consider the following points when storing the bike in a standard garage.

  • Create enough room for the bike to avoid scratching it against a surface when getting it in and out of the storage compartment.
  • Attach a trickle charger to the battery to avoid damaging the battery. Ensure the battery is removed.
  • Add a fuel stabilizer or top off the fuel when storing for longer periods. Your engine will be grateful.
  • If you will store the bike for a long period, suspend the bike from the ground and inflate the tires to avoid flat spots.
  • Cover the bike even in storage to offer protection from dust.

Final Thoughts

Once you buy a bike, you have to protect it. Otherwise, you will be running crazy costs before you know it. However, there are ways to offer your bike protection, and the first step is to get the right storage.

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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