Best Solar Oven Cookers In The Market

13 Best Solar Oven Cookers in the Market this 2024

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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For people who love camping out and hosting backyard picnics, the solar oven gives out most jaws dropped... and for good reason. 

Solar ovens let you cook without gas or electricity. Instead, these awesome inventions (that has been around since the 18th century) use non-polluting, free energy from the sun. 

In many parts of the world, solar ovens are the norm and are life-saving devices. They cook meat, vegetables, breads, soups and everything else in solar ovens. 

If you want your own solar oven for camping, outdoor cooking, or even for emergencies when gas or electricity isn't available, you have a couple of choices. Traditional box-types reach up to 300 degrees F (or hot enough for most meats), while the parabolic cooker can go up to 400 degrees F (ideally for baking bread and frying food). For something more portable, the smaller solar panel cooker and tube cooker does the job without the bulk of box or parabolic cookers. 

Interested in checking out what kind of solar cookers are out there and which brand has the best solar oven for you? Here are 13 solar ovens we’ve hand-picked from hundreds of brands...

1. Haines 2.0 Solar Cooker and Dutch Oven Kit

Haines 2.0 SunUp Solar Cooker and Dutch Oven Kit
  • Top Ranked Solar Cooker
  • Cook Delicious Meals Using the Power Of the Sun
  • For Home Use, Camping or Keep On Hand for Power Outages and...
  • Adjustable to Maximize Sun Power
  • Easy to Set-Up and Store

The Haines 2.0 Solar Cooker and Dutch Oven has everything you need to start solar-cooking. Like the much-loved original Haines, the 2.0 has been used for educational classes in schools and far-flung villages, but also as an addition to residential cooking. 

This solar oven kit includes a circular widescreen, thermometer, cooking sleeve and a 4-quart pot, which is super useful for beginners who do not own any cookware ideal for solar cooking yet. And like any other solar ovens, just leave food in the pot and you won't have to worry about burnt food. 

Unlike other solar ovens with reflectors that just go around like a box, the Haines 2.0 solar cooker and Dutch oven is designed with petal-like reflectors that can be adjusted to follow the sun and heat up all sides of your pot quicker than the older models. 

The cool thing about the Haines 2.0 solar oven is that it can even accommodate households that experience intense winters with just some insulation hacks in place. It's very portable, easy to assemble/disassemble, and operate.


  • Color-coded snap design for easy assembly
  • Good quality pot
  • Perfect for day-to-day cooking and camping
  • Stews, boils, bakes, and fries perfectly


  • Small cooking space
  • Need something to weigh it down when windy

2. All American Sun Oven

All American Sun Oven- The Ultimate Solar Appliance
  • SOLAR COOKER: Portable solar energy oven made with rust-proof,...
  • EASY TO SET UP: Takes just minutes to set up and can reach...
  • UNIQUE COOKING TECHNIQUES: Allows users to independently bake,...
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: Lightweight design at just 23 pounds and comes...
  • COMES WITH: Includes a built-in thermometer, spill-proof...

The American Sun oven looks like a traditional box-type oven, which means it isn't like most of the best solar oven cookers we'll be featuring on this list.  However, it is still powered by the sun and is made with rust-proof, mirror-like, highly polished anodized aluminum reflectors.

This solar oven can cook an entire chicken from morning until afternoon, right in time for dinner. Unlike other solar ovens that are not enclosed, American Sun's 14x14-inch box design means the heat can be trapped and used for cooking the whole day. And because of its unique design, outdoor elements like dirt, dust, insects and even small animals can't go into the oven so quickly. 

The downside to this kind of design is that the "reflectors" of this solar oven are not flexible. They're fixed to the same position, which means there will be limitations in terms of size of pots and repositioning it to the sun.


  • Sturdy and heavy design prevents being blown away on windy days
  • Set-up once, and that’s it!
    Provides sufficient range of temperature
  • Includes a ton of recipes saved on CD
  • Add-ons like pots, pans and racks available (sold separately)


  • Heavyweight (best for home use than camping)
  • Limited capacity due to the boxed design

3. Sunflair Portable Solar Oven Deluxe with Complete Cookware

Sunflair Portable Solar Oven Deluxe with Complete...
  • #1 Portable Solar Oven from Alaska to Afghanistan! Cook from...
  • The most versatile solar oven on the market. Bake cookies or...
  • Everything included to start cooking: 1 solar oven thermometer, 2...
  • Oven weighs only 1 lb, 2 oz! Durable and portable for Camping,...
  • Sunflair donates a portion of our proceeds toward providing a...

At first look, the Sunflair Portable Deluxe Solar Oven looks super-small than other solar ovens, but it actually has the perfect size for cooking meals.

Included in this set is a two-layer rack, a collapsible silicone pot, solar oven thermometer, a very useful carry bag and a cookbook to explore everything this solar oven can do. 

This Sunflair solar oven weighs only 1 lb and 2 ounces - you can hand-carry it as part of your hiking gear, or use it for tailgating, boating, camping and other outdoor activities. It could serve as an emergency oven for home use, or even exclusively for drying fruits and crafts like candle making or baking sculpted clay. 

Designed with closed-cell insulation, the Sunflair solar oven can reach temperatures of up to 285 F. Of course, this will depend on the user's location and current season. 

The included silicone pot is microwavable and dishwasher-safe. These Sunflair pots can collapse to 2 cm. Note that the solar oven can accommodate any other pots, as long as they fit the cooking space.


  • Excellent use of space
  • Good set of accessories out of the box
  • 30-day warranty, return policy


  • Not the best temperature range when used outside summer
  • Hard to reach baking temperature in most climates

4. GoSun Sport Portable Solar Cooker

GOSUN Sport Solar Oven Portable Stove - Fastest Sun...
  • ☀️PORTABLE SOLAR STOVE - Deploys in seconds and collapses...
  • ☀️COOL TO TOUCH - No fire hazard here. The stove’s solar...
  • ☀️EASY AND DELICIOUS - Just load food into the tube cooking...
  • ☀️FAST AND RELIABLE - Cooks a meal in as little as 20...
  • ☀️INCLUDED - Tube cooking chamber, 2 foldable parabolic...

Many people who first take a look at the GoSun Sport solar cooker were skeptical mainly because the design doesn't look anything like other solar ovens in the market. But once you try any of GoSun's solar cookers, you'll realize that the company has developed something special. 

The biggest feature of GoSun's Sport solar cooker is its ability to cook food so quickly, even on cloudy days. This is made possible because of its award-winning design. It consists of parabolic reflectors outside the tube that helps bring up the temperature onto the cooker and the glass vacuum tube that converts up to 80% of the sun's rays to usable heat. 

The combination of the glass vacuum and outside reflectors bring the temperature inside high up to 550 ⁰F, which is high enough for frying, boiling vegetables, stewing meat, grilling and even baking muffins and other small pastries. 

In summer and humid locations, the GoSun Sport solar cooker can easily fry bacon and eggs in just several minutes. In fact, users of the Sport were so used to the slow-paced cooking of solar ovens that they’ve burnt some of their first recipes done on this cooker. 

Aside from the durable, Borosilicate-evacuated Glass Tube cooking chamber and the industrial-grade anodized aluminum parabolic reflectors, the GoSun Sport solar cooker also comes with a stainless steel cooking tray, scrubbing/cleaning tool, cookbook and user's manual. 

The major downside of GoSun Sport is its limited cooking space because of its tube-like shape.


  • Can retain heat effectively
  • Very durable and portable
  • USA-made
  • 2-year no-questions-asked warranty


  • Limited space for cooking

5. JWN Green Portable Solar Oven Bag Cooker

Jwn Green Portable Solar Oven Bag Cooker Sun Outdoor...
  • Open size: approx. 68*40cm / 26.8"*15.7" (When Opened)
  • Folding size: approx. 47cm *43.5cm / 18.5"*17.1" (Folding)
  • Working Condition: sunny days
  • Temp Range: 80°C-120°C
  • Max Temp: 120°C

If you're not picky about brands and just want a durable, solar oven for your camping trips or as backup cooker for emergencies, the JWN Green solar oven bag cooker will do the trick. In fact, this kit looks identical to the Sunflair deluxe cooker I featured above, except this JWN counterpart comes without any accessories and is significantly more affordable. 

The JWM solar oven comes in a green bag, which opens up into a 26.8-inch by 15.7-inch vacuum aluminizing sheet reflector. Get a pot and put it in the middle of the solar oven. Like any other solar oven, this one runs on solar energy, so it uses the sun's rays to heat the oven and eventually cook the food. 

This solar oven kit doesn't come with any accessories, which is why it is the most affordable of all ovens on this list. You can use any pot, but a thin but dark cookware provides the best results because black traps heat more effectively. 

Note that if you're new to solar cooking, give the JWM solar oven a chance because there's a learning curve to using any solar cooker.


  • Extremely portable
  • No-fuss set-up
  • Large cooking space
  • Very affordable (good way to be introduced to solar cooking)


  • Cannot reach high temperatures
  • No pots or other accessories included

6.  SolCook's All Season Solar Cooker Camper (ASSC)

SOL COOK All Season Solar Cooker (17) Camper
  • COLOR MAY VARY due to supply line issues. Cook any time of day,...
  • Best for solar cooking. The ASSC Camper, by SolCook is large and...
  • The cooker is constructed using food grade virgin polypropylene...
  • The cooker arrives in a box that measures 18 in by 14 in by 4 in....
  • Although shipped compactly, the assembled cooker has a maximum...

SolCook's ASSC Camper looks very like the original model, except that this newer Camper can cook an entire turkey or fit two pots inside. The cooking space allotted is definitely bigger with a capacity of two one-gallon pots. And since The Camper is designed with a cooking bag, it can hold varying shapes and sizes of pots without any restriction.

This SolCook Camper is a panel-type solar cooker, which means you have the freedom to use any kind of cookware from baking pans to 12-inch fry pans.  

Although this solar cooker looks like most solar ovens with the reflector bags, there are three distinct features that separate SolCook's All-Season Solar Cooker Camper with the rest: 

  • Unique design - This SolCook's origami-like design was made so you could take advantage of 12 hours of sunshine for solar cooking. Position it upward to capture the sun overhead, while position it slowly downward to accommodate the sun's position as it begins to set. This unique design means you can set the oven to any angle and absorb as much solar heat as possible.
  • Sunsight - Attached to the solar oven, this small wooden device called a sunsight guides you in positioning the oven at the most beneficial spot. When the pin has no shadow, it means the cooker is perfectly focused on the sun.
  • Large capacity - The ASSC Camper measures 12" deep and 17" wide. It offers a pretty big cooking space not seen on traditional solar ovens.

The SolCook's All Season Solar Cooker Camper may not look like it at first, but this solar oven is virtually indestructible and highly efficient in cooking big batches of food.


  • Includes a trivet (a sturdy rack where you place your pot on)
  • Large capacity
    Built in, sun-positioning device
  • No complicated set-up or operation


  • No accessories included out of the box

7. GOSUN Fusion Solar Oven

GOSUN Fusion Solar Oven - Hybrid Electric Grill |...
  • ✅ Hybrid Solar Cooker: The Gosun Hybrid Solar Oven is 5x more...
  • ✅ Temperature Range: The long-lasting vacuum tube camping...
  • ✅ Lightweight Portable Design: Sun Oven Camping Cookware has...
  • ✅ Efficient Way for Outdoor Cooking: Just load food into the...
  • ✅ Solar Cooking Technology: The sun oven camping cookware comes...

It may be a bit unfair to compare the GoSun Fusion hybrid solar oven against some of the best solar oven cookers on this list, especially since the Fusion is the world's first solar oven that can also be plugged in at night or during cloudy and rainy days when solar heat is unable to cook your food.  

If you've came from the GoSun Sport, which cooks for only 2 to 3 people, the Fusion model is definitely a step up in terms of cooking capacity. This hybrid solar oven can feed up to 6 people. 

Because this solar oven could heat up to 550°F, meals are cooked much quicker when compared to other solar ovens. This model can do everything from frying to steaming, baking to roasting and everything in between (except for boiling water). 

Like the other GoSun solar ovens, the Fusion is made with extremely durable materials, such as the anodized aluminum reflector frame and stainless steel tray. At nighttime and days without sunshine, you can plug this solar oven and use the 150-watt heating element built into the device for cooking.


  • Unique design with extremely durable parts
  • Lightweight, portable, and comes with easy carry handle
  • Fuel-free cooking
  • Choose from solar and electric mode


  • Expensive

8. ETE ETMATE Portable Parabolic Solar Cooker

ETE ETMATE Solar Oven Outdoor Integrated Solar Cooker...
  • ULTRA PORTABLE - Weighing just 11.24 pounds (5.1kg), Oven Volume:...
  • FAST AND RELIABLE - Cooks a meal in as little as 15 minutes,...
  • Material and technical parameters: 304 food grade stainless steel...
  • Safety and environmental protection--No fumes and chemical...
  • 100% SUN POWERED – Cook without propane, gas, fire, or...

If you've been a fan of GoSun solar ovens, you'll love this offering by ETE ETMATE but at a cheaper price tag. It has similar tube design, along with the upper and lower reflectors, except the ETE ETMATE solar cooker has extra reflectors on both sides of the tube.

In terms of capacity, the ETE ETMATE solar cooker can accommodate 4.5 liters of meat, veggies, or even bread. And since it can reach up to 550°F during full sunshine, this solar oven can cook a meal as quick as 20 minutes. (Note that like other solar ovens, the sunlight output would directly affect cooking time)

To operate, just pull the stainless tray from the side, put in your food for cooking, push the tray back in, and wait. You'd have to leave the reflectors open, since this helps in absorbing the sun's UV rays, which is then converted into heat suitable for cooking.


  • Portable (comes with handy carry bag)
  • No fancy set-up
  • Easy to operate


  • No accessories included

9. GOSUN Go Ultra-Portable Solar Cooker

GOSUN Solar Oven Portable Stove - GoSun Go Camp Stove...
  • ☀️ULTRA PORTABLE - The GoSun Go is the most portable model in...
  • ☀️FAST AND RELIABLE - Cooks a meal in as little as 20...
  • ☀️JUST ADD SUN - If you have a sunny day, you will have a hot...
  • ☀️INCLUDED - A durable evacuated glass tube oven, 2 parabolic...

As with most GoSun solar cookers, the GoSun Go is designed with an impressively-made glass tube placed at the center of the cooker, embraced by parabolic reflectors on top and bottom. It features a vacuum tube as 'cooking pan' that works as an insulator converting up to 80% of the sun's rays to heat.

The entire thing may look pretty small (it measures only ), but GoSun’s Go solar oven has the ability to steam, roast or bake a meal. It can even boil liquids - something many solar cookers cannot do. In favorable weather conditions where you can get direct sunlight for up to 8 hours, the GoSun Go solar cooker could reach temperatures as high as 550°F.

If you're buying this for disaster preparedness or for camping with a family or group of friends, this won't fit the bill because of its size. GoSun has oth


  • Includes a durable EVA foam hardshell case
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Extremely portable and lightweight
  • Bakes, cooks and handles boiling or heating liquid too


  • Limited cooking space for single use or couples

10. Solavore Sport Solar Oven with TR-86 High Performance Reflector

Sunflair Portable Solar Oven Deluxe with Complete...
  • #1 Portable Solar Oven from Alaska to Afghanistan! Cook from...
  • The most versatile solar oven on the market. Bake cookies or...
  • Everything included to start cooking: 1 solar oven thermometer, 2...
  • Oven weighs only 1 lb, 2 oz! Durable and portable for Camping,...
  • Sunflair donates a portion of our proceeds toward providing a...

Solavore's Sport solar oven looks massive, but it actually just measures measuring 12 1/4"high, 27 1/4”long and 17”wide. This particular set comes with two 3-quart capacity graniteware pots, which are made of carbon steel with a porcelain surface for non-stick cooking. 

This "Sport" solar oven from Solavore is designed with durable BPA-free rugged nylon plastic, along with closed-cell foam for insulation. Outside the box, the massive TR-86 high-performance reflectors do their magic as its mirror-like surface takes in the sun's rays and converts it into usable heat for cooking. 

Because this solar oven was designed to stand on its own (without a table or any other rack), you can keep it near the ground and operate more effectively. You do need additional time for set-up and take-down, since the solar oven must be folded completely with the reflectors removed before storage.


  • Detachable reflectors
  • Used tarnish- and weather-resistant materials
  • Wide temperature range (up to 300º F)
  • Two pots included with carrying bag


  • Not the most portable with reflectors installed (weigh 9 pounds)

11. American Educational Solar Oven

American Educational Solar Oven
  • Gain first-hand experience with solar radiation using this solar...
  • It has reflective surfaces that concentrate heat radiation in the...
  • Temperatures up to 350 degrees
  • Teacher's Guide gives suggestions for classroom experiments
  • For grades 3 to 12 and ages 8 to 18 years

American Educational's Solar Oven is designed for classroom experiments of grades 3 to 9 (or around 8 years old to 15). This solar oven even comes with a 'Teacher's Guide' to assist educators on proper use and functions.

Unlike some of the best solar oven cookers on this list, the purpose of American Educational Solar Oven isn't to impress and be used for rugged camping trips. It is best used a couple of times a year for presentation. If you plan to use this regularly, it’s better to choose another solar oven from this list. 

The design of the American Educational Solar oven is pretty simple. It is made with reflective surfaces, which concentrate heat radiation into the cooking chamber and traps heat for cooking. The cooking space can be pretty snug, even for a 1.5-quart round Pyrex dish. Make sure you have cookware that could fit into this solar oven because it doesn't have any pot or pan included. 

One of the biggest design flaws of this solar oven is the lack of warning not to cut off the box while unpacking. This is important because the reflectors are actually connected to the inner side of these boxes and cutting them off would basically damage the entire thing.


  • Can cook meat within 4 hours
  • Super affordable
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Pest or insect-free


  • Almost just the size of a shoe box

12.  Sunflair Mini Portable Solar Oven

Sunflair Mini Portable Solar Oven
  • #1 Portable Solar Oven from Alaska to Afghanistan! Cook from...
  • Includes: 1 solar oven thermometer, 1 trivet, 1 collapsible...
  • Cook where open flames are not allowed. Possible to cook in some...
  • World's lightest and easiest solar oven; floats and dries...
  • Sunflair donates a portion of our proceeds toward providing a...

Sunflair's mini portable solar oven does live up to its name. It weighs just 1 pound and 12 ounces, then folds down to the size of a three-ring binder. This was designed specifically for campers, hikers, fishing hobbyists, RV-ers and other people who love the outdoors. 

The Sunflair Mini portable solar oven comes ready with a solar oven thermometer, a trivet, a carry bag, and a black, collapsible silicone pot, which can accommodate up to 3 and a half cups of liquid. This set-up can easily cook beans, rice, eggs, and other basic fry-foods like bacon, eggs and hotdogs.

Built with advanced closed-cell insulation, this solar oven can heat up from 180 to 300º F, depending on the season, time of day and location. And because you're using the power of the sun, instead of other alternative heat sources, you can cook even in areas where open flames are not allowed. Some users even swear of trying to cook food inside their cars during traffic - how crazy is that?


  • Complete accessories included (pot, case, thermometer, trivet)
  • Hassle-free assembly and operation
  • 30-day return policy
  • Perfect model for beginners


  • May need a platform, or constant adjustment to be positioned directly below the sun

13. NICECHOOSE Portable Solar Cooker

NICECHOOSE Portable Solar Cooker, Smoke Free Solar Oven...
  • ❥100% ZERO POLLUTION - NICECHOOSE Portable Solar Cooker will...
  • ❥FUNCTION - The mirror aluminum plate is used to reflect...
  • ❥USAGE - Remove from packing and peel off protective plastic...
  • ❥CONVENIENCE - Deploys in seconds and collapses into a durable...
  • ❥APPLICATION - Place the solar stove in the sun and prepare the...

If you've been eyeing the GoSun solar ovens for a while now, but have no extra cash to accommodate this wonderful device, you can get the next best thing with cheaper alternatives like this offer from NICECHOOSE.

The NICECHOOSE portable solar cooker is pretty straightforward. It is designed with a mirror aluminum plate that reflects sunlight down to the cooking tube, a built-in stainless steel roasting tray with wooden handle, and folding parabolic reflectors protecting the tube as you cook. Because the vacuum glass tube traps the heat in naturally, the food on the tray receives enough heat even without full sunlight. 

During sunny days, you can cook a meal within 30 minutes. It is perfect for roasting, boiling, steaming and baking. It's a fuel-free BBQ stove, which means you can tailgate or camp successfully without the smoke that comes with traditional grilling.

As you might expect for having a low price tag, the reflectors can be delicate, so you need to be extra careful when handling the NICECHOOSE solar oven. There also is no instructions included in this kit, so you'd have to Google basic operations if you're new to the world of solar cooking.


  • Assemble and ready to use within seconds
  • Affordable
  • Works as efficiently as more-expensive solar ovens


  • Fragile reflectors

Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Solar Oven in the Market

Aside from the types of solar ovens (box, tube, or parabolic cookers), you also have to consider different things, such as:

  • Where it will be used - Determine your reason for buying a solar oven. Are you planning to use it for camping or other outdoor activities like tailgating? Do you want it to be a permanent fixture in your backyard? Are you bringing it with you in an RV? This is a good question because it would directly affect what type and size of solar oven you need. For example, parabolic cookers require bigger storage space, while tube cookers are built for portability.
  • Things you want to cook - In general, box ovens, tube cookers and panel cookers can boil, steam and stew food easily. You can use any kind of solar oven for baking too, but the difference lies in the time needed for each type. For instance, cooking steaks would require the high heat of parabolic cookers.
  • How much food you need to cook - The capacity of your solar cooker can be an issue if you plan to cook large-sized pizza crusts, a huge pot roast, and so on. Make sure to measure the solar oven's capacity, so you'll know if it could accommodate your Thanksgiving turkey or loaves of bread.
  • Cooking specifications - Some solar ovens cook faster or hotter than others. Consider factors such as heat potential and cooking speed when choosing the best solar oven for you.
  • Accessories included - If you're new to the world of solar ovens and have no other accessories available, you'd benefit from solar ovens packaged with pots, pans, racks, utensils and other accessories.

Price wouldn't be much of an issue because most solar ovens are inexpensive. However, durability would be a better weighing factor since higher-priced solar cookers are made with better (and sometimes more expensive) materials.

Wrap Up: Which Brand is the Best Solar Oven for Me?

The best solar oven for you will depend on your location, preferred cooking method, and whether you need it portable for camping, tailgating or other outdoor activities, or just for your backyard and backup oven for emergencies. 

If you're new to this world of solar cooking, you can try out a solar oven without breaking the bank - choose the super-affordable, yet highly effective JWN Green Portable Solar Oven Bag Cooker.

For those who want something that is both efficient and good-looking, any of the GoSun models (GoSun Go, GoSun Sport, or GoSun Fusion) can make your guests go wow. 

However, if you’re serious about outdoor cooking, the best solar oven is something like Sunflair Portable Solar Oven Deluxe with Complete Cookware, which includes the pot, thermometer, and everything else you'll need to begin cooking under the sun. 

Note that if you plan to bake outdoors during seasons other than summer, skip the Sunflair model and go for the SolCook's All Season Solar Cooker Camper, which provides better temperature range for grilling, steaming, boiling and baking.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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