Golden Oak’s Casa de La Fuente: Spanish Revival In The Heart of Florida

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Zahra Abdillahi

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This immaculate and chic custom-built house projects a touch of vintage European charisma in the heart of Florida. The radiant white exterior and courtyard layout could seamlessly blend into any Spanish neighborhood. The home balances modern and traditional design elements perfectly, with its simple stucco exterior set against the stunning background of lush, well-pruned landscaping and vibrant, decorative flowers. The homeowners sought the quintessential Spanish touch, and they achieved just that with this JRW construction. Recognizing European and Caribbean influences, Golden Oak appreciates the enduring aesthetics of traditional Florida architecture while staying attuned to modern resort-style living.

Carved wooden doors featuring iron details lead to a warm interior space simulating a stylish boutique hotel aura. The wide entry area with uninterrupted views into the backyard immediately draws attention to the beautiful mosaic-tiled fountain in the stone courtyard. Large rounded glass windows and doors frame the pool and the beautiful palm trees swaying in the back yard showcasing the house for the tropical paradise that it is.

The gourmet kitchen has marble countertops, light coloured wooden cabinets and natural light walls juxtaposed by large exposed wooden trusses on the ceiling. The interior is laden with ornate details apparent in both large and small features such as intricately tiles patterns and exposed beams.

With its applied relief ornamentation and wrought iron details, the dining room captures the Spanish theme perfectly. The tile-work touches mixed with the use of dark stucco finish and natural materials create an exotic but harmonious experience parallel to Mediterranean homes.

Large glass windows framed in reddish-brown wood and doubling as doors open up to an expansive terracotta tiled patio and a colonnade of stucco columns overlooking the pool. Elaborate tile work, applied relief ornamentation and wrought iron grillwork have been used to create frames around doorways and windows and as decorative accents throughout the house.

Project information
Orlando, Florida, USA
Architect: JRW Construction
Landscape Architect: LRM
Client: Samuel & Lois Bergami
Completion: 2018
General Contractor: Rick Watson
Photography: Chibi Moku

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