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11 Creative Home Gym Ideas For an Ultimate Workout Session

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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A home gym is an amazing convenience but coming up with the perfect home gym idea to match your preferences is not an easy task. However, the creative home gym ideas below will increase the chances of you getting a maximum workout while still maintaining the design and aesthetics of the rest of the house.

Working out to achieve your fitness goals can be very time-consuming, and also working out in a crowded gym makes it worse. So while a personal trainer could be another option, wouldn't it be better to have the workout equipment and workout space in the comfort of your own?

To help you create your own home gym, check out the following outstanding home gym space ideas.

1. Home Yoga Studio

home yoga studioImage Source: reenasotropa.ca

You can always use your spare bedroom as a yoga retreat, as shown in this home by Reena Sotropa Design Group. The large mirror helps people check their form, and the woven run comes in handy to soothe bare feet. Moreover, there is plenty of wall storage and a rolling cart for essentials. The ceiling is wallpapered to enhance the room's vibe.

Gym Equipment in a BedroomImage Source: ikea.com

When you're looking for motivation, getting a spot in your apartment where you can work out makes a huge difference. While the first step is to carve out the square footage of the home gym, Ikea shows that you can create a gym in your living room or bedroom using a curtain room divider. The curtain cuts out enough room for weightlifting and yoga. In addition, you can hang some shelves to keep the workout geat organized.

2. Exercise Equipment With Visual Interest

Exercise Equipment With Visual InterestImage Source: onethreedesign.ca

One Three Design adds visual interest to the home gym as well as two cardio machines. The feather wall decal is a great addition so that your focus isn't only on the equipment. The barn-style sliding door also saves on floor space since it doesn't take lots of space when open.

3. Basement Home Gym

Basement Home GymImage Source: eisnerdesign.com

The picture above shows how Eisner Design turned a dark basement into a light-up space that both adults and children can enjoy. Since the homeowners required a place where they could work out while watching their kids, they came up with a home gym on the left and a children's playroom on the right.

Basement GymImage Source: jkandsons.com

Another ideal basement home gym designed for cross-training is by John Kraemer and Sons. The room comes with concrete walls for supporting heavy equipment and commercial rubber flooring for safety. Moreover, there is a disco ball hanging from the top that adds to the beauty of the entire room.

Basement Gym RemodelImage Source: vonnstudio.com

Lastly, this basement gym remodels by Vonn studio packs a lot of function and fun into the room. The workout zone has the things found in health clubs like medicine balls and weight racks. Furthermore, there is a fully stocked bar on the left to help kick back after working out.

4. Home Rock Climbing Wall

Home Rock Climbing WallImage Source: ezralee.com

A home rock climbing wall is arguably one of the best home gym ideas. You can easily get your sweat on using a residential climbing wall like the one above by Ezra Lee Design and Build. Climbing walls has been proved to be a great form of exercise for both adults and kids. However, you should ensure that the area underneath the wall is padded in case of falls for safety purposes.

5. Ultimate Bike Room

Ultimate Bike RoomImage Source: sognodesigngroup.com

Outdoor cyclists will love this earthy home gym by Sogno Design Group. The wood walls are aesthetically pleasing, and floating shelves create spots to park bikes. Plus, there is space for other equipment for when you can't go out on a bike ride. And after your workout, there is a hammock for a recovery nap.

6. Fitness Wall

Fitness wallImage Source: isawallsystems.com

Wall workouts have become quite popular, especially for tight spaces since they don't need any bulky equipment. A good example is the fitness wall above designed by Isawall. This wall features a combination of strength training such as a pull-up bar, body straps, and resistance bands on one mounted unit. Fortunately, you can always customize your wall to fit your favorite equipment.

7. Treadmill Nook

A treadmill nookImage Source: craftyourhappiness.com

Do you live in a small apartment and don't have room for a treadmill? This incredible idea by Craft Your Happiness shows how you can turn a small space into a workout zone. To do this, you need first to install a floor-to-ceiling curtain, then add your treadmill to the space and make it more inviting using inspirational wall art and pendant lighting.

8. Rustic Home Gym

Rustic Home GymImage Source: cedarhillcustomhomes.com

In this new construction by Cedar Hill Custom Homes, the architectural details offer the gym plenty of old-time character. The exposed beams and brick walls bring out the rustic style in the gym. Furthermore, the mats that are placed under the exercise equipment ensure the wood floor stays protected.

9. Bright Windowless Workout Room

Bright Windowless Workout RoomImage Source: onethreedesign.ca

While home gym ideas with beautiful views can be nice, you can also convert a windowless space to an airy and fresh workout space. You can use ideas from One Three Design, such as white walls, recessed LED lighting, and floor-to-ceiling mirrors to ensure the room feels bright and airy. Additionally, the interlocking foam mats will protect the floors and add a design element to the room.

10. Small Exercise Nook

Small Exercise NookImage Source: kylieminteriors.ca

If you live in a small rental space, then you will appreciate this small exercise nook. Wall-mounted shelves will help you store the accessories but might also put you at risk. That should not stop you from executing the home gym. One of the best home gym ideas to help solve is using a rolling cart. The rolling cart turned the small nook designed by Kylie into a great workout zone.

11. Garage Gym

garage gymImage Source: mrkate.com

If you sell your car or find a different outdoor space for it, then you can turn the space into a beautiful home gym like the above picture by Mr. Kate. The goal for a garage gym is to create an attractive and super functional spot for doing your exercises. The space should be full of neutral and bright colors as well as spa-like accents.

Garage Crossfit GymImage Source: menterbyrne.com

Like Menter Byrne Architects, who turned a garage into a CrossFit gym, hanging off strong beams and gymnastic rings come in handy for strength training. Adding mats will help provide cushioning, and the stainless steel helps in rinsing off.

Behind the chalkboard barn door is a toilet, and at the back of the room is some storage space. The four pendant lights that are over provide added comfort, as well as the hammock-style hanging chairs that you can use to relax after your workout.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Great Home Gym Design

1. Location and Space

Ideally, fitness spaces are considered to be as spacious as possible to accommodate and store training equipment as well as allow for numerous workout positions. Choosing the right location for a home gym is crucial because it might affect your personal workout habits.

To achieve a comfortable alluring home gym, you need to ensure the location has sufficient ventilation and natural light. Additionally, an ideal interior design environment will not only impact the focus during workout sessions but also boost energy.

2. Equipment

When picking out your workout equipment, consider your personal desires, comfort and ensure they cater to your specific needs. The size of the equipment is also an important consideration and ensures that electrical equipment is conveniently positioned near power outlets.

Chances are, your training will either be cardiovascular or strength training. When you're sure about the desired outcome and the workout purpose, here is a range of equipment you could choose for your home gym.

a). Cardio Equipment

These will work the lungs and heart, facilitating blood circulation and increasing the oxygen levels in the blood. Here is some cardio workout equipment you should consider;

  • Treadmills
  • Cross Trainers
  • Stationary Bike
  • Rowers
  • Stair Steppers

b). Strength Training Home Gym Equipment

These devices will induce muscular contraction using resistance, increase skeletal muscle size and improve anaerobic endurance. They include;

  • Free weights
  • Stability/ Medical Balls
  • Resistance bands
  • Resistance exercise machine
  • Squat rack and pull-ups bar
  • Free-Standing Punching Bag

3. Supportive Environment

Creating a supportive environment is important in designing a home gym. There are factors you need to consider, such as air conditioning, air quality, color, and lighting, as well as other factors like interior decor and high ceilings.

4. Flooring

The gym flooring is a crucial thing you shouldn't ignore as you need a material that cushions you in case you fall down during a workout. Choose a material that is not only safe but stiff enough to sustain the weights, for example, non-slip surfaces like rubber.

5. Hygiene

Hygiene is one of the reasons why some people would prefer a home gym because you are able to control your cleanliness. For this reason, it is important to consider some of the cleanliness of an exercise room, air filtration systems, and shower accessibility.

6. Home Gym Accessories

In addition to your workout sessions, you might also want to pick out accessories that complement your workout. The most popular accessory is mirrors, TVs and sound system. Other important accessories include;

  • Yoga Mat
  • Flat or Incline Bench
  • Kettlebells
  • ABS Wheel Roller
  • Safety Gear

7. Safety and Health

Some accidents within the workout area can cause injuries that are quite fatal. While some people may blame faulty equipment for the accident, the truth of the matter is that the design of your home gym could also cause accidents. To minimize such accidents and injuries, it is recommended to;

  • Ensure you have ample storage space for the equipment to avoid tripping on them
  • Check for faulty parts on the equipment
  • Stay focused and avoid distractions

8. Budget

A home gym is considered a luxury most of the time, especially if you're too busy to achieve your specific workout goals. However, designing a home gym doesn't have to be expensive, and it is very doable, depending on your fitness goals.

Benefits of Having a Home Gym

1. Comfort

The biggest benefit of having a home gym is the comfort that it gives. Unlike commercial gyms, a home gym comes with finer details to match personal needs, for example, encrypting motivational postures and putting up posters to ensure you get an inspiring workout environment. Additionally, you will be able to dress comfortably without having judging eyes staring at you.

2. Quality Control

In a home gym, you will be able to control the quality of your workout sessions, unlike in a local gym, where you can get machines that might not help you. You will also be able to control the safety levels and hygiene. Cleaner machines and proper air quality encourage better focus.

3. Convenience

When it comes to a fitness lifestyle, accessibility and convenience are key elements. Local gyms can sometimes be intimidating from hefty membership charges, commuting, or having to queue for you to use a certain machine. Great home gym ideas will not only help you save on time, but it is also cost-effective.

Frequently Asked Questions on Home Gyms

1. How can I make a good gym at home?

To ensure you have a good gym at home, you need to ensure that you have enough room, durable floors, ventilation, and electrical outlets in the space. Additionally, you should also get the right equipment and accessories that make training fun and even simpler.

2. What can I use for a home gym?

For a home gym, you need to get a mat, equipment, and accessories. If you're unable to get the equipment like treadmills, there are other devices and household items that double up as workout equipment, for example, resistance bands, dumbbells, a weighted vest, etc.

3. What should a beginner home gym have?

While it is not a must, a beginner home gym should have the following items;

  • A mat
  • Skipping rope
  • Workout bench
  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance bands
  • Kettlebells
  • Punching bag
Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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