How To Slice On Cricut To Make Different Designs

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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The slice tool is pretty versatile. You can think of it as Cricut's version of the cookie cutter. It can be used to split two overlapping images or text into different parts. It creates new cut paths from two images, resulting in three or more completely new shapes. Each of the new shapes will then show up in the Layers as an individual layer. This article will go over the different ways you can use the slice tool in Cricut design space for your various projects.

Tips and Tricks for Using The Slice Tool in Cricut

a) Cut out a shape from another shape, cut overlapping images from another or cut text from a shape.

b) When using the slice with images, you can only work on two layers at a time.

c) If you are using a multilayered image, you have two options: You can either hide or ungroup the other layers to active the slice tool.

d) The slice tool works with hidden layers. All hidden layers will be removed from the design screen and the layers panel.

e) If you want to use the hidden image layers, ungroup them before using the slice tool

How To Slice Two Images on Cricut Design Space

1) Add two single-layer images to your canvas

The first thing you’ll need to do is add two images to your design space. It's important to note that these images need to be single-layered. You can only slice two images at a time. Something else to note is that a single-layer image should only have one color. You’ll be able to see in the layers panel on the right-hand side of the canvas that there is just one layer for each design. If you select an image with multiple colors, you’ll notice in Cricut Design Space that the colors will be separated into their individual layers. For example, if the image has four colors, then there’ll be four layers.

2) Overlap Your Images

The next step will be to overlap your images. This means placing the two images on top of each other. You can place them however you want, but it should be where you want to cut out.

3) Highlight Both Images

Once you’ve overlapped your images, you should highlight them both. All you need to do is click and drag. You can also click on one at a time while pressing down on Shift on Windows or Command on Mac. A bounding box will appear around both images, and you will notice that the individual images have been highlighted in the Layers panel. The slice tool will be activated once the two layers are selected.

If you’re using a phone or tablet, select both images by tapping on the screen and dragging a selection box around both layers. Tap on the Actions button at the bottom of the screen to check that the Slice option is available.

4) Slice The Images

With both your images selected, click on the slice tool in the bottom right-hand corner.

5) Time To See Your Work

When you first click on the slice tool, it will seem as if nothing has happened.

However, if you drag your image away, you’ll notice that there are now two images. (One for each layer) It's important to note that this only happens on the computer. You’ll have your original image and the one that has been cut into.

Creating Shapes Using Slice in Cricut Design Space

You can use the slice tool to create shapes that are not available in the left-hand Shapes menu in Cricut Design Space.

a) Use the Shapes toolbar to select a shape of your choice.

b) Make one big one and another small one.

c) Overlap them, highlight and use the slice tool.

Trimming Shapes Using Slice on Cricut Design Space

You can also use the slicing function to cut off certain parts of a shape you may not want.

a) Create a square from the Shapes Menu and resize to cover the part of the image you want to trim.

b) Select the square and the part you want to trim.

c) Click on the slice function

How To Slice Multiple Layer Images on Cricut Design Space

If you have multiple images and texts, you have to first weld them together. This turns them into one image, allowing you to use the slice button.

How to Slice Text /Image in Cricut

a) Add your image and text to the canvas in the Cricut design space

b) Overlap the text and image

c) Select the slice tool

How to Slice in Cricut Design Space Using “Crop/Punch” Tool

a) Start a new project in the Cricut design space

b) Add an image

c) Insert a shape and size it to cover the parts that you want to crop out

d) Select the shape first then while holding the command or control key, select your background image

e) Click the slice tool in the lower right-hand corner

f) Design Space will separate the layers allowing you to delete what you don't need.

How to Slice on Cricut Design Using “Cut Out” Function

You can use the cut-out option to remove any unnecessary parts.

a) At this point, you can insert a text and shape of your choice. Weld them to ensure that they are a single layer

b) Size to fit your shape and place it where you'd like to cut out the "word" or shape

c) Select the text first, then hold command or control, select the image.

d) Select the slice tool

Creating new designs from the basic ones on the toolbar

The slice function is a simple way to create new designs or shapes with the Cricut Design space program. Here are the steps;

1. Using the Shapes toolbar on your left, insert a shape(For this illustration, we'll use a diamond shape).

2. Select the shape and click on the duplicate button at the top right to have two similar shapes.

3. Align the circles nicely in your preferred way to make one big design.

4. Select both shapes and click slice.

5. Separate the layers, and you will new designs or shapes.

The slicing process is that simple. You can finish by deleting the shapes you'll not be using.

Why Can’t I Slice in Cricut Design Space?

You can only slice two images at a time. If you are having difficulties, check if your images are welded or single-layered.

If you are still having challenges slicing in Cricut, there may be a spot on debris on your mat. One tiny spot can cause a problem. Try and find it and delete it. It could be under your image. If you can't see anything, click around the area. If the debris is there, a box will appear.

Sometimes, when you select your overlapped images, you may find that the slice tool is not available. This probably means that you have three or more layers selected. Remember that slice in Cricut design space can only work on two layers at a time.


In summary, here are the things you need to know about the Slice tool;

  • Using slice in Cricut Design Space can help you cut out a shape you want from an image or another shape, cut out overlapping shapes from each other, or cut out a text from an image or shape.
  • You can only slice a maximum of two layers at one time.
  • To activate the slice feature in multilayered images, you can either hide or ungroup them.
  • When you use the Slice tool with hidden layers, those hidden layers won't be shown on the design screen as well as the Layers panel. If you're hoping to use them later, ungroup before using the Slice tool.
Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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