Best Extendable Dining Table

Best Extendable Dining Table (All Four Types)

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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Meals bring us together, and you will have a different number of people at the table at any given time. Whatever the number, the table needs to feel just enough to pass the food, share the meme, or hold hands if you have to pray before the meal. The table should not be too small to accommodate a guest or too large for everyone to be too far apart. An extendable dining table solves this problem because it is versatile enough to fit any situation.

Before we share the best extendable dining table for your space, we need to understand what exactly the table does.

What is an Extendable Dining Table?

I once found myself alone with my uncle at the dining table in his house. Since he has a huge family with many kids, the dining table was massive, and I was on the other side. At this point, I wished there was less space between us.

image source:

An extendable dining table does one job. To increase or reduce the seating capacity during a meal. The tables can fold or slide in to reduce or increase the table top area at any time. This is very useful, especially when the number of people at the table keeps fluctuating.

There are different types of dining tables that you can consider for your space before you make a purchase. Anything that goes into your dining space should be at its best, from the meal to the mood and the table. Even if you are getting a coffee table, it needs to be the best coffee table you can lay your hands on.

Here are the different types of extendable dining tables.

Types of Extendable Dining Tables

1) External Storage Single Extension Leaf Dining Table

International Concepts 36" Round Top Pedestal Table...
  • Table dimensions: 36"W x 48"D x 28. 9"H
  • Made from solid wood
  • With leaf, table expands from 36" To 48"
  • Rated for residential use only, not intended for commercial use
  • Ships in several boxes, may ship separately
Danette Rectangular Dining Table with Leaf Metallic...
  • Set includes: One (1) dining table
  • Materials: Asian hardwood and MDF
  • Finish Color: Metallic platinum
  • Assembly Required: YES
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs

I bought my mom this extendable dining table because every time we had a family gathering, the table she initially had could not fit all of us and our partners. The advantage is that when we are not around, she is not stuck with a large dining table as it can be set down to a smaller size.

This is a versatile dining table whose extensions are external and are only used whenever you want to use the dining table. The leaves are detachable; you can bring them back when needed.

image source:

To use this table, we have to pull it apart slightly, add the leaves on top, and fasten them to keep the table top stable. We pull the table apart by increasing its length on the side. This extendable table is the one I love most because of its versatility. You can get a leaf size to increase the length by your preferred length.

We enjoy a lot of advantages with this table, including working with all dining room sizes. However, the disadvantage of this table is that we have to find somewhere to keep the leaves once we use them. We have never really missed the storage space for these pieces.

For these types of expandable dining room tables, you can place a piece at the center or the extreme ends of the tables.


  • Versatile table that extends easily
  • Oval and rectangular options are available
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable
  • Different sizes for all dining room sizes


  • You have to find somewhere to keep the extra leaf.

2) Drop Leaf Tables

International Concepts Small Drop-leaf Table,...
  • Table Dimensions: 36"W x 22"D x 29"H
  • Made from solid hardwood
  • Dual drop leaf table includes 9" drop leaf on each side
  • Floor to apron 26.5"
  • Unfinished wood is ready to be painted or stained in your choice...
International Concepts Small Drop-leaf Table,...
  • Table Dimensions: 36"W x 22"D x 29"H
  • Made from solid hardwood
  • Dual drop leaf table includes 9" drop leaf on each side
  • Floor to apron 26.5"
  • Unfinished wood is ready to be painted or stained in your choice...

I still live alone, and my partner visits occasionally. I host my friends few times, and this table has proven useful to me in each case. The best thing is that it fits into my relatively smaller space.

These are extendable dining tables with extensions that will drop down when not used. The extensions can be on one side or either side. An extendable dining table like this is the easiest to set up, and you will not require extra storage for the leaves.

Expandable drop leaf Tables

image source:

These tables save on space because I can have the dropped downside against the wall in order to cut the total area occupied in the dining space. This makes these tables suitable for small rooms where the maximum number of tables is needed at once.


  • The easiest to assemble of all expandable dining tables
  • You can find all sizes to fit your space
  • Choose between single or double-drop leaves


  • The drop leaves might be uncomfortable for the feet when dropped.

3) Butterfly Leaf Extendable Dining Table

Sunset Trading Andrews Extendable Butterfly Leaf Table,...
  • BEAUTIFUL TABLE TOP - Built-up Ogee edge tabletop adds depth to...
  • BEAUTIFUL TABLE TOP - Built-up Ogee edge tabletop adds depth to...
East West Furniture Butterfly Leaf Lynfield Dining...
  • This amazing rectangular dining room table features a Cappuccino...
  • Product Weight 96; Ship Method LTL; Leaf Feature Small Kitchen...
  • Product Height 30
  • Product Width 36
  • Product Length 54/66

These tables are a genius of sorts. The leaf opens from underneath the table to create more additional space for the table. The leaves fold cleverly hence the name butterfly leaf dining table. These tables are spectacular to look at and your guests will be impressed with them.

Butterfly Extension table

image source:

Setting up this table is easy as you would only need to pull the ends of the table apart and have the butterfly leaf pop from underneath. This is a setup I will have the next time I upgrade my dining room because of the classic design that is out of the norm.


  • No storage for leaf required
  • The leaf is invisible before the extension
  • Impressive design
  • You can find the table in more than one shape


  • The number of butterfly leaves is fixed

4) Radial Leaf Extendable Dining Table (Notable Mention)

Every time I visit a friend who has this table, I have to go to the dining room for a round. Having a round table for a dining table is exciting. Having one that extends is a different design level that I love seeing on furniture. Having a round dining table is a great choice for your dining room interior design. Having an expanding table is future-proofing your house.

Fletcher Capstan Table

image source:

The radial leaf extendable dining table is the table I see most on social media platforms. The design is too genius for a dining room table. Expandable dining tables have seen a lot of improvements, and this is the best versatile table I have seen so far.


  • Genius design
  • The table expands by more than double the number of seats
  • The table fits in all dining room shapes


  • The table is very expensive
  • It is hard to find the table in online stores like amazon

Choosing an Extendable Dining Table

When I am about to purchase new furniture, I realize that I spend several times a day in the room where this furniture will be placed. This is because there are many factors that I must take into consideration before making a purchase. Factors that motivated me to want to upgrade my dining room.

a) Dining Room Size

The size and layout of the room will mean a lot when picking your preferred dining table. For example, if your dining room has a square shape, getting a round dining table might make the best use of the available space might make sense. On the other hand, a rectangular or oval dining table would complement the space nicely if you have a rectangular dining room.

Dining Room, Room, Home, Dinner

The room size will determine the size of the table you will buy. A standard dining table will have up to eight people. However, you can have more people sitting around a dining table. The reason why you are looking at extendable dining tables is that there is a chance that the space might be a bit small.

Small spaces in modern interiors can be put to more and better use hence the emergence of these tables. I will buy my small brother one of these extendable tables because he has a small space.

b) Number of Dining Chairs

You will buy a dining table depending on the number of dining chairs you want around it. If you want more seats, go for a double-leaf dining table instead of a single-leaf expandable one. The number of seats is a big deal because you do not want to invest in a table that will not serve you.

Dining chairs

My current dining table is never enough whenever I have my friends over for large dinner parties, and we have to squeeze to be at one table. A folding table is an answer to all my dining table problems.

c) Price

I have a budget I am working with and one that I cannot exceed. You can find a stylish table at any price point. However, your price will determine the size of the table you will get and the type of material it is made of. If the dining table is a self-storing leaf table made of solid oak wood, you can expect the price to be a bit higher than other normal tables.

Kitchen, Interior Design, Indoors, Room

For this reason, I am taking my time and saving up for a table that will make my dining room the place to be in the house.

d) Material/ Type of Wood

Dinner, Table, Home, Table

The type of wood material used to make your desired dining table will determine its price. For example, a table made of pine wood will be different from that made of mahogany. Different wood dining table types have different prices because of the availability of the raw material.

e) Decor Styles

While the most important thing is that you can comfortably sit in the dining area, you still need the best interior design for your dining room. If the table is large and ugly, the room will not look as good as you would want. Therefore, if you buy a table, it is better to go for the best in the market. The ones we have above are a great place to start.

Dinner Table, Restaurant, Dining

If you can get a table with a tempered glass top and curved legs with a classical design, go for it. If you can get matching dining chairs, even better. Knowing which colors to have in your dining room is key. Soon you will realize that everyone wants to hold dinner parties at your place.

f) Removable Leaf Tables vs. Non-Removable Leaf Tables

Buying an extendable dining table is a decision you will live with for a long time. This is why I am still stuck with my current dining table while saving for the solid wood dining table I will buy. One of the major factors to consider is whether the extendable parts are detachable or not.

Expandable Dining Tables

image source:

If you get the detachable table, you might have to find places to keep the extra parts of the table. The detachable tables might take a bit longer to set up as well. In most cases, this is never a big deal because you might only need to expand the table occasionally.

For the non-detachable tables, the parts might sometimes be a distraction. For instance, the drop leaf tables might make the person sitting on the dropped side uncomfortable. Therefore, the dropped leaf is best placed against the wall. Otherwise, the person seated might not have somewhere to place their feet.

The upside of the non-detachable leaf on the expandable dining tables is that it takes a short time to set up. However, you will be ready to host your guest within no time. You do not have to find places to keep the detachable parts, and you will be good to go anytime you need extra space.

Final Thoughts

You can never know when you need a larger dining table. However, you should have a table that can work for you when you have friends over and when you do not. For this reason, we have recommended the best extendable dining tables above. 

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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