Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner For Elderly People

Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner For Elderly People

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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A lightweight vacuum might be a solution for older people or people living with mobility issues or back pain. With the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for elderly people, you are guaranteed effortless floor, draperies, upholstery cleaning.

What are the Uses and Purpose of Vacuums

A vacuum cleaner is a household device that causes suctions to clean up and remove dirt from the floor, draperies, upholstery, or any other kind of surface. The devices are either electrically powered o battery powered.

The vacuums have different uses, and they are mainly used to capture excess pet hair that is either caught up on hardwood floors, carpets, or even sofas. The cleaners are also used to freshen up upholstery, carpets, and pillows. Beyond deep cleaning carpets and other upholstery, the cleaners will leave them freshened up. Additionally, the cleaners will help prevent and reduce indoor allergens by trapping dust before smears and streaks.

Many kinds of cleaners are profoundly affordable and convenient to use. We have discussed the best five best lightweight vacuums for the elderly with their pros and cons to help you settle for the best.

1. iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity,...
  • Capacity volume - .6 liter. Works with Alexa for voice control...
  • Clean and schedule from anywhere with the iRobot HOME App;...
  • Patented 3-Stage Cleaning System and Dual Multi-Surface Brushes...
  • Full suite of intelligent sensors guide the robot under and...
  • Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head automatically adapts its height to...

iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for elderly people who cannot move around the house and do the cleaning themselves. This robot cleaner uses three different cleaning systems: first, loosen up dirt, lift it, and suction the debris from your carpet or hard or bare floors.

The iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Cleaner has a volume capacity of 6 liters and features dual multi-surface brushes to remove dirt even in hidden corners of the house. In addition, it is compatible with Alexa and Google.

Moreover, it has auto-adjust cleaning that automatically adapts to heights, keeping the brushes in contact with the surfaces. As a result, they are considered some of the most powerful vacuum cleaners in the market suitable for older folks.


  • Easy-to-use app
  • Provides deep carpet cleaning
  • Does not require much workforce


  • They are noisy

2. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight,...
  • NEW ITEM AVAILABLE: Linx product line will be discontinued from...
  • EXTREME RECLINE HANDLE: Reach further without having to move any...
  • EDGE CLEANING BRISTLES: Removes dirt, dust, and pet hair against...

Hoover Linx is a powerful vacuum cleaner and can be an excellent option for elders. The cordless vacuum cleaner weighs 7.3 pounds and is battery-powered. The advantage of this cordless vacuum cleaner is that it will leave your house freshened up and remove dirt even in tight corners.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner uses lithium-ion batteries and features a wind tunnel tech with three suction channels. The best part is that the machines feature multi-floor cleaning, making it easier t transition from the carpet to hard floors with much ease.

Additionally, it features cyclonic technology that makes sure that you get consistent cleaning with no suction loss. The cleaner is also able to reach under the sofas due to the extreme recline handles.


  • Comes with a brush roll to change cleaning settings
  • Cleans under furniture with ease
  • Right vacuum cleaner for the elderly


  • Gets clogged up with pet hair.

3. Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuums

Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead Lightweight Cordless Stick...
  • Upto 60 minutes run time when using a non motorized tool
  • Lightweight and versatile, to clean right through the home;...
  • Direct drive cleaner head: Our most powerful yet; Upto 20 minutes...
  • The fully sealed filtration system traps 99.97 percent of...
  • Powered by the Dyson digital motor V10 and engineered to pick up...

Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead Lightweight Cordless Vacuums is another best cleaner that will run for up to 60 minutes using a non-motorized tool and leave your house all cleaned up and freshened. This stick vacuum is a lightweight and versatile device which makes it an ideal option for older people.

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead Lightweight Cordless Vacuum cleaner comes with a crevice tool, dusting brush, and multi-surface floor brush roll. Additionally, it has three power modes, and you will use the power switch to change them. Moreover, it has a slim construction and a smaller cleaner head that will easily clean even in tight spaces.


  • HEPA filtration system that will capture 99.99% of dust
  • Has LCD screen shows the performance
  • Great value for money


  • Pricey

4. Shark Rocket Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum

Shark Rocket Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum for Carpet and...
  • Converts into a handheld vacuum for versatile floor-to-ceiling...
  • Extra tools allows you to reach tight spaces, tackle pet hair and...
  • Fingertip controls to easily switch from hard floor to carpet...
  • Hang the handheld vacuum from the hook on the bottom of the wand...
  • Swivel steering for excellent control and to maneuver around...

Shark Rocket Corded Stick Vacuum is another great option that will provide deep cleaning than most vacuum cleaners for elderly people in the market today. These stick vacuums will convert into handheld vacuums and can clean floors and ceilings with ease.

The lightweight stick vacuum comes with extra tools like a crevice tool, pet multi-tool, and precision duster to clean hard floors and carpets. This cleaner can reach tight spaces and pick up pet hair. In addition, this affordable vacuum cleaner has fingertip controls that will make it easy to switch from hard floors to carpets and vice versa.

Additionally, the handheld vacuum can be stored conveniently and has easy swivel steering that provides superior control.


  • Great maneuverability
  •  Cleans under furniture with ease
  • Easily switches from hard floor to carpet cleaning


  • Struggles to pick up small debris

5. Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Cord Rewind Vacuum

Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Cord Rewind Vacuum,...
  • Automatic Cord Rewind: Wraps 25’ cord with a push of a button...
  • All-floor Powerful Cleaning: By turning the 5 floor selection...
  • Lightweight & Lift able: It is easy to carry around the 12. 3-lbs...
  • XL Dust Cup Capacity: With a 2. 1-liter dust cup, this bagless...
  • Accessories Included: 7" Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Upholstery...

Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Cord Rewind is the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for elderly people that will ensure that you get your home thoroughly cleaned and freshened up. This handheld vacuum features an automatic cord rewind system that encases a 25 inches cord with a button push.

Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Cord Rewind hand vacuum will clean all floor types like hard floors, tiles, and carpets. This great vacuum cleaner is liftable and lightweight which mm, which makes it ideal for older folks. The vacuum has an extra-large dust cup that has an east-to-flip lid. Additionally, it is super easy to clean and wash the cleaner, which lowers the maintenance cost of this bagless cleaner.

The lightweight vacuums come with a crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, and pet hair removal tool to help clean any surface type.


  • HEPA filters that will capture 99.99% of dust
  • Great maneuverability
  • Great value for money


  • Gets clogged easily

Type of Vacuum for Elderly

When you want to get the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for elderly people, you must understand the different types of cleaners available in the market. Then it is best to opt for the safest, easiest to use, and one that will not strain older people.

1. Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Upright vacuum cleaners are usually designed with one suction unit, usually bagged or bagless units. The upright vacuum cleaner is best recommended for people with back issues since it is self-contained, making it easier to use.

However, it is important to note that not all upright cleaners are great for elder people. To get the best upright vacuum cleaner, you will have to choose one that is don't too heavy and also one that is easy to move around. The lightweight upright vacuum will be great for elderly people with back pain issues and mobility problems.

2. Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Canister vacuums are designed with different pieces: the suction head, hose plus a motor, and suction canister. These canister vacuum cleaners are not usually the best for elderly people since they have a hose cord that trails behind while cleaning and could cause accidents. In addition, they are large, cumbersome, and heavy vacuum cleaners, and due to the large size they come in, they are somewhat a problem when it comes to storage.

3. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A robot vacuum cleaner is one of the best cleaners for older folks. The robot vacuum cleaners are designed to work with minimal human intervention are constructed to work automatically. They are the best options for the elderly; however, those not conversant with technology may have difficulty controlling or using the cleaners. Additionally, the robot cleaners can be hazardous since they are small devices and elderly people usually trip over them.

4. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

A handheld vacuum cleaner is a great option for elderly people living in smaller homes. They have great cleaning power and will clean up even the specks of dirt. The advantage is that the cleaners are lightweight, and most older people will easily use them. The only downside is that the cleaners will require you to bend over as you clean, which will not be ideal for people with mobility issues and back problems.

What Do You Consider When Buying the Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner for Elderly

Buying a vacuum cleaner is essential for keeping your home clean. Therefore, it is necessary that as you buy vacuum cleaners for the elderly that you consider a few important factors that we have listed below.

1. Weight

Since you are getting the cleaners for older folks, it is important to ensure that it is not too heavy. Older people do not have enough energy to use heavy cleaners this way, and you can opt for the best lightweight vacuum that is easy to lift and has great maneuverability.

For people with health issues like back pain and arthritis, getting lightweight cleaners would be very beneficial. However, it is advisable to go through lightweight cleaner reviews to settle for the one that suits you best.

2. Front LEDs

Most people ignore the Front LEDs factor while purchasing the best lightweight vacuum cleaners, whereas it is one of the most important factors that you should look at. As we age, our visibility is reduced, and the Front LED lights would come in handy.

With these lights, the older people are not likely to miss any dirt, dust, or grime on the floors or even on the carpets. In addition, the lights will help spot the dirt or grime from a distance to ensure that you have cleaned your home thoroughly.

3. Cord Options

While purchasing the best vacuum cleaner, it is important to consider the two cord options that come with this cleaner, the cordless vacuums and the corded vacuums. Just as the name implies, the corded vacuum cleaner has a cord, while the cordless vacuum cleaners will not have any cords and will be powered by rechargeable batteries.

Both corded and cordless cleaners have their advantages and disadvantages. The cordless vacuum cleaner is maneuverable and can clean all corners, and with the corded, you will not have to worry about low battery. Mostly you will weigh which serves you right before making a purchase.

4. Suction Power

Suction power is another crucial consideration you should check out for, especially when buying a cleaner for elderly people. The recommended lightweight vacuum cleaners for elders should not have too high suction power, yet not too little. In addition, the suction power you choose should provide deep cleaning and not be strenuous for older people to push or pull.

5. Self-Propel 

Self-propelled cleaners and robotic vacuum cleaners are ideal for most elderly persons, especially those with health issues. Most self-propelled cleaners are powerful enough, just like the regular cleaners, and the difference is mainly the design and the size. Most self-propelled cleaners have an upright design that is easy to move around, which is an important feature that older adults require.

6. Bag-less or Bagged

When shopping for cleaners, you must know the difference between bagless vacuum cleaners and the bagged vacuum cleaner. The bagged vacuum will be best if you are worried about the amount of dirt the cleaner will hold. These cleaners usually hold much more dirt than the bagless, and they will have additional filtration features.

On the other hand, the bagless vacuums usually come with a dust cup or bin to collect the dirt. In addition, these bagless cleaners will not require you to keep replacing the bags, unlike in the case of bagless cleaners.

Frequently Asked Questions on the lightweight vacuum cleaner

1. Are expensive vacuums worth it?

Most people think that buying expensive products is better; however, there are factors that you should pay attention to. For instance, if a product is highly priced, check the difference with the other lowly priced product and check the aspects the product offers. Remember that not all vacuum cleaners are worth the price tag. Ensure you get the best vacuum cleaners that will deliver an excellent cleaning job and remarkable flexibility.

2. What can you not vacuum with a Dyson?

Dyson cleaners will provide a good cleaning job; however, you should avoid cleaning wet food, such as soup. In addition, the Dyson cleaners should be not be used regularly in the kitchen or dining area. Instead, you can pick scrap food such as cooked spaghetti or use a microfiber cloth to wipe foods with too much water.

3. Which is the easiest vacuum to push

If you are want to purchase the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for elderly people, you ought to get the easiest vacuum to push. The upright cleaners, self-propelled cleaners, and robot cleaners are the types of cleaners that will be super easy to push and maneuver since they have easy-to-access handles.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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