Brunswick Family Health Center Emergency Department by Westlake Reed Design

The two-story building is an addition to the existing Brunswick Family Health Centre. The first story of the addition houses an Emergency department, a Processing Lab and an Imaging Centre in a combined square area of 22, 500 gross square feet (GSF). The second story consists of 17,000 GSF of unused space whose functions will be fitted out in future. The space is most likely to house examination rooms and offices.


As shown in the plan, the connection between the old building and the new one is at the building’s corners creating continuity in internal circulation as was in the existing building. This way, the windows at the corner of the existing building were preserved. The resulting space from this connection was designed as a drop off point for the public as well as a parking spot for the new emergency department.


The architects, Westlake Reed Design, wanted to show the connection in materials between the existing building and the new one. They designed for the new building to use materials of the same kind as the old building. However, while enhancing the continuity of materials, the new building departed subtly from the old one through the use of both opaque and transparent portions of the enclosure screen. The intention is to provide a readable distinction to let the visitors know that they are functionally different structures.


The floor-to-floor glazing on the primary street facade was designed to allow the visitors to see the waiting areas within the building. It’s a design consideration meant to make it easier for visitors to easily find their way into the new facility. It also plays a big role in alleviating anxiety within the building through the exposure to views, light and activity outside the building’s envelope.


The architects departed from the conventional designs of a healing facility, opting to use a chromatically and texturally Spartan expression instead of the much preferred use of decorative motifs in the industry. The views to the structurally changing landscape of the surrounding environment are applied in lieu of applying decorative elements.


The choice of color and material of the new building puts it in a great position to absorb and play back the daily and seasonally changing qualities so common to North-East Ohio. All these considerations have been carefully combined to create an environment promoting healing and well being for staff and visitors.

Project Information
Architects: Westlake Reed Design
Location: Brunswick, Ohio, USA
Status: Completed
Photography: Westlake Reed Design