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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Did you know that mosquitoes attack some people more than others? This is because they are drawn by certain blood types, body heat, odors, and carbon dioxide from our breath. These same attractants are what scientists use to make the best mosquito trap to attract and effectively kill mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, everybody is familiar with the annoying high-pitched buzzing mosquito sound in your ear when you are trying to sleep and the consequent itchy red welts the following day. The fact that those bloodsuckers also spread deadly diseases like the West Nile, Zika, and Malaria justifies why everyone wants them dead. If that is your plan, mosquito traps are the most effective way to kill mosquitoes in doves, either outdoors or indoors.

In this article, we have a detailed and unbiased review of the top 5 mosquito traps in the market right now and a brief buyer’s guide to help you choose the best trap for you.

1. Dynatrap Insect Half Acre Mosquito Trap- Best Overall

DynaTrap DT1050-TUNSR Mosquito, Beetle & Flying Insect...
  • What We Catch – Attracts and traps mosquitoes, beetles, biting...
  • 3-Way Protection – The UV light and TiO2 coating lure flying...
  • Powerful Protection – The trap effectively protects up to 1/2...
  • All-Weather Construction – A durable design for indoor or...
  • Discreet Design - The sleek tungsten finish and decorative basket...


  • Effective technology.
  • Half-acre coverage area.
  • No pesticides, chemicals, or attractants needed.
  • Easy to clean.


  • None

The DynaTrap DT1050-TUN Trap is not one of those futuristic high-end mosquito traps that cost an arm and a leg. It is a simple device that gives optimal efficiency and user convenience. If you are looking for a mosquito trap that's powerful, suitable for both indoor and outdoor space, and portable, this would be a perfect choice.

The minimalist device offers 3-way protection in that it uses UV light and carbon dioxide to attract the bloodsuckers to a whisper-quiet fan, and then the fan vacuums them into a chamber where they meet their maker. This unit does all this quietly without any zapping or buzzing sounds, so it won't disrupt anything.

Unlike many models in its price range, the DynaTrap DT1050-TUN Insect Trap is completely non-toxic, so you can use it around your family. The unit features an easy twist on and off design to ensure the mosquitoes can’t escape even after you turn off the trap. What's most impressive though, is the extensive coverage of half an acre, which means it can sort out the entire house at once.

Dynatrap recommends using this trap at least three weeks straight and six weeks to break the breeding cycle.

2. Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer- Best for Outdoors

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre...
  • Advanced electronic insect control; non clogging killing grid;...
  • Recommended not to be used within 25-feet of area intended for...
  • Instantaneous operation, continuous and uninterrupted service,...
  • For best results replace the cartridge every 30 days, Please...
  • Recommended for areas up to 1/2 acre - Outdoor Use Only


  • It's affordable.
  • It comes ready to use.
  • Wide coverage.
  • Powerful built-in attractants.
  • No insecticides or propane.
  • Suitable for controlling a large population of mosquitoes.


  • You need to replace the bulb and the octenol frequently.
  • It may kill beneficial insects too.

Whether you want to reduce the mosquito population from the outside in or have a backyard gathering at night, this Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer will sort you out. The trap has a coverage of at least half an acre which means it will take care of the entire home surrounding. The thousands of glowing reviews from happy customers say all you need to know about this trap, and it's very budget-friendly.

The Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer is an environmental-friendly unit that doesn't use pesticides, propane or glue. Instead, it makes use of a 15-watt ultraviolet light and an optional octenol attractant cartilage that can be replaced every month. Because it's for outdoor use, this trap is made to blend perfectly with its environment, and it's completely waterproof.

According to instructions, this trap should not be used within 25-feet of areas intended for human activity and shouldn't be attached to the house or deck. It's a good thing then that it comes with a 9-inch long cord so you can move it a bit farther away from the house.

3. Gardner Flyweb Classic Fly Light- Best Indoor Trap

Gardner FlyWeb Classic Fly Light – Attract and Trap...
  • Easy to use – The Gardner FlyWeb Classic attracts and gets rid...
  • Starts working Immediately – Simply remove the adhesive cover...
  • Compact and Silent- The compact design allows you to discreetly...
  • Use Anywhere Indoors – Unlike bug zappers and chemical sprays,...
  • 24-hour trapping – Sit back and let FlyWeb do the work for you....


  • Non-chemical silent trap.
  • Very energy-efficient.
  • Compact size and portable.
  • Easy to use; just plug it in.
  • Works on other household insects too, like fruit flies and houseflies.


  • The unit comes with only one adhesive glue board, but you can buy a pack of ten separate.

When the weather warms up, doors and windows are left open to let in some fresh air. This is when mosquitoes find their way into your house and set camp before terrorizing you the whole night. With this Gardner Flyweb Classic Fly Light, you don't have to worry about that though because you can plug it in your living room or bedroom and have all those pesky mosquitoes killed.

The Gardner Flyweb is a compact device with an inconspicuous design, which means you can hide it in any room. The unit plugs into an electrical outlet and attracts mosquitoes with UV light, and leads them to a non-toxic glue board adhesive where they meet their demise. The glue board easily slides out of the unit for disposal of dead mosquitoes and monthly replacement.

Using a mosquito trap doesn't get easier than this- all you have to do is remove the protective layer from the glue board, slide it in the device, and plug it in. It is a fairly affordable unit considering it continues to work consistently throughout the year and requires minimal maintenance.

4. KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap- Most Beautiful Trap

Katchy Indoor Insect Trap - Catcher & Killer for...
  • Triple trapping power: first the UV light attracts the bug, then...
  • Use the trap indoors, close to insect-ridden fruit, plants or...
  • No more ugly traps! Subtle and stylish; easily place in your...
  • Not effective on house flies. Is effective in killing fruit...
  • Easy to use, choose between standard or low speed setting and...


  • No toxic chemicals.
  • Very light and portable.
  • Its budget-friendly.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • Very attractive to look at and can double up as house décor.


  • You need to replace the glue board often.

KATCHY is a brand that knows exactly how to merge style and performance, and this Indoor Insect and Flying Bugs trap is a representation of that. The first thing you'll notice about this trap is how eye-catching it is with its all-black color scheme and bluish-purple glowing light. Not only can you use it to trap mosquitoes and other household insects, but it's also a perfect house décor.

Looks aside, the KATCHY Indoor Insect and Flying Bugs Trap features the iconic KATCH RELIEF technology that provides three times greater protection from mosquitoes all night long. The blueish-purple UV light attracts the bloodsuckers and other bugs while the fan sucks them in and traps them in the glue board. This trap does a fantastic job of controlling mosquitoes indoors without any buzzing or zapping noise.

You should keep the lights off for best results and let the trap run for three consecutive nights. The trapped mosquitoes will remain stuck on the glue board even after you turn off the trap in the morning, so you don't have to worry about escapees.

5. TBI Pro Bug Outdoor Insect Attractant Zapper- Best for camping

[2 in 1] Bug Zapper & Attractant - Effective 4250V...
  • Advanced 2-in-1 Bug Zapper + Effective Attractant - No chances to...
  • Top Coverage 2100 sq. ft. with Powerful 4250v Safe Grid....
  • Extra-Bright 20W Lamp Safe & Eco Friendly . Meet the fly zapper...
  • Easy-to-Clean, Rainproof and Durable. Rain or sunshine, your...
  • Enjoy simple installation: just place the electric bug killer on...


  • Highly portable.
  • It doesn’t contain any harmful insecticides or chemicals.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Permanently fixes bug issues at home.


  • It’s not 100% waterproof.
  • The zapping sound can be annoying, but you will barely notice the sound since this is an outdoor trap.

The TBI Pro Bug Outdoor Insect Attractant Zapper from the famous home appliance brand is nothing short of exceptional. It is a compact unit with a 2100 square feet coverage making it the perfect choice for a camping trip. Since the trap has a carrying handle, you can hang it outside the tent and let it protect you from all mosquitoes and bugs that may attack at night.

The unit boasts a powerful Watts high-intensity UV lamp that effectively attracts mosquitoes and various outdoor insects and then zap them with the 4200v electric grid located inside the unit. If you are worried that this amount of power is too much, the trap is designed with all the necessary safety features starting with a fireproof construction to keep all those electrical out of reach.

What To consider when buying the best mosquito traps

Different types of mosquito traps are effective in different places, and they all use different mechanisms. When buying a mosquito trap, you must consider these factors;

1. Usage

There are two types of mosquito traps-indoor and outdoor traps. For indoor use, go for mosquito traps that use UV light and heat to attract mosquitoes and then kill them using glue boards or vacuum chambers. For outdoor use, carbon dioxide(co2)as the attractant is the best choice because it’s more potent, and the killing mechanism can be zapping because of the large population.

2. Coverage

Again, you must consider where the trap will be used. For indoor use, a mosquito trap covering half an acre or at least 600 square feet is more than sufficient. For outdoor use, you can choose one that can cover half an acre or more as long as it has a powerful enough killing mechanism.

3. Maintenance

Most indoor mosquito traps use a glue board that needs to be changed or cleaned often, while outdoor mosquito traps need more advanced maintenance. Choose a bug zapper that's easy to maintain and if some things need to be replaced, make sure they are readily available and affordable.


Using mosquito traps to control the mosquito population around and inside your home is a genius idea. However, it is not a full-proof method and cannot get rid of all the mosquitoes. For best results, you should consider removing any mosquito breeding grounds like standing water and vegetation.

Frequently Asked Questions About The best Mosquito Traps

1. Do Mosquito Traps Really Work?

The effectiveness of an insect trap depends on how big the population is, species-specific habitat, and the killing mechanism. Even the most potent traps will be useless if the infestation is too big and if you live near a breeding ground. That said, indoor traps are the most effective because their job is to control the population inside that room or the house only. You have to be strategic with placing the device though, and also leave the room so you won't be the main attractant.

2. What is the Most Effective Mosquito Trap?

The best mosquito traps are the ones made with carbon dioxide as the main attractant. Carbon dioxide is the gas emitted by humans and animals as they breathe out and what makes mosquitoes know it's a person. Carbon dioxide traps should be kept outside in the yard to control the mosquito population from the outside in since they can be harmful to human health. These traps work so well because female mosquitoes who have mated recently are always desperate for blood, and when they get into the trap they are killed. As a result, you effectively kill the mothers before they start laying eggs.

3. What is the Best Homemade Mosquito Trap?

Sometimes, you may not have enough money to buy one of these mosquito traps, or maybe you don't trust their working mechanism. In that case, making a homemade mosquito trap can help. One of the best mosquito traps is made using vinegar, where you cut a 2-liter bottle in half, pour some baking soda on the bottom half, and then put the bottle back together using tape. Pour a cup of vinegar through the top bottle. When the vinegar and the baking soda touch, carbon dioxide is produced, which will attract mosquitoes into the bottle trap where they are killed. While most homemade mosquito traps work to some extent, they are not quite as effective as store-bought traps.

4. Do Mosquito Traps Attract More Mosquitoes?

Absolutely. Most measures taken against mosquitoes work by repelling them either from your body or from your house. The best mosquito traps, however, work by attracting the mosquitoes near them so they can be trapped inside and killed. This means there will be more mosquitoes coming into your house when you switch on the UV light trap. Some of those traps can attract mosquitoes that are as far as 500 meters away, which is not bad because they will be killed.

5. What to Avoid in a Mosquito Trap

People often choose a mosquito trap based on how effective it's supposed to be as far as attracting and killing mosquitoes are concerned. However, some of the things that make a trap so effective can also be harmful to human and animal health. For example, most carbon dioxide traps use titanium dioxide, which is a known carcinogen. Octenol is also moderately toxic to both human and animals when inhaled even though its FDA approved. While choosing a mosquito trap, be sure to avoid these two components, especially for indoor use.

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Ian Mutuli

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Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.

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