Best Pizza Steel for Homemade Pizzas with a Cripsy Crust

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Do you have a specific pizza chain in mind that you either love or hate because it has better pizza than the others? Every pizza in the world depends on how it is baked, which makes or breaks it. So whether you prefer your restaurant quality pizza chewy and smooth, crunchy and flaky, or just the standard neighborhood pizza your taste buds are accustomed to.

Pizza steels are essential in ensuring that your pizza cooks evenly. Using high-quality pizza steel is one method of increasing the heat evenly on the pizza because each pizza oven has a maximum heat output.

However, choosing the best pizza peel to suit your needs can be difficult with the wide range of products. So, if you are looking for a detailed guide to the best pizza steels in the market today, dive in.

What is a Pizza Steel?

Pizza steel is a wide, flat, and highly conductive sheet of steel used to cook pizzas and pieces of bread in home ovens. Also known as baking steel, the pizza-making tool that helps to create a high-quality crust, and the plate-liked steel, where you place your pizza, conducts heat and fastens your cooking process.

The baking steel conducts, stabilizes, and retains heat from an oven to minimize the baking time. It is considered the best way to cook high-quality and authentic pizza without a professional pizza oven.

1. Dough-Joe Samurai Pizza Steel Baking Sheet

Dough-Joe Shogun Pizza Steel Baking Sheet-"The...
  • MADE IN USA--15" x 15" x 3/8"--made of carbon...
  • 15 inches square gives you larger round pizzas (15") than the...
  • EXTREMELY HEAVY--Actual Weight of the Shogun is about 24 POUNDS.
  • Steel pizza stones deliver a huge amount of heat very quickly to...
  • Matte finish surface allows steam to channel away quickly and...

According to our research, this Dough-Joe pizza steel was our top pick because it conducted the highest initial temperature and maintained high temperatures longer than other pizza stones. Using this baking steel, we could cook consecutive pizzas, which gave us a crispy crust.

Image Credit:

Also, we recommend it because you can bake pizza straight from the box and get enough surface area to transfer the pizza onto it.

This carbon steel stone's sturdy construction means it will last a long time if properly maintained. This choice is Dough-thinnest Joe's and most cheap pizza steel, but be aware that it weighs 16 pounds.


  • It conducts and retains heat well
  • Produces a restaurant-style Margherita pizza


  • Heavy

2. Artisan Steel - High-Performance Pizza Steel

Artisan Steel - High Performance Pizza Steel Made in...
  • Ultra-conductive pizza steel for baking beautiful, blistered...
  • Low friction steel surface for easy sliding & more conductive...
  • Solid, heavy duty steel pizza stone that will not break even...
  • Easy to wash and care for. Re-season only as needed.
  • 16" x 14.25" x .25" - 16lbs - Made in the USA

We would have picked this Artisan Steel baking steel if we didn't purchase the Dough-Joe pizza steel. We were impressed with how it could attain and maintain temperatures of 600°F with no warping and holding 14-inch pizzas.

Image Credit:

The ultra-conductive baking steel was great for blistered baking crust within short periods by allowing steam to channel away. Thanks to the low-friction steel surface, you will also not struggle, allowing easy sliding and more conductive than ceramic or stone baking sheets.

It will also be a great investment since it's durable thanks to the solid heavy-duty steel, which will not break even under high temperatures. However, according to several users, the steel might get rusted in some places even after you follow the priming instructions.,


  • Great heat conduction
  • Large size measuring are 16’’ x 14.25’’ x 0.25’’
  • Low-friction steel surface that allows sliding


  • Some customers complained of rust
  • Sharp edges

3. Nerd Chef Pizza Steel Stone

NerdChef Steel Stone - High Performance Pizza Baking |...
  • 20x higher conductivity than ceramic baking stones and twice the...
  • Creates gorgeous crusts, better blistering, and faster cook...
  • Low-friction surface: textured, sanded smooth, seasoned with...
  • Solid steel, unbreakable, guaranteed for life.
  • 16" x 14.25" x .375" - 23lbs (Warning: It's heavy!) Made in USA.

Another top recommendation is this Nerd Chef pizza steel which offers 20 times higher conductivity than ceramic pizza stones and twice the heat capacity. This is perfect for perfectly cooked homemade pizza with a delicious crust since it sends more heat energy to give you crispy crusts. This gives you a great performance of a 1000F oven in a home oven at 450F.

Another top-notch feature you will see is its low-friction surface which has been textured, sanded smoothly, and seasoned with flaxseed oil. This will create a great pizza since it will slide effortlessly. You are guaranteed delicious pizzas with crisp crusts of large sizes, perfect for fitting one medium pizza or two small ones.

Image Credit:

Nerd Chef Steel has been built with finger holes to allow moving it simpler, even though steel is heavy and difficult to handle. The steel ensures maximum durability, and you can easily hang it on a wall.

The only downside we found was it has a long preheating time which can be frustrating if you are cooking frozen pizzas. However, if you plan, you will enjoy the finished pizza.


  • High conductivity
  • Long durability
  • Large size
  • Pre-seasoned
  • Easy to handle thanks to the finger holes


  • The preheating time might be long
  • Heavy, and you will need to be careful when handling it
  • Pricey

4. Sur La Table Baking Steel

Sur La Table Baking Steel SLT-STEEL
  • Bake pizzeria-quality pizzas at home with this innovative baking...
  • Thick, pre-seasoned steel will never break, is easy to clean and...
  • Versatile steel is safe for the oven or the grill, works as a...
  • Manufacturer: Stoughton Steel Co, Inc
  • Material: Steel

If our main goal were to choose one that offered excellent heat conductivity, this Sur La Table baking steel would be our top choice since it evenly cooks delicious pizzas. The heat conductivity also allows pizzas to come out with a crispy and delicious crust every time.

Apart from a high heat conductivity, it is also heat safe up to 1800°F, meaning it can withstand hot temperatures. It will also give you maximum durability thanks to its quarter-inch steel, and it won't crack or shatter. In addition, the product comes pre-seasoned, so it will be ready to use, and you won't waste any time.

Image Credit:

You will also enjoy how versatile the baking steel is as you can use it on the grill, or home oven, mixing icy confections and chilling it to create cold plates that are best for serving folding appetizers.


  • It creates crispy crusts
  • The steel is durable and won't crack or shatter
  • Pre-seasoned steel
  • Heat safe up to 1800°FVersatile


  • Although its high quality, it is not that affordable

5. The Original Baking Steel

Baking Steel - The Original Ultra Conductive Pizza...
  • Pizza stone made of Ultra-Conductive Steel. We know, we Invented...
  • Unbreakable. Cooks 20 X faster than a pizza stone or baking...
  • The Original Baking Steel inspired by Modernist Cuisine
  • Great as a stovetop griddle, induction plate and even as a cold...
  • 14"x16"x1/4", 16 Lbs. Proudly manufactured in the USA

Why not choose the original if you're picking the best pizza steel? The innovative business Original Baking Steel company was the first to recognize that using steel instead of stone might be used to create the perfect pizza.

From their collection, we loved the Original baking steel, which measures 16″ x 14″ x ¼" which is also the least-priced baking steel option making it perfect if you are on a budget.

Image Credit:

You will love how Original baking delivers all of the power of a 900°F restaurant pizza oven when preheated to 500°F because it is superconductive. It also warms up rapidly and maintains heat to produce a light, crispy, and delectable crust consistently.

Lastly, we noticed that it cooks on induction hobs, grills, and campfires, is practically unbreakable and makes excellent rustic bread in addition to pizza. What more could one ask for?


  • Versatile since it can be used on an outdoor grill, hobs, and campfires making bread, baked goods, and pizza
  • Heats up fast, which makes restaurant-quality pizza every time
  • Available from a small square to an extra large rectangular pizza stone
  • Durable US-made steel, which is preseasoned and ready to go


  • Quite heavy

Pizza Steel vs. Pizza Stone

Baking steel

Image Credit:

Are you thinking of making pizza at home and don’t know whether to get a pizza stone or steel to improve the final quality of your pizza?

a). Use

Opt for the best pizza stone options if shopping for an all-around kitchen baking tool. The best pizza stones will bake just pizza but bread, cookies, and heated leftovers.

However, choose pizza steels if you want to use them when it’s cold, like for a cold sushi platter or an anti-griddle to quickly cool down the sauces or use to make your own rolled ice cream.

b). Material

Pizza stones are made of cordierite, ceramic, or a composite material, meaning they could differ in heat conductivity from one model to another. Composite and cordierite pizza stones are more durable than ceramic baking stones and typically cost a little more.

Baking steels are composed of steel, which can be heavier than stone and vary in price based on brand and thickness.

Pizza steels are considered better options than pizza stones, and although they are good conductors, they don’t transfer heat as fast as steel.

c). Performance

A pizza stone and pizza steel operate fairly similar but with different levels of efficiency. For example, when the cold pizza dough is placed on top of a pizza stone, a notable amount of heat is lost, but pizza steel performs far better at sustaining a high temperature under the same circumstances.

This implies that, although a pizza stone’s baking surface is slightly hotter than that of baking steel at maximum heat saturation, a pizza steel will cook a pizza crust more quickly and thoroughly than a hot stone.

d). Price

When comparing pizza stones and steels in terms of price, a pizza stone is cheaper, although it has a thicker width. However, the heavy-duty aspect of the baking steel makes up for the high price point if you are unsure of damaging or dropping it.

So, if the budget is a significant factor in choosing, the baking stone will bake pizza without necessarily breaking your bank, and you can upgrade to baking steel later. However, baking steel is a better option than baking stone if you make pizza often with your home oven and want the best quality crust.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Pizza Steel

pizza on pizza steel

Image Credit:

Although pizza steels may seem simple to choose from, there can be significant differences between products. To ensure you enjoy the best value for your money, there are key features to look for:

1. Thickness

The thickness is one of the most important factors when choosing the best pizza steel since it determines how quickly your pizza will cook.

Thicker baking steels will retain more heat which means slow cooking time and a dense crust resulting in better pizza results, but the thicker they are, the heavier they will be. Therefore, thick baking steels are the best option if you don’t mind using a heavy piece of metal when baking pizza.

On the other hand, if you want easy-to-move baking steel, choose the ones in the thinner category. They allow better heat transfer than heat retention and are recommended for fast cooking and a crispy crust, especially with thin-crust pizzas.

2. Size

Baking steels come in different shapes and sizes, including square-shaped and circular ones or small and large ones. The dimensions of your oven and the size of your desired pizzas will determine the size and form of the pizza steel that will work best for you.

baking pizza

Image Credit:

Ensure your pizza steel is not bigger than your oven plate, and also leave enough space to handle removing your pizza steel afterward. Since the surface will be hot when removing your pizza steel, ensure you have enough space when pulling out your baking steel without burning your hands.

Smaller steel can be better for cleaning and storing if you only intend to make personal-sized pizzas. But larger families will need larger tools to accommodate the weight and thickness of the homemade pizza dough.

3. Durability

Pizza steel is known for its exceptional durability, especially compared to the traditional ceramic pizza stone. Ensure the pizza steel you pick is made from high-quality materials and won’t become malleable when heated. For the integrity of your food to be preserved, the material must also be food-safe, even at very high temperatures.

4. Maintenance

You’ll want to ensure you don’t spend much time cleaning up after cooking. Your pizza steel should be easy to maintain, making it simple to wash the surface clean. To keep it fresh over time, you must also be able to season it between uses quickly.

Pizza steel that isn’t properly maintained can frequently rust to the point of being worthless. Instead, choose one that you can season with top-notch, food-safe oils before baking for one to two hours. Also, consider the steel’s surface type; non-friction surfaces work best for simple pizza removal.

5. Storage

Without a doubt, pizza steels require appropriate storage because they are heavy, often weighing over 16 pounds. The ideal pizza steel would have finger holes to make it simple. It is also crucial to pick a size that can fit your counter or remain in your oven while it’s not in use.

Conclusion on the Best Pizza Steel

pizza steel

Image Credit:

Pizza steel is worth the purchase, even though it costs more than the best pizza stones. It works better, is easy to maintain, and lasts longer than pizza stones.

Unlike most pizza stones, baking steels will maintain high temperatures efficiently and produce a crispy delicious pizza crust. We hope our detailed reviews will help you choose the best pizza steel to make your homemade pizzas.

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Ian Mutuli

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Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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