Fleck 5600 SXT Water Softener Review and Buying Guide

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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A water softener removes hard minerals from your water using an old-school science method that involves an ion exchange process. Although mineral water has some benefits, the toll it takes on your appliances is not worth it. That's why today, we're looking at the Fleck 5600 SXT, a modern water softener model that will significantly improve your water quality.

You don't want your pipes plugged up with limescale thanks to the hard water minerals in your water. The same way you wouldn't want anything to clog your blood vessels is the same care you should afford to your pipes.

The more your pipes get plugged up, the harder your appliances will be forced to work, decreasing their efficiency. Therefore, instead of having to replace your washing machine, water heater, or dishwasher every few months, I suggest you invest in a high-quality water softener - preferably the Fleck 5600 SXT. Let's take a good look at it.

Fleck 5600 SXT Water Softener - A solution to Your Hard Water

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Thankfully, the technology behind the ion-exchange process continues to evolve, and this is how this fantastic water softener was born. The 48,000-grain capacity of this Fleck 5600S XT water softener ensures that no hard water minerals escape by any means.

Fleck 5600 SXT has an advanced computerized flow meter that regenerates the system as needed to ensure maximum water and salt savings. The computer is also fully programmable; therefore, I have never had to worry about it failing me at any given time.

The meter-based regeneration process used by this Fleck 5600SXT water softener ensures that all the water that I use is measured, and the meter only generates when needed. This automatic process guarantees that I don't have to do it manually.

The Fleck 5600 SXT water softener also has a high-capacity resin as a perk that comes with this water softener to ensure a long life. Because the water softener removes hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium, I get to extend the life of my appliances and plumbing, thereby saving a lot of money.

The 14"x34" standard square brine tank is included in the Fleck 5600 SXT water softener purchase can hold up to 250lbs of salt. I am able to ensure that overfilling doesn't happen since it has a safety float that comes with the brine tank.

An additional backup is an overflow drain to prevent any mess from happening while using the brine tank.

Fleck 5600SXT Digital Control

Fleck 5600SXT's controller is one of the newest controllers that Fleck has, and it's built on the tested and true 56000 value. This means that this water softener's valves have an amazing 5-year warranty that has been proven to run for up to 27 years.

Also, I like the fantastic features that the controller of this Fleck 5600 SXT water softener has. The featured include, touchpad controls, a 48-hour internal power backup, a user-friendly interface, and a backlit LCD display.


The installation process of the Fleck 5600 SXT took up only 1-2 hours of my time since I have some basic plumbing skills. If you are in doubt about how to install this water softener, you can always call a plumber or watch a simple YouTube video to guide you on how to go about it.

It's important to remember that the Fleck 5600 SXT comes with a 10-year warranty on the tanks and a five-year warranty on the control head. However, Fleck's customer care providers are always on standby should you need any assistance.

Technical aspects

The Fleck 5600 SXT metered water softener is made in the USA and has a paddle-wheel meter (#BR5600SMS-SXTPW). It also includes a great Fleck bypass valve (#60049) and 1" male threaded yoke connection (#18706-01).

The black structure is 10x54" PG 2.5T (#CH30579-03010203-30), and the grain is 48,000.

Backed by a reputation for trouble-free performance and a 10-year warranty, I am sure to enjoy my device for as long as I want.


  • Has a user-friendly digital interface.
  • Has a safety float and overflow drain prevent accidental spills.
  • Metered system reduces wastewater and salt use.
  • Programmable flow meter.
  • The bypass valve allows for water flow during regeneration.


  • You may require some basic plumping skills for proper installation.

Buying Guide for the Fleck 5600 SXT Water Softener

Before we dive into the factors to consider, let's first understand how the Fleck 5600 SXT water softener works. As a salt-based system, the Fleck 5600 SXT uses negatively charged resin beads to attract hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium because they are positively charged.

Once the beads in the resin tank are fully saturated, the saltwater from the brine tank of the 5600 SXT is flushed through it. This disrupts the bond between the minerals and the resins, then the resin is regenerated, and the excess minerals go down the drain.

Sounds like a simple process, right? It may be so, but paying close attention to some of the Fleck 5600 SXT features will enable you to know what to look out for. Here're some of the features.

1. Resin

In this water softener, resin comes in two types: the 8% cation, which is the industry standard, or the 10% crosslink. In terms of softening performance, these two types are equal. The difference comes in if your water has iron.

Iron damages the 8-per cent resin more than it does the 10-per cent crosslink. Therefore, water softeners with the 10-per cent crosslink resin will last longer because this type can remove iron as long as it's less than five parts per million.

Because the 10-per cent crosslink is more effective, it's more expensive than the 8-per cent resin.

2. Capacity

The resin in the Fleck 5600SXT can only hold so many minerals. Therefore, before purchasing this water softener, do a water test to see the level of your water's hardness. This will allow you to select the right Fleck 5600SXT system.

When the Fleck 5600SXT reaches its capacity, it stops softening the water until it regenerates. Therefore, if your water is very hard and your softener's grain rating is low, you'll find that Fleck 5600 SXT will continuously regenerate and create wastewater at high speed.

For moderately hard water, the 48,000-grain Fleck 5600SXT water softener system is sufficient for four to six families.

3. Regeneration Control

The one distinguishing factor between the old water softeners and newer models like the Fleck 5600SXT water softener system is that they are automated. This means that they monitor water usage and regenerate the water softener system when necessary.

The old models wasted a lot of salt by regenerating on a timer while the Fleck 5600SXT system does not. However, the difference between these modern systems is the question of user-friendliness. Luckily, our Fleck 5600SXT system has features that make it easy-to-use, including a backlit LCD display and a wide selection of customizable alternatives for regeneration.

4. Footprint

You should install your water softener system near your main water line, a drain, and power supply. You'll also require a minimum of 12-square feet for the tanks and leave enough room for easy maintenance.

To avoid any damage to your water heater, keep at least 10 feet of pipe distance between your system and your heater. If you take these precautions, you won't have to worry about calling tech support now and then.

5. Safety Features

As always, safety comes first. The last thing you want is for the resin tank to malfunction, which can cause a huge mess. Luckily, you don't have to worry about this.

A great advantage with this Fleck 5600 SXT is that it has an excellent brine tank with a safety float and turns off the water to the tank if the levels get too high.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Long Does the Regeneration Cycle Take?

Approximately two hours.

2.  Does the Fleck 5600 System have a Low-Salt Indicator?

No. However, you can check the brine tank every fortnight and refill the salt in it whenever the level falls down a few inches.

3. Can I use this System with Well Water?

Yes. However, if the well water has high iron levels, you should purchase an iron pre-filter to avoid damage to the 10-per cent crosslink.

4. How Long Does a Fleck 5600 Last?

About 25-30 years. Although the system control head's warranty is five years and the guarantee for both tanks is ten years, you can continue to use it long after the warranty period has expired.

As long as you take good care of the product and add a bag of 40lbs of salt into the brine tank every 4-6 weeks, you should be fine. However, factors like the hardness of your water, your water use, and your maintenance habits can play a role in how long the system works. 

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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