Lattice Fence Ideas

Lattice Fence Ideas for Your Garden, Patio & Backyard

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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As a house owner, it's essential to have a house exterior that provides privacy and security. Still, it's also important since it displays a first impression of your house from an outside angle. The market is full of different design and material fence ideas or options, and lattice fences are one of today's most trendy choices.

Lattice panels are a suitable option because they are more affordable than most brick or fence options, and also, since they are solidly built, they allow light through the gaps, which allows you to see through the spaces.

What is a Lattice Fence?

The main definition of a lattice fence is a fence made of metal, wood, or vinyl strips that have been crossed and attached with square or diamond-shaped openings left between them. They are often built with a wide top and bottom rail for stability. Numerous lattice fence designs also include decorative pillars and post caps to give your fence a unique look.

Lattice fences have been cleverly modified to be much more captivating by changing their color, shape, design, and material. When you want a fence primarily for aesthetic reasons, a lattice fence is a great choice. It will fix your backyard and look lovely with its checkered or crisscross designs. 

We have listed some lattice fence ideas to give you some inspiration and help you activate your imagination. Dive in!

1. Wooden Lattice Fence

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A wooden lattice fence panel has natural beauty and separates your home's boundaries while eliminating the feel of a full privacy fence. The wood can be stained or painted with your choice of color finish, and decorations are also easy to fix, making it a flexible choice for design application.

Wooden lattice fencing is quite manageable since it's made from a sustainable material that can also be cut into different shapes and sizes. To top it all off, a wood lattice fence increases its aesthetic appeal as it ages because the graining patterns and unique tints change with weathering.

2. Vinyl Lattice Fence

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If you want a practical yet affordable alternative to traditional materials such as metal and wood, vinyl lattice panels are a great option since they are lightweight. In addition, vinyl is a highly durable material that can withstand weather conditions, and it also doesn't rot and is resistant to elements such as mildew, mold, decay, or insects.

Vinyl lattice fences are extremely versatile and available in different colors and styles. Therefore, it qualifies as a perfect way for modern or contemporary applications since the look can be updated.

3. Solid Metal Lattice Fence

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Metal lattice fences are a great choice for homeowners who want security and protection without giving up the look of a lattice fence. This is because metal is hard to break.

Metal lattice fences can be made to look however you want them to, and there are many intricate ornamental patterns to choose from. Some homeowners still don't like how limited its uses are.

Even though this lattice fence design won't rot, warp, decay, or get termites, a metal lattice fence will probably rust if left outside. It needs to be sanded down and regularly painted to keep it in good shape.

Also, it isn't the best DIY option since it requires a lot of labor to install and is more expensive than other lattice fence materials.

4. Tall Vertical Lattice Fence

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Do you want to keep others from viewing your home or backyard? Lattice fences would give you the privacy you need. However, these tall verticals are usually 6 feet tall and have only about 20 mm between the slats, making it hard to see through.

The fence stands out from other structures because it has vertical lattice panels.

5. Arbor Design

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The beautiful lattice fence in the shape of an arbor will add beauty to your outdoor living space. It's finished in white with a checkered pattern, which makes it look even better. In addition, the fence is made of vinyl to make it easier to move.

6. Japanese Style Lattice Fence

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The beautiful Japanese lattice fence ideas will give the outside of your house a touch of Asian beauty. The panels are made of different heights, giving them a unique look. Sometimes trees are planted close to the fence to make it look better and give more privacy.

7. Unique Lattice Fencing

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If you are not about the minimalist lifestyle and are looking for a unique design and shape, this might be one of the best lattice fence ideas for your fence and gate. First, make the gate a bit taller with an open lattice.

Cover the bottom to make it more private and stop people from looking in from the outside. Also, make the gate door into a circle to make it look more special.

8. Floral Decoration

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If you fancy flowers, a floral decorative element, or a flowering plant climbing a lattice fence is among the most decorative ways to create boundaries around your garden. The flowers help the lattice panels stand out since they contrast against the deep green foliage and bright pink blooms and achieve a classic look.

Apart from the colorful touch that makes the wood lattice fence look attractive, the floral lattice fence provides better privacy.

9. Concrete and Vinyl Lattice Fence

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This idea could be a fantastic model if you seek a fence that secures and enhances your home. The vinyl lattice panel serves as the top of a high concrete wall that serves as the structure's frame. The fence's color scheme of brown and white is just lovely.

10. Patio Screen Display

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Lattice fence panels don't always need to be a protective shield to protect your homestead from unwanted eyes. They can also be used as dividers, which is why they are sometimes called "patio screen displays."

These are usually put on lawns to separate your outdoor living space from your backyard. Since they are so well made, they make the whole room look more beautiful.

11. Vined Lattice Fence

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This type of lattice fence is affordable yet functional since it can be used as a climbing plant or trellis for vines. You should choose this vine lattice fence panel if you are looking for a multifunctional screen, fence, or divider.

12. Simple Lattice Fence

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This is another popular lattice fence meant for people interested in a minimalistic look, and it can be used for the back or front yard. This wood lattice fence and gate are simple; you can even put them up yourself.

You might need to add something to your gate's top to make it stand out more.

13. Traditional Lattice Fence

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This is one of the simplest lattice fence ideas that works for individuals who fancy traditional decor. The lattice fence has a natural finish and is made of plain wood, giving it a rustic look. The simple lattice panel and post design help to maintain the traditional style of this lattice fencing.

14. Lattice-Top Fence Panels

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Lattice top fences are privacy fences decorated with lattice headers in straight, arched, or scalloped designs. These lattice fences are suitable for homeowners who fancy how lattice panels look but enjoy the isolation privacy fences give.

Privacy fences create boundaries between two properties, while lattice fences offer an alternative solution by outlining spaces with minimum restriction.

15. Low Lattice Outline Fence

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Low lattice fences give a country cottage feel and are mostly used as dividers in a garden. However, since they are a bit fragile, they should be installed in locations without strong winds. The low lattice panels are usually used to enclose flowering plants in one area.

What are Indoors Lattice Fence Ideas?

If you are done with your lattice fencing outdoors and have remaining lattice fence panels, you shouldn't throw out the leftovers. There are ways you can use these lattice fence panels indoors.

If you are using wooden lattice panels, they will be easy to paint and work on. However, for a vinyl fence lattice, you will need a circular saw that has a sharp blade, and you will also need to use a primer before you paint it.

Some of the indoor lattice fence ideas include:

1. Pet Gates

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Does your dog harass your cat by chasing it often? Or do you need to keep your pets out of your way when cleaning the house? You can make a few pet fences using leftover lattice fastened to wooden supports. 

2. Make a Headboard

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Yes! The lattice fence panels are suitable for use as bed headboards. You can decorate them however you choose with paint, accessories, lights, or both, whether you use them individually or connect a few to create a big bed. They can also appear stunning. 

3. Feature Wall

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Feature walls make houses have some character, and modern construction made to appear old is ideal. A great approach to give an otherwise bland space some personality is to add lattice to the wall.

It can be added to one wall, or you can go crazy and decorate the entire house. Another option is to build a living wall out of lattice panels.

4. Photo Frame

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You can create a place for your photos or keepsakes by cutting a piece of lattice panel to the desired size or using a full square lattice panel. You could also use it to create a crisscross pattern on your walls before you paint them or cover them with anything.

5. Bring Your Outdoors In

Lattice fencing leftovers can be used to highlight color in a space. Thanks to the white-painted lattice and vibrant green undertones, the area has a really summertime atmosphere. Additionally, it is attractive! It would look amazing in a conservatory or summer room.


Lattice fencing is an effective way to enhance the look of your outdoor space while maintaining protection. It is a practical and good accent fence that works for a large or a secluded area. Although it has its downsides, the advantages are more, hence why it has become the new go-to fence for homeowners.

We have listed some amazing lattice fence ideas, and although each is unique, they are not exclusive, as you can combine one or three ideas on the list to make your perfect lattice fence. Lastly, lattice fence panels can not only be used as fences alone, but their multi-dimensional qualities make them perfect for use in any size or form.

Frequently Asked Questions on Lattice Fence Ideas

1. Are lattice fences cheaper?

A lattice fence is less expensive than wrought-iron, vinyl, aluminum, composite, and wood fencing. But you should be aware that there are alternative low-cost fence options. This includes chain link, pallet, hog, barbed, and electric fencing.

2. Is Vinyl or Wood Lattice Better?

This is a difficult question to answer. Given that each has its advantages deciding whether vinyl or wood lattice is superior is totally up to you. For starters, wood lattice can be more versatile in terms of color because it can be stained to give it a more robust, organic appearance.

It might also be utilized as a trellis and potentially enhance the floral smell naturally. It works well for outdoor fencing and is considerably less expensive than vinyl. Vinyl, on the other hand, offers a wider range of colors.

Additionally, it is convenient. It won't need frequent wood sealing because it is resistant to rotting and other wood issues like mildew. In terms of the environment, you won't be at fault either because vinyl production is now aimed toward using recycled plastics formerly used to make new plastics.

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Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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