The Ultimate House on Wheels Ideas for Your Next Project

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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If you are the adventurous type, you may have loved the thought of living your life on the move. Well, today you can do it by buying a tiny house that can travel with you around the country.

If you want to buy the best small house, this article will show you the best six houses to buy for your ultimate adventure.

1. Tumbleweed Elm Home

Tumbleweed Elm Home

If you've been searching for the best tiny house company, then you might have come across the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. They are known for selling the best tiny home designs and building the best tiny houses for buyers. One of these houses is the Tumbleweed Elm House.

It is a small house that measures 117 square feet (10.8m²) and designed with classy interiors and a full porch. It features enough windows to let in natural light to the living area and the sleeping area.

Tumbleweed Elm House interiors

The interior design of this tiny house sets is just remarkable. It features a pointed roof that creates more space for storage and a loft bed. The roof also makes the tiny living area airy while giving the illusion of more space.

While it is a tiny house, this structure has enough room for a kitchenette and a bathroom with a hot water shower. It also features clean decor, with carefully painted walls and ceiling to give the house the warmth it deserves. The company sells the house for $78 000.

2. The Snug by Plankbridge

The Snug: Plankbridge's house on wheels

If you want a simple tiny home, this tiny structure from Plankbridge is the ideal shepherd's hut. It is good when you want to spend some time in the fields, just like a shepherd, only with some comfort.

The small home boasts of a country-style accent, from appearance to decor. Inside, it has cabinets painted light grey for the complete vintage look. It has enough storage paces with storage cabinets carefully fitted on the walls.

It also has enough room for a kitchenette and a breakfast bar, and a bed. While it is not the biggest of these houses, the shepherd's hut is a great structure to have when you want to unwind in the fields. Plankridge is one of the most trusted tiny house companies, and they sell this vintage house on wheels starting from $29 000.

3. Tiny Heirloom True Blue Tiny House on Wheels

Tiiny Heirloom True Blue tiny house

Tiny Heirloom is a tiny house company based in Oregon known for constructing the best quality and luxurious homes. They currently have this small, well-lit home on wheels for sale at $69,900.

This blue house looks tiny from the outside, but you will love the contemporary interior features when you get in. It has enough space to fit all essentials of a house and is brightly painted to give the illusion of space and luxury.


It features a kitchenette with a tiny sink, complete with a small cooking oven and microwave mounted below upper storage cabinets. It also has a small bathroom and a laundry area. Besides the essentials, this tiny blue house is luxuriously fitted with air conditioning units, a TV, a refrigerator, and a spacious sitting and sleeping area.

4. Ashwood Shepherd Huts and Cabins

Ashwood shepherd house on wheels

This shepherd hut from Ashwood provides the best comfort. You can purchase in either of the two available lengths, 15ft long by 8.2 ft wide, or 20ft long by 8.2 feet wide.

Ashwood house on wheels interiors

While it could look smaller on the outside, this small home on wheels has all the features you want from a house. The house is well insulated to protect you from the cold weather and fitted with enough cabinetry for your storage needs. The house also comes with a wood-burning stove you will find extremely helpful during winter.

The company can also fit in any customer requirements you have for your house, including the size of the bathroom, type of shower, type of bed, and the interior paint to use.

5. Luxury Airstream Home on Wheels

Luxury Airstream House on Wheels

Airstreams are some of the most luxurious houses on wheels. The exterior is always a retro classic, a metallic vehicle that demands attention and respect wherever it goes. Living in one of these is a great way of enjoying the adventure. Here is an example of one with luxurious finishing.

Interior decor of an Airstream home

This house's interior on wheels is by a mid-western style, with Native American-colored fabrics and calm colors on curtains and walls. As space is quite limited in the tiny home, it features a table with a telescopic stand that can be used as a bed when you have a guest.

The Airstream features a kitchenette, an eating area, ample storage cabinets, twin beds, and a beautiful sitting area. It can carry 3 people and is easy to transport when on the move. If you fancy touring the country in one of these, you can contact American Retro Caravans to make you a custom tiny house out of your Airstream.

6. The BoxCar by TimberCraft Tiny Homes

The Boxcar tiny small house

This small home is your ideal structure for weekend relaxation or picnics. You can easily transport it to your preferred location and enjoy a good time. It is constructed and sold by TimberCraft Tiny Homes starting from $50,000.

It is fitted with cabinets for more than enough storage so you can carry your clothes and other items you need on the road. Additionally, it features a kitchenette complete with a small sink, cooking stove and a microwave.

Interior structure of the BoxCar

The sitting area features rattan armchairs and an animal rug for the ultimate minimalistic and organic look. The sleeping area has a bed with in-fitted cabinets and other cabinets fitted on the walls. It is a naturally lit small home with ample light coming through the windows.

The house on wheels also boasts a loft you can use for a bed or more storage.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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