Best Blackout Curtains

Best Blackout Curtains for Better Sleep, Night, or Day

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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The sun rays will then disrupt the sleep of many people regardless of whether they are light or deep sleepers. Sure, you can simply pull the duvet to cover your eyes, but best blackout curtains will ensure that no sunlight reaches you and you can sleep peacefully.

A variety of choices exist at varying price points, from blackout curtain styles to room darkening options. A blackout curtain does not need to be any different in appearance from the other curtains but for the interior lining.

Make sure you select something that is not only practical but also stylish. The guide below will help you in selecting the right blackout curtain to suit your needs. Read on to know more.

Why Do You Need Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains are a valuable accessory to anyone who wants to sleep through the morning or even the day. These curtains will ensure that your room remains private and safe from daytime darkness.

These curtains are perfect for placing in the nursery, the bedroom, in a home cinema, or in other rooms where you may want to restrict the amount of natural light that is allowed inside. A blackout curtain will often be associated with drapes that are made of a double-layered fabric that is specifically meant to block light.

In addition to effectively blocking the daylight from entering your eyes, there are several other advantages of using a blackout curtain.

  • Preventing heat or drafts from entering the rooms.

    • Reducing the ambient noises.
    • Prevention from ultraviolet rays that may lead to fading of the decor and furniture.

With this need determined, here are the five best blackout curtains in the market right now.

1. NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains for Bedroom

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains...
  • READY MADE: Set includes 2 BLACKOUT CURTAINS PANELS of 42" wide x...
  • SERVE WELL: Curtains impede 85%-99% light and UV rays(Dark color...
  • ENERGY SMART: Triple weave blackout fabric balances room...
  • GOOD TO GO: Thread trimmed and wrinkle-free, ring (1.6-inch inner...
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: NICETOWN blackout curtains are made to last....

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains for Bedroom is one of the best energy saving options. These curtains are thermal insulated and are available in a dozen colors to suite your house.

The set includes 6 grommets and 2 panels and this is all you will need to install the sets with no difficulties. A great aspect is its ability to block light since these curtains can prevent up to 90% UV rays and the light that is let in.

They also have a great role in acoustic and thermal comfort against several elements. It is also easy to clean these blackout curtains as all that is required is for the curtains to be placed in the washing machine and cold cycle washing done on the curtains after which they will come out as good as new.


  • Affordable
  • Machine washable
  • Thermal insulates
  • Reduces noise
  • Has a variety of sizes and colors
  • Triple weave fabric to balance room temperature
  • Wrinkle-free


  • You can not machine dry these curtains

2. Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtain with Grommets

Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains...
  • 2-pack of 100% blackout curtain panels for blocking sunlight, UV...
  • Creates energy-saving insulating barrier against heat and cold,...
  • Rod pocket fit standard or decorative rods; includes 2 Velcro...
  • Constructed with innovative triple-weave fabric with thick...
  • Made in OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory, an independent...

The Amazon Basics Blackout Window Curtains with Grommets are 100-percent polyester black out curtains and they consist of two panels and are made using a triple weave fabric. They are machine washable and simply an extremely super economic choice that comes in many patterns and colours.

They include 1. 5 inch grommets and Velo ties that actually assist in pulling them back. Besides, these curtains are produced in an Oeko-TEX standard factory. Because of their heavy textile, they perform a good function of shielding the outside world from the inner noise and keeping the rooms warm effectively save energy.

Also, their reasonable price, and a huge range of styles, make them differ from other curtains. These could easily be fitted on a curtain panel and are effective especially in play rooms and children’s rooms as well as in people who are renting.


  • Reasonable price point
  • Super economical choice
  • Machine washable
  • Energy-saving insulating barrier
  • Innovative triple weave fabric
  • Reduces the outside noise
  • Rod pocket fit


  • The curtains may easily get damaged when drying and washing

3. PONY DANCE Blackout Curtains for Bedroom Thermal Insulated & Privacy Rod Pocket

PONY DANCE Blackout Curtains for Bedroom - 72 inches...
  • READY MADE: 2 panels of Heavy-duty blackout curtains includes,...
  • VERSATILE STYLES: Dual header(Back Tab and Rod Pocket) enable you...
  • INNOVATIVE FABRIC: PONY DANCE blackout curtains with no liner...
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: The blackout curtains reduce noise and regulate...
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine washable, Use only non-chlorine...

For those who are looking for thermal insulated blackout curtains that are stylish and practical the PONY DANCE Blackout Curtains for Bedroom Thermal Insulated & Privacy Rod Pocket are the curtains to buy. These curtains are made from polyester fabric; ten colors and three standard sizes are available.

The light comes in different colors from pure white to black and advise the selection of the darker colors for better light blocking. This is especially true of those people who seek 85 to 95% light blockage and a reduction in surrounding noise.

These curtains are installed via rod pocket that allows the curtains to be hung on the rod or to be hung using curtain clips. But these curtains might be slightly difficult to hang as compared to the grommet type.


  • Heavy-duty fabric
  • Maximum coverage
  • Versatile styles
  • Triple weave fabric construction
  • Blocks light and UV rays
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Machine washable


  • Installation is a bit challenging

4. MIUCO 2 Panels Thermal Insulated Grommet Window Blackout Curtains

MIUCO 2 Panels Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Grommet...
  • DESIGN STRUCTURE - Includes 2 panels, each 52 inch wide by 63...
  • SUN LIGHT CONTROL - Innovative triple-weave construction helps...
  • NOISE CONTROL - Miuco's window blackout curtains are able to...
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - Help to keep the heat in the room during the...
  • CLEAN INSTRUCTIONS - Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, do not...

The MIUCO 2 Panels Thermal Grommet Window Blackout Curtains color is suitable for the winter and summer seasons. It includes 18 colors to be selected from with all being satin finishMoreover, this set of curtains also include two coordinating tiebacks that would make a better presentation whenever a person opens the curtains.

These are considered as one of the best blackout curtains and they use triple woven fabric that is capable of blocking 98 percent of sunlight and 100 percent of UV light regarding different colors of the curtains.

These curtains also have a sound insulation material that eliminates about 60% of the outside noise. Though there are differences in the light blocking ability of this blackout curtain, installation is not so difficult.


  • Uses an innovative triple weave technology to block out light
  • Noise control
  • Machine washable
  • Energy efficient
  • Thick and soft material
  • Two matching tiebacks included


  • The quality is not the best

5. Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains, Room Darkening Window Drapes

Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains for...
  • BASIC INFORMATION - Package contains 2 panels. Each Drape...
  • DESIGN and TEXTURE - This solid color blackout curtain features a...
  • FUNCTION CURTAINS - These thermal insulated curtains block out...
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS - Machine washable,wash below 86°F, gentle...
  • The DECONOVO DIFFERENCE - At Deconovo, we champion meeting...

The Deconovo Blackout Thermal Insulated Curtains will attract beauty to your space. They are offered in different sizes and colours to enable the user to choose the suitable unit for the room.

These curtains are made from 100 percent Polyester and a set of Silver Grommets is included for sliding the curtains on to the rods. The two pieces have thermal insulation and help in the muffled of outside noises.

The thermal grommet curtains will also aid in minimizing heat loss, hence cutting on energy costs and provide you with better sleep. Moreover, they will block even a slight bit of light from the bedroom during the night as these blackout curtains will be fully opaque.


  • Thermal insulates
  • Minimizes noise
  • Comes in different colors and sizes
  • Has two panels
  • High-quality polyester fabric
  • Maximum comfort when fully closed


  • May easily wrinkle

Blackout Vs. Room Darkening Curtains

The blackout and the room darkening curtains can easily block light but the blackout curtains can guarantee maximum darkness in the room. There is also a need to get a room darkening curtain for a kid’s room; this is because a blackout curtain as it may look may provide a curtain black environment that may cause some distortion of the circadian rhythm.

Types of Blackout Curtains

The two popular kinds of blackout curtains are;

  • Grommet Curtain- These have wide metallic holes through which curtain rods pass through. Regarding this style it should be always remembered that the position of the rod should be high enough for the window so that the grommet hole does not hang over the window and thus allows light to enter.
  • Rod pockets- These ones will ensure the light from entering the room by allowing the curtain rod to slip through the curtain’s fabric. This type is mostly applied in traditional rooms.

There are other blackout curtains that have a magnetic stripe or a hem at the bottom weighted so that the light cannot go through it therefore sealing off any possible light seepage.

What Do You Consider Before Buying the Best Blackout Curtains?

1. Size

Their widths differ; most blackout curtains are either 42 or 52 inches per panel but vary in length. These are offered in additional lengthy and narrow lengths and widths along with distinct window sizes and shapes as well as the selected curtain rod.

This is the guide that you should put into consideration when you want to ensure that maximum light blocking is attained by getting the right sizes of the curtains.

  • Measure 2 inches beyond the former and the latter side of the window frame.
  • From the top of the rod to the floor or bottom of the window frame is used to determine the most proper length of the curtain.
  • The curtain rod should then be above the window so that no light can get in.
  • It is possible to use wrap-around rods for connecting the wall and the ends of the curtain panels; this will block even more light.

2. Installation

When shopping for the blackout curtains it is necessary to remember that they have to be mounted on a wraparound rod and ordered few inches beyond the window frame. Curtains which have the required hooks will even make the installation much easier.

3. Color and Material

Although the curtains are called blackout curtains, they are sometimes sold in white. Alternatives regarding the fabrics are also provided. You can also go for the polyester and other synthetic materials which are inexpensive and still offer the good look for you space as compared to the cotton or linen.

But synthetic may not last longer like other materials. Hence, any material can be classified as great, but, you should remember to choose something that would fit your requirements and expectations. For instance, to produce soft and lightweight textiles, the fabrics used should be light such as linens while sound and warm conditioning, thick fabrics such as velvets are considered.

4. Opacity

This opacity of curtains depends on the amount of light that can penetrate the room; either the artificial or natural light. Hence, their opacity is typically mentioned by the manufacturers, which refers to how much light the curtain would be able to block out in percent.

One should also not assume that a higher percentage will be better. For instance, it is preferable that the curtains should admit 85 – 98 % light in the bedrooms because it will help an individual to move within the room.

As for the level of opacity pay attention to the denseness of a curtain, its material and color because they determine the capacity of a curtain to filter light. And if the figures zero out to 100%, light reduction resorts to the use of dark or even black fabric.

How Do You Install Blackout Curtains?

Installation of blackout curtains is done in the similar fashion in which curtains or drapes are installed. The installation of the curtains starts with gathering the information on the width and the length of the window frame. If you have a curtain rod you can measure where you want the first blackout curtains to start or where you want the last one to end so you can get the desired length.

While installing you need to make marks four inches above the window to install your brackets. Then put your blackout curtains on the curtain rod, and hang the rod on the brackets you mounted on the wall, and that is it!

In order to achieve maximum blackout curtains need to be fitted over the windows and also the curtain needs to be be that extend the window to help reduce the amount of light that passes through. One can also purchase a wraparound rod to assist in the hanging of curtains.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Blackout Curtains

1. What is the best color for blackout curtains?

The best color of blackout curtains depends on how much you want to blackout. For complete light prevention, you need to opt for a black out curtain with the material having a black color or a coated fabric curtain of any color.

2. Do blackout curtains really work?

Yes. Darker rooms are best for most people who sleep, and the best blackout curtains will ensure there is no light when they are well installed. At the same time, room darkening curtains can be used for other purposes – to partially shade the window from more light at night and from less in the daytime.

3. Why are blackout curtains bad?

Still some blackout curtains may be created with chemicals and as a rule they comprise VOC and hence they are viewed as toxic. But in most instances the hazard that the blackout curtain may cause to your health may not be significant enough to be affected when you correctly use the blackout curtain.

4. What is the best material used for blackout curtains?

Heavy microfiber is known to be the best as far as making blackout curtains is concerned since a triple weave technology is used in the production of the curtains. This material effectively filters the 90% o the light incident on the glass and can also be used to moderate the temperature of the room due to the insulating property. Blackout curtain of polyester fabric is also sufficient.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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