Best Ceiling Fan Brands for Quiet Year-Round Operation

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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It can be extremely hard to find one durable and highly efficient ceiling fan for your home, but it may be because you are buying from the wrong brands. Read on to understand why you need to know the best ceiling fan brands and buy from them.

A ceiling fan is essential for any home, making the fan industry a very competitive one. Each year, you will find manufacturers trying to outdo their competition, which often affects the fans' quality. However, all is not lost as many brands stick to quality first, and these are the brands you need to know.

When buying your best ceiling fans, there are a few features you need to look for; the design, air movement, quiet operation, lighting, remote control, and your electricity bill, among other fan qualities. It is imperative that you get a fan that will circulate cool air in summer and warm air during winter while being energy efficient for many years.

If you have found yourself not knowing which fan to buy, we have compiled this list of the best ceiling fan manufacturers in no particular order. We will also share one of the best ceiling fans from each brand to make it easier for you to decide which to buy.

1. Hunter Fan Company

Hunter fans have been around for more than 130 years, and every year, they come with the latest advanced designs and technologies to outperform most. It is your go-to brand if you are looking for a noiseless ceiling fan to last you long.

Hunter ceiling fans come with different blade designs, different mounting options, different light bulbs, and different housing. In addition, these fans are designed with efficiency in mind. They come with the latest technologies, such as new motor technology and smart ceiling fans, that work best with your smart home settings.

The fans are crafted for the hot summers and cold winters, and they perform with the lowest energy consumption. In addition, the company pays keen detail to the weight of each fan to make installation easy for all.

Best Fan: Hunter Symphony Smart Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote Control

Hunter Symphony Indoor Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan with LED Light...
  • MODERN CEILING FAN: The contemporary Symphony fan comes with LED...
  • MULTI-SPEED REVERSIBLE FAN MOTOR: Whisper Wind motor delivers...
  • LED LIGHT KIT: Energy-efficient dimmable LED light bulbs let you...
  • WIFI COMPATIBLE: SIMPLEconnect Wi-Fi white ceiling fan enables...
  • ROOM PLACEMENT: Indoor fan is height adjustable, via the included...

Gone are the days where you need just fans with blades that rotate to circulate more air. Nowadays, it would help if you had a fan that compliments your ceiling and room decor and one that's easy to control without a lot of work. You need a smart ceiling fan if you have a smart home, just like this Hunter modern ceiling fan.

For this smart ceiling fan, the Hunter fan company integrated Apple's Homekit for smart homes. The Hunter Symphony comes with three pristine white blades and two 9.8-Watt light bulbs, so it is your best buy for contemporary living.

The fan also comes with a reversible motor for year-round use, and you can control the fan wirelessly through the Apple Homekit, Wi-Fi, or through your Android smartphone. You can also mount this new ceiling fan in two optional positions; the standard or angled positions.

It is an affordable ceiling fan with energy-efficient and dimmable LED lights. In addition, the ceiling fan is height adjustable, so you don't need to worry much about ceiling clearance. It is also your ideal fan if you are looking for a quiet operation.


  • It is a smart fan; compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and the Apple HomeKit
  • Allows two-position mounting
  • Comes with a reversible motor for year-round use
  • It is a powerful ceiling fan that offers a noiseless operation
  • Classy and modern design to suit all contemporary home designs
  • Affordable


  • Depends on wireless connectivity; thus, smartphone or Wi-Fi problems could make it impossible to use

2. Minka Aire Group Ceiling Fan Brand

Minka Aire is the company that manufactures ceiling fans as part of the larger Minka Group that specializes in manufacturing decorative lights. One of the main benefits of getting your ceiling fans from Minka Aire is the diversity of their fans; you are guaranteed to find a suitable fan for traditional, contemporary, and modern home styles.

They are known for amazing and big indoor and outdoor ceiling fans, but you will also be spoilt for choice if you live in a small apartment that needs better air movement. Minka Aire mini ceiling fans come at affordable prices, use the latest lighting and control technology, and are available in many color options.

Best Fan: Minka Aire Light Wave 52" Ceiling Fan in Distressed Koa Finish

Minka Aire F844-DK, Light Wave 52" Ceiling Fan with LED...
  • 172mm x 14mm Motor, 5,024 CFM (High), 65.3 Total Watts, RPM: 139,...

When looking for the best ceiling fan brands, this Minka Aire ceiling fan puts the brand at the top of your decision list. It is an energy star-certified fan with a stylish, 3-blade design with a distressed Koa color finish.

The fan is best suited for medium size to large rooms that need its 5024 CFM maximum airflow. In addition, it is installed in a protruding mount that requires enough ceiling clearance as it hangs from a 6-inch downrod. However, you can customize your mount if you would rather opt for a shorter downrod.

The Light Wave comes with a dimmable LED light and with a 3-speed remote control. You can use this remote control to dim the lights or adjust the speeds. The fan is also voice-activated, so you can control it via your voice assistant if you decide to download the Bond technology app that allows you to connect your Light Wave to your home Wi-Fi.


  • You can control the ceiling fan through Wi-Fi, Alexa, or Google Assitant
  • It comes with a three-speed remote control for use when you don't have a Wi-Fi connection
  • Features dimmable lights
  • It is an Energy Star-certified ceiling fan
  • Different-size downrod for your ideal ceiling clearance
  • Affordable price
  • Offers a quiet operation


  • You will need to purchase the Bond BD-1000 separately to use the Wi-Fi features

3. Kichler Ceiling Fans Company

Kichler is one of the top ceiling fan brands you can trust today. They make high-quality ceiling fans that abide by the current ceiling fan market trends. One of the main selling points for Kichler is their ability to match existing lighting fixtures when designing their fans.

Besides their unique lighting prowess, Kichler also makes unique ceiling fan designs, so you are sure to find a match for your style preference and room decor. Kichler fans integrate powerful AC motors for efficient air circulation, but you will not hear any noise while the fans operate.

The ceiling fans come with a sturdy build, the stability required to maximize airflow but reduce any wobbling. The only problem you may have with Kichler is their lack of smart fans. However, they are one of the best ceiling fan brands today; any quality ceiling fan from them comes with a one-year warranty.

Best Fan: Kichler Terna 3

Kichler 310215TZP Terna 3 Speed LED Patio Ceiling Fan,...
  • For the modernist, this terna patio 15" Ceiling Fan is a...
  • Featuring a small stature in a Tannery Bronze Powder Coat finish
  • Perfect for small compact spaces… the applications are endless
  • 3 speed CoolTouch full function

If you need the perfect ceiling fan for small spaces or your patio, the Kichler Terna 3 is your best buy. From a distance, you could mistake the whole setup as one modern light bulb, but once closer, you will be amazed by the powerful air circulation it supplies.

It is a 15-inch ceiling fan with five slim blades that save space on your ceiling. In addition, the polycarbonate blades come with an elegant, lush champagne finish to add real class to your kitchen islands.

The Terna 3 is a remote-controlled ceiling fan that offers a low CFM, thus your best option for rooms or areas that need a small breeze. The ceiling fan also features a dimmable LED light fixture at the center to add the perfect warmth to your room.

The space-saving and energy-efficient fan is mountable in two positions; angled mounting or the standard mounting.


  • It comes with a 3-speed remote control
  • Features a reversible motor for all year use
  • Best for small rooms or rooms that need a low CFM
  • Sports a classy design
  • Comes with a dimmable light kit
  • Space-saving and silent operation properties


  • Not very powerful for air to reach the ground

4. Casablanca Fan Company

For a company founded in 1974, Casablanca has made unbelievable progress to become one of the best ceiling fan brands a few decades later. Among the top ceiling fan companies, Casablanca is a trendsetter and innovator.

Casablanca fans are designed with the latest technologies, and it doesn't take long for the company to improve on earlier designs to keep up with market trends. You can trust the brands to get you the best motors for the best air circulation and low energy costs.

The Casablanca fan company uses only the highest quality materials when constructing fans. Casablanca has its in-house Research and Development department, translating to top engineers coming together to design the best high-quality fans and test for any defects that could affect reliability. The company is credited with having championed the cubic feet per minute (CFM) test method used today.

Best Fan: Casablanca Fan Company Durant Ceiling Fan

Casablanca Fan Company 53188 Durant Ceiling Fan,...
  • Direct Drive motor provides unparalleled power, silent...
  • Reversible motor allows you to change the direction of your fan...
  • 5 Smoked Walnut / Walnut Reversible Veneer blades included
  • 13 degree blade pitch optimized to ensure ideal air movement and...
  • For indoor use only

It is one of the leading ceiling fans you can use for the bedroom. It eliminates the annoying thump-thump-thump sound of a bedroom ceiling fan that only makes it harder to sleep. The Durant ceiling fan is noiseless and sturdily built with a Direct Drive fan motor to last you longer than most low-quality ceiling fans you could buy from the nearest store.

The model comes with 44-inch blades finished off with classy bronze. The Direct-Drive AC motor offers four fan speeds to circulate air throughout the room. In addition, the fan comes with an integrated lighting fixture with three LED bulbs at the center to add cozy warmth to your bedroom.

It is an affordable ceiling fan that comes in a flush-mount design. The only challenge you will encounter with this ceiling fan is the lack of remote controls; you control the lights and fan speed using the two pull chains in the setup. Nonetheless, you can decide to buy a remote control or wall switch for a better experience.


  • Affordable
  • Best fan for bedroom
  • Comes with built-in LED light bulbs for sufficient overhead light
  • Direct-Drive motor for noiseless operation
  • It is an energy-efficient ceiling fan


  • Pull chain operation is inconvenient

5. Monte Carlo Fans

Incepted in 1996, Monte Carlo is one of the best ceiling fan brands for any indoor and outdoor living space. The brand uses emerging trends to design the most fashion-forward ceiling fans without ever compromising quality and customer satisfaction.

Besides being fashion-savvy, Monte Carlo ceiling fans also take care of the antique lovers with a line of classic designs to choose from. When buying from the best brands, you expect nothing less than attention to detail so your fans can perform at their maximum for long seasons.

Monte Carlo fans are aesthetically designed to not only appeal to your eyes or add class to surrounding decor but also minimize energy costs so you can relax under cool breezes all the time.

Best Fan: Monte Carlo Maverick Max Energy Star 70'' Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo 3MAVR70BS Maverick Max Energy Star 70''...
  • FAN BLADES: 3 Outdoor Approved Dark Walnut Blades (70" Span /...
  • FAN CONTROL: Includes 6-Speed Hand-Held Remote Control with...
  • INSTALLATION: Installable on Flat Ceiling with Included Hardware;...
  • DETAILS: Brushed Steel Finish; Premium Power Energy-Efficient 85...

When it comes to outdoor fans, you need your ceiling fans to be powerful enough to circulate cool breezes where nature is already doing its work. The Monte Carlo Maverick Max is an Energy Star ceiling fan with three 70-inch brushed steel blades plus a 6-inch downrod.

It is a standard ceiling fan with a quiet operation and offering a 9018 CFM to satisfy you in the summer and winter seasons. It comes with a reversible Direct-Drive motor, and you control it using the 6-speed handheld remote control.

Monte Carlo is known for unique ceiling fans, and this Maverick Max does not disappoint. It is available in different blade sizes from 52 inches to 99 inches. In addition, it also comes in different finishes so you can pick the best for your modern architecture.


  • Comes with a reversible Direct-Drive motor for noiseless operation
  • Offers a high CFM to meet outdoor expectations
  • Available in different colors and finishes
  • Energy-saving ceiling fan
  • Ideal for installation of flat ceilings
  • Approved for damp locations


  • Does not come with light kits

How To Choose The Best Ceiling Fan For Your Space

A ceiling fan can make a room feel up to four degrees cooler in the summer, and in the winter, you can change the direction of the fan blades to push warm air down from the ceiling and make your home feel warmer without adjusting the thermostat. A ceiling fan costs pennies to operate in comparison with your A/C or furnace, so it’s the obvious economical choice and it’s more sustainable, too.

But how do you choose the right ceiling fan for your space? It’s about more than just buying a conversation piece or matching your new fan to your decor, although those things are important, too. You need to get a fan that’s the right size for your space, and one that produces the kind of breeze you want, too.

1. Choose The Right Size Fan For The Room

The most important part of choosing a new ceiling fan is getting one that’s the correct size for your room. The larger the room where you’ll be hanging the fan, the larger the fan you need. In a smaller room, you can get away with a smaller fan.

It’s easy to figure out how big of a fan you’ll need for your room. Measure the longest wall of the room. If the longest wall is shorter than 12 feet, you need a fan no larger than 46 inches. If the longest wall is 12 to 18 feet long, get a fan 48 to 56 inches wide. If the longest wall is more than 18 feet, you should get a fan larger than 56 inches. You may even want to install multiple ceiling fans in very large rooms.

2. Hang Your Fan At The Proper Height

A ceiling fan should ideally hang seven to nine feet off the floor. In most homes with nine-foot ceilings, you can install a fan with a 12-inch downrod to bring it down to about eight feet off the floor. If your ceilings are higher than that, you’ll need a longer downrod, which you may have to buy separately. If you’re hanging your fan from a pitched ceiling, you’ll need a longer downrod to hang your fan so that it doesn’t hit the sides of the ceiling. If your ceilings are eight feet or lower, you’ll need a flush mount fan that doesn’t use a downrod.

3. For Outdoor Fans, Get A Wet-Rated Model

Ceiling fans aren’t just for inside the house. A ceiling fan can make an outdoor space, like a porch or pergola, feel a lot more comfortable.

But you shouldn’t try to hang an indoor ceiling fan outside. You need to look at outdoor ceiling fans rated for use in wet or damp conditions. Damp-rated fans are suitable for covered outdoor spaces, like porches, where fans may get a little wet but won’t actually be fully in the rain. Get a wet-rated fan if your outdoor fan will be more exposed. If you live in a coastal location, get a marine-rated fan – it will best withstand the salt air.

4. Get The Breeze You Need From Your Fan

It’s absolutely essential that your new fan give you the airflow you need to feel comfortable in your home. Fans are rated for power based on how many cubic feet of air they can move per minute. The cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating of a good fan will be 4,000 to 5,000. Better fans move 5,000 to 6,000 CFM, while the best models move more than 6,000 CFM. The higher the CFM rating, the stronger the breeze will be from your fan.

The number of blades on a fan can also make a difference to how strong of a breeze it creates. Perhaps it’s counterintuitive, but the more blades a fan has, the gentler the breeze it creates. That’s because more blades equals more wind resistance, and fans with more blades turn more slowly, too, since they’re heavier. On the other hand, a fan with two or three blades will spin much faster, and move more CFM.

5. Match Your New Fan To The Room

Matching your new fan to the room can be the hardest part of buying a new fan. Choose a fan that reflects your decorating style. Get a fan with hardware that matches the hardware in your room, so that your door knobs, light switch covers, and outlet plates are all the same color and finish as the hardware on the fan. If you’re going with a wood-look fan, choose the same type of wood that predominates in your decorating scheme.

A new ceiling fan can really be an upgrade to your living space. You’ll love how much more comfortable you feel at home – and you’ll love the energy savings, too.


While the ceiling fans industry keeps on changing, you also need to understand the best brands that keep up with these ever-evolving demands.

The ceiling fan brands on this list will rarely disappoint you. They are sturdily built to eliminate wobbling, which leads to noisy operation. They also come with Direct-Drive AC motors that don't make noise and are ideal for different living spaces that need cool breezes for comfort.

When you find your best brand, take time to understand your ceiling to determine the best fan for you. Low ceilings do not require a long downrod, while some ceilings also demand specific installation positions. Additionally, pick the best design ceiling fans to complement your theme and decor.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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