The Best Interior Paint for your Interior Space

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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While painting will take some time and effort, applying a new coat of paint will definitely revitalize the look of your home. It is, indeed, a very easy and budget way of dusting up and letting the light in the space. While the thought of these paintbrushes and tapes engages you in the act of DIY decoration, there are several factors one must understand and comprehend before you start the project.

Paint aisles will understand what shades are workable for the room. It is for sure that you should not ignore the style of your furniture and decoration in your room but consider having attractions that are common in trending paint colours of leading paint brands such as Sherwin-William.

Painting your walls might seem like a major DIY project where you have all these thoughts and a burst of exciting ideas, but you might also not have an idea where to start. Traditionally, painters would have to prime the walls, then wait for it to dry for an entire day, then paint another few coats, with a considerable amount of waiting between each layer.

Modern interior paint now offers a better solution. Now you can use a single paint that's also a primer. Plus, it dries quickly and is much easier to apply.

While searching for the best interior paint for your walls, you have to consider the colour selection, the different paint finishes each will give, durability, all the special paints, etc. The wrong choice could negatively impact the time it takes to dry, durability and, in some cases, off-gas Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air ruining the air quality in your home.

There are many interior paint brands to choose from, and that's just half the battle. The next half of it requires that you settle for a colour.

Different paint brands and colours will work for each different room in your house, from the bedroom, the kitchen, to the bathroom, and so on. So here's a rundown of the finest colour trends to get that paint job done.

The Best Interior Paint Colour Trends for Your Space

1. The Naval Blue

Your interior will just come to life with this bold and classic colour that sure hits the right note. One can use it in the kitchen where you can fit it perfectly for your kitchen top space or living area or vanity for the bathroom. Likewise, it’s performance on the durability scale is not questionable.

Creating a room blessed the environment like Benjamin Moore navy blues and the collection Sherwin Williams navy colours which will help you bring a dramatic slight blue in your room. On the other hand, it is also desirable to have some other doors complementing the same color tone.

2. The Porcelain Blue

This utmost of the Chinese Porcelain Blue is also known as Relaxing Deep Orchid Blue and has a slight tone of violet undertones.

There’s nothing like a gorgeous midnight blue tinted with layers of deep cobalt trim that has been proven by homeowners to provide a tranquil and soothing environment. A commodity that makes us remember a safe haven in a restless world full of technology crazed people. It is just the thing for your living room and you might also use it in your baby room.

3. The Bombay Pink

A posh tactile colour that reminds you of warm velvet. It pairs well with shiny golden metallics and does well as an all-over-the-room paint.

Paint experts have described it as "a mature pink that is confidently cheerful like a spring sunset."

4. The Light Pink

If you crave a rich, bold dash of pink berries or want something a little more subtle like a pale pastel, the versatility of this light pink colour is undeniably vast and has been for a while now. It offers more personality and is an excellent alternative to the classic white and beige.

5. The Calming Green

This shade does well to calm, energise and ground your room. It's a gentle reminder of nature that pairs well with different things like the Moroccan clay tile or ombré dining bar stools in the living room to uplift your spirit.

The Best Interior Paints

1. Glidden Interior Premium Paint and Primer

Glidden Interior Paint + Primer: Orange/Orange...
  • One Coat Coverage - Glidden One Coat Interior Paint & Primer has...
  • Makes Walls Washable - Exceptional scrubbability and washability...
  • Colors Chosen By Experts - These hand-selected beautiful Orange...
  • Looking for another color? Glidden One Coat is also available in...
  • Low-VOC, Less Stress - As a Low-odor, low-VOC paint Glidden One...

Glidden is a leading paint brand known to offer a vast selection of interior and exterior paint. They have a wide range of paints you can select from, especially if you're on a tight budget.

They have launched a new line of paints known as the Glidden One Coat Interior paint. A thick acrylic-latex paint that is a premium interior paint with one coat coverage to save you money and time. It typically folds the primer and paint process into one.

Standard acrylic -latex paints need more than one coat of paint, and only in limited conditions can you use one coat of paint. It does well to exceptionally hide common stains with its stain-blocking properties, leaving your walls looking beautiful. It comes as a worthy solution in home renovations.

The thickness can stand frequent cleanings, and it features a hand-selected palette with over 300 popular colours where one coat is all you need.


  • It has over 300 tints and colours
  • It is an interior paint from a well-known paint brand
  • It does exceptionally well to hide stains and imperfections
  • It has stain blocking ability
  • It can stand constant cleaning and scrubbing
  • It is a 100% acrylic paint
  • It has a relatively low odour and low VOC
  • It has a thick build in a one-coat paint


  • It doesn't work well for porous surfaces, repaired surfaces, previously uncoated surfaces, surfaces that previously contained tannins such as cedar or surfaces that have aggressive stains
  • One-coat paint has a specified range of colours that you must choose from

2. Benjamin Moore Premium Interior Waterborne Latex Paint

Benjamin Moore Premium Interior Waterborne Latex Paint
  • Sheen (or Gloss): Eggshell
  • Resin Type: Acrylic Latex
  • Attractive Eggshell Finish with Great Washability
  • Premium Hide and Leveling
  • Self Priming on Most Surfaces

Rated as one of the best interior paint, the Benjamin Moore Paint Company was started by Benjamin Moore himself in 1883. They have a complete catalogue of 34ooo paint colours online. The Benjamin Moore has four main interior paint product lines; Aura, Natura, Regal and ben Interior.

The ben paint is the most inexpensive one-coat coverage line under the Benjamin Moore paint. It is a paint and primer duo. It comes in 3 different finishes, eggshell, flat and a semi-gloss sheen. Meaning you have plenty of paint colour choices that offer smooth and even coverage.

It is a premium Acrylic-latex paint with an excellent eggshell finish with great washability. It is self-priming on most surfaces and is considered a premium hide and levelling paint. As a zero VOC paint, it contains zero Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs or gasses). 

Painted walls and surfaces are easy to wash and clean, and the paint doesn't come off.


  • It's affordable
  • It comes in 3 different finishes; Eggshell, Flat, Semi-gloss
  • It's an Acrylic paintIt contains zero VOC
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • It is easy to clean and doesn't come off
  • A trustworthy known interior paints brand


  • The one-coat coverage needs two layers

3. Behr Premium Plus Interior Paint

This interior paint has a Satin enamel paint finish. It's a solid choice for any room in your house with the stain-resistance and UV resistance. It offers a rich, all-surface sheen finish that makes it ideal for any room in the house. The pearl-like finish adds that pop of colour to your walls.

This satin enamel interior paint is easy to clean and is ideally used in moderate to high traffic areas on all interior surfaces. The Stain and UV resistance works great for bright and airy kitchens that are exposed to that bright morning and afternoon sunlight and grease splatters. This particular paint brand is known for its mildew-resistant interior paints. This component also makes it an ideal choice for painters planning to do a paint job in their laundry rooms, bathroom, and dining room.

Another plus is that this interior paint dries up fast and doesn't come off as you scrub and clean.


  • A low VOC paintIt dries quick.
  • It is stain resistant.
  • It is mildew resistant.
  • It is affordable


  • You will need several coats for certain rooms or if you need to cover-up

4. Pratt and Lambert Accolade paint

Sherwin Williams is the parent company of Pratt and Lambert. These two are household names in the world of interior paints and have been known to provide quality interior paint that you can trust.

This 100% acrylic paint is a paint and primer that comes in one. An interior acrylic paint that is designed to look rich and luxurious. It comes in velvet, flat, semi-gloss and satin finishes.

It has excellent coverage with an easy stain removal quality that dries fast. It also has resistance to mould and mildew, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. This interior paint offers good resistance to wear and fading with its UV-resistance.


  • It is highly resistant to wear and fading
  • It is mould and mildew resistant
  • It dries fast
  • It resists staining


  • It needs two or more coats for full coverage

5. Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint

Rust-Oleum 285144 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint 30...
  • Use on a variety of interior surfaces like wood, metal, ceramic,...
  • Low-odor, latex formula allows for easy clean up with soap and...
  • Dries to the touch in just 30 minutes and covers up to 150 sq....
  • Excellent adhesion and easy application with minimal prep
  • Dries to an ultra-matte velvety, smooth finish. Lightly scuff...

This chalk paint from Rust-oleum is your best bet for an ultra-matte finish. It perfectly creates that alluring, vintage, distressed look that comes in perfect for vintage and rustic-inspired interior design schemes. This latex paint is also ideal, and you can use it to transform metallic fixtures, wood furniture, and ceramic items in your home. It is a low VOC paint and has a low-odour. It is effortlessly easy to apply to most surfaces and dries up to the touch in just 30 minutes.

It is a one-coat coverage paint that is desirably light and virtually leaves no brush strokes behind.


  • It is a one-coat coverage
  •  You don't need a primer
  • It is more affordable than many other chalk paint options
  • Works well on different surfaces to give an excellent surface smoothness
  • It has a nice finish that doesn't leave brush strokes
  • It has a matte finish
  • It cleans up nicely with water


  • It has limited colour options

Other worthy mentions you could look at :

  • Valspar Signature interior paint (with the Scuff-shield Technology)
  • Benjamin Moore Waterborne ceiling paint ultra flat
  • Backdrop standard finish interior paint
  • Sherwin-Williams cashmere interior acrylic-latex paint

Factors to consider when buying the Best Interior Paints

A. Colour

First, you need to determine what colour paint you want according to the interior decor you presently have. You will then have to look through the shades available on the colour interior paint you want. Most leading paint manufacturers offer quite an extensive selection of paint colour shades. Use these palettes to narrow down your options. Later on, you can consider ordering a pint-sized paint tester to try out the colour at home.

B. Finish

You have three finish categories that you can choose from. Sometimes paint is categorised by these finish types. You can select from a low-lustre, flat finish, or glossy finish.

C. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Volatile organic compounds are commonly known as VOCs. It's vital that you know whether your interior paint has them. VOCs is an organic chemical that turns into a vapour that you can easily breathe in.

Notably, many latex-based paints have a low VOC formula, unlike oil-based paints known to have a higher concentration of VOCs. The paint thinner needed to clean the brushes and rollers you use to paint also has plenty of VOCs.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Interior Paint

1. What paint sheen should I use for my project?

a) Flat finish - This finish is considered ideal for walls that have imperfections, accent walls, ceilings, and low-traffic spaces like the master bedroom or dining room

b) Eggshell finish -This finish is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms bedrooms since they are more durable

c) Semi-gloss finish -Ironically, semi-gloss paints are the toughest on the list and are most ideal to use in kitchens, children’s rooms, and baths

2. Are additives okay in my paint?

Some interior paints have added additives that help enhance the finish of the interior paint. Enamel, a common additive, reduces the paint's porosity to give a more durable finish which is essential for high traffic areas.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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